Fox News Troglodytes Cheer Beefcake Conservatism

A visit to the Fox News community web site, Fox Nation, is always an adventure that yields surprises and curiosities. But even amongst the brazen lies and flagrant distortions, there are some gems of idiocy that stand out. For instance…

Fox Nation

In an item about a study on “the Ancestral Logic of Politics,” the Fox Nationalists slapped on a this headline: “Strong Men Lean Conservative,” In doing so they have made their best case yet for the right-wing sloganeering to “Take our country back – to the Stone Age.”

The study referenced in the article examined and compared data on bicep size, socioeconomic status, and support for economic redistribution. What the researchers concluded was that upper-body strength “may reflect psychological traits that evolved in response to our early ancestral environments.”

In other words, physically domineering specimens were more inclined to take what they want and refuse to share. Sounds pretty much like every Randian Teabagger in the GOP (Greedy One Percent). It is a perfect description of the rightist ideology of self-interest above all. It’s what shapes the Republican agenda of opposing regulations that protect people, as well as taxes used to provide food, housing, and other social services to the sick, the elderly, and the poor (known to right-wingers as “the weak”).

The Fox interpretation of this study is typically shallow in that they regard physical strength in the same way that our Neanderthal ancestors did – as a class-based asset. The more powerful members of the community were once elevated to leadership posts by virtue of their ability to bully everybody else. And that’s pretty much the way Tea-publicans want it to be today, although they have modified the definition of strength to include financial muscle. Hence their reverence for (and subservience to) wealthy upper-crusters like the Koch brothers.

It’s rather amusing that Fox chose to illustrate their posting with body-builder-turned-governor Arnold Schwarzenegger – a pot-smoking, pro-choice, steroidal, Hollywood mogul, environmentalist, who married a Kennedy and then cheated on her (fathering a child with his Guatemalan maid). What better role model for the egocentric selfishness of modern conservatism that is so smitten with swaggering blowhards and chicken-hawks?

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13 thoughts on “Fox News Troglodytes Cheer Beefcake Conservatism

  1. And Arnie isn’t even a citizen is he? At least, he can’t run for President. Wasn’t HE their prime reasoning for wanting to CHANGE the Constitution on that requirement? I guess that was until Obama ran and won. Heaven forbid they take away support for someone merely because he cheated on his wife. I mean, grace and forgiveness and all that stuff the GOP thinks is reserved for their males. I am so so tired of the GOP and their hate and hypocrisy and lies. Can someone be an adult and tell them to do their jobs?

  2. Now that is the most telling article ever written by you. Did some rich guy, like one of those Koch Bros., take your ball from you and you’ve been trying to get it back ever since. Trying to get the big bad (or more like big brother) government to take what’s yours back from them? Maybe you and Desdinova can get together and bitch about how awful your lives have been because of big bad rich republicans who are just too strong for you – your as silly as Fox Nation. Maybe you can get the IRS to focus on them so you can get yours. What a bunch of losers.

  3. The Arnold in that pic no longer exists today. I saw a recent pic of him, and he’s a hot mess. As for comparing strength by measuring biceps to dominance and conservatism, it’s a bunch of hogwash. And besides, I prefer my men to be very intelligent, open-minded, and capable of discussing a wide variety of subjects/topics.

  4. Yep. It’s all of a piece. Just like a higher income equals a smarter person and higher ratings mean a quality broadcast physical stature indicates a superior member of the species.

    In other words, the adage is correct: Might makes right.

    • You people just won’t ever admit that a person – regardless of political opinion or physical stature in this case, can and/or will be successful through their own hard work and persistence. It’s all luck to you – maybe people are successful because they made the right choices in their lives. And just maybe those who are less successful are where they are due to bad choices and decision – maybe they are just losers. I work for me and no one else – if someone needs help, I’ll help so long as it’s my choice.

      • Yeah, Sam and Bud Walton’s kids made the right choice when they chose their parents. Same with Fred Koch’s kids. To say that the 1% are only rich through their own hard work and effort is only a half truth. Sure, there are self made billionaires in this world but most of the reviled 1%ers out there won the genetic lottery and are, generally speaking, the ones that stand on the necks of their work force to make sure they stay in the 1%.

        • You must have a pretty sad life to be so jealous of anyone who got lucky in this world – how exactly would you remedy their unjust luck?? They owe you, nor anyone else anything – they can have their money, spend it however they want, and enjoy life. You’re so jealous of anyone who has more than someone else – pathetic.

          • Sorry (correction), they DON’T owe you, nor anyone else anything…I would be ashamed if my kids ever spoke like you did regarding what others have in life vs. them – pathetic progressives.

          • You sound angry, Steve. Are your own riches failing to satisfy you?

            Or perhaps it is you who are jealous of those who have more and you’re simply projecting that jealousy onto those who question a system you’re still (probably futilely) hoping to exploit yourself?

            As for me, it’s not the wealth itself that bothers me. It’s the tendency to leverage it in opposition to the interests of those they exploited in attaining it. You say “if someone needs help, I’ll help so long as it’s my choice,” but what I see is the exact opposite: given the choice, the wealthy are spending their money preventing others from getting help – even from those who would choose to do so.

            • I’m feel ok where I am financially – I’m by no means rich, but not in need. Yes, I do get angry about those who feel the need to take from one group by force just to give to others who may have less. I don’t think I see it the way you do with the wealthy – maybe in some instances, you could easily be correct. Can you tell me how some rich man is preventing others from getting help? Maybe you could address our constantly devalued currency that benefits government while hurting working families and those on fixed income – if that’s an example of how certain wealthy groups are hurting people – then we’re in agreement.

  5. You can have the strong one’s-we’re happy to have the smart one’s!

  6. None of my staunchest Republican friends have much physical strength at all. They all act like they’re studs with their big trucks and big egos, but they’re all flabby pigs. I’m not sure if this study isn’t wishful thinking.

    • I’m not sure it’s thinking at all – I go there only after Mark reminds me it exists – it’s fun to read the articles – kind of like Playboy.

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