Who Is Snubbing Muslim Americans?

At a recent campaign rally for Barack Obama, an event volunteer had the poor judgment to tell two women wearing head scarves that they could not be seated behind the stage where Obama was speaking. The concern was that the pictures would add fuel to the false assertions circulating about Obama being a stealth Muslim. Obama apologized to the women publicly and personally, but that did not stop the New York Times from publishing a front page story on the controversy and how it may be affecting his support in the Muslim community. The Times also accused Obama of ignoring Muslim voters:

“While the senator has visited churches and synagogues, he has yet to appear at a single mosque.”

That statement could apply with equal accuracy to John McCain, but the Times has not seen fit to address that. Not surprisingly, Fox News has also weighed in with those worried about the beleaguered voters of Islamic heritage.

Obama & MuslimsThis new found advocacy on the part of the media for respect for Muslim Americans is encouraging, if not mysterious. Since when has the press been known to stand up for Muslim rights? Yet here are just a few examples of media outrage due to the Obama campaign’s alleged insensitivity and struggles with Muslim voters:

[Note: The New York Post’s headline actually used all caps and a fabricated quote that appears nowhere in the story]

The New York Times Times article is also not alone in criticizing Obama for not visiting mosques in the course of his campaign. But neither the Times, nor any other major news outlet, has held John McCain to the same standard. How many mosques has McCain visited? So far as I can tell, none.

While the media is awash in analyses of Obama’s support from Muslim Americans, they don’t seem to have the same concern for McCain. Perhaps there is an unstated assumption that Muslims are a more natural fit for Obama than McCain; that an African American candidate with a Muslim father and the middle name Hussein would all but lock up the Muslim vote. But that assumption would require the dismissal of all of the anti-Saddam, pro-Iraq war, Muslims that ought to be flocking to the campaign of the war-mongering architect of the “surge.” It would also demonstrate ignorance of the fact that George W. Bush carried a plurality of Muslims in 2000.

So why is the media curious only about the state of Obama’s relationship with Muslims? Why is there this sudden outpouring of empathy for how Muslims are treated by the Democratic candidate for president, but not the Republican, whose party’s support amongst Muslim’s has cratered in just a few years? Could it be that it allows the media a pretense of tolerance of minorities while they bash the first African American to become the nominee of a major political party?

If the the New York Times wants to question the depth of Muslim support for Obama, they ought to also ask the same questions of McCain. Otherwise it is just an exercise in hypocrisy. And it wouldn’t hurt if both candidates took time from their schedules to visit a mosque or two.


9 thoughts on “Who Is Snubbing Muslim Americans?

  1. “And it wouldn’t hurt if both candidates took time from their schedules to visit a mosque or two.” Mark @ 1:55 pm

    Have you ever visited a mosque? Read the koran? The ahadith’s? Spoken to any muslim(s)? Have you any idea about the history of islam, and the direct correlation between the koran and the terrorists who quote it to justify their acts of barbarity, savagery and murder (have you forgotten 9/11)? I believe the last words on the flight recorder were, “allahu akbar!” That means “allah is greatest”. If you think that presidential candidates should visit a mosque, you must be speaking out of pure ignorance on the subject of islam. Or is it just a willing suspension of belief? You’re an ass, and you should write about things you have some knowledge of.

    • You should take your own advice and only write about things you have some knowledge of, instead of demonstrating how repulsive your brand of bigotry is.

      The fact that some extremist Muslims used the Koran to justify insane acts of terrorism is no more a reflection on Islam than extremist Christians who do the same thing when they bomb family planning clinics.

      There are Muslim-Americans fighting in the US Armed Forces right now in Iraq and Afghanistan. They are still practicing their faith which compels them to fight for freedom from oppression. But I suppose you think that they are terrorists too.

  2. You have absolutely NO knowledge of islam, do you? I have read the koran, have you? I’ve researched the subject exhaustively, and am certain beyond a doubt, that you have NOT. You speak out of sheer and utter ignorance. It’s peabrains like you that sell out this country to utopian dreamweavers living in their/your own world. You’re a shameful waste of gray matter. Use some of that crap you call a brain and research for a change, before spouting your idiotic drivel. You disgust me.

    Have a nice day, pinhead.

    • Thank you. I will have a nice day. And for someone who thinks I’m an ignorant pinhead, you sure spend a lot of time at my website. What does that make you?

  3. Undercover city detective finds hints of danger among mosques

    Saturday, July 5th 2008, 9:24 PM

    As the global war on terror approaches the start of its eighth year, the NYPD says it has never been more prepared – but also warns that the city can never let its guard down. In a two-part series, Daily News reporter Patrice O’Shaughnessy looks at the terror threat in New York – and around the world. Sunday’s installment focuses on an NYPD undercover officer who dug deep into the potential terrorists in our midst.

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    @Mark, so mosques are a place for presidential candidates to visit, hmm? You fckng moron.

  4. I hardly spend a “lot” of time here. Your ignorant statement is the ONLY thing that brings me here. As soon as I set you straight, I’m gone. The above article MIGHT enlighten you enough to “begin research” before exposing more of your sorry-assed ignorance.

  5. Just like anyone else

    This story is typical of how people who have no idea that the jihad ideology and Islamic supremacism even exist view Islam: it’s a trifle exotic, yes, but more sinned against than sinning, you see — for look, they’re just like us! They have cellphones and drink Starbucks coffee! “It’s not about terrorism or hatred. It’s about love.”

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  6. I’ve wasted enough time here, don’t flatter yopurself. I hope in the future, you educate yourself about subject matter before posting to the world your willful ignorance and simplistic take, on something you actually know NOTHING ABOUT. fckwad

    • I’ve wasted enough time here…

      Indeed, you have wasted all our time with your bigoted, selective arguments, and your childish insults.

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