The New Yorker’s McCain Cover

After generating much scorn for publishing an over-the-top satire of Barack Obama and his wife Michelle on the cover of the magazine, I thought I would help the New Yorker out by offering them this artwork with John McCain for the cover of next month’s issue:

John McCain on the New Yorker

I’m sure they will be more than pleased and will take no offense. After all, editor David Remnick responded to the Obama controversy by saying…

“It’s clearly a joke, a parody of these crazy fears and rumours and scare tactics about Obama’s past and ideology. And if you can’t tell it’s a joke by the flag burning in the Oval Office, I don’t know what more to say.”

This McCain cover is also a parody and a joke. Well, it’s a parody – McCain is the joke.


7 thoughts on “The New Yorker’s McCain Cover

  1. mmmm… i don’t think it’s enough parody.
    McCain needs to look WAY older…. maybe some mummy wraps, he could use a nice Mr.McGoo myopic glaze over his eyes and serious “…uhhh” moment of expression. Where’s the Depends adult diapers?
    Where’s the glamorous diamond studded flip-flops?
    Where’s the coin toss in the air to see what his position is?
    HE HATES GOOKS! so why is he wearing a gook hat?
    And BUsh needs to be grabbing McCain’s nuts, not the way you have it.

    …psshh….. amateur !
    but… best I’ve seen so far!

  2. Umm, I don’t get it. In what way does McCain have Bush by the nuts?

  3. McCain’s head should be stuck up Bush’s ass to give it even more realism.

    • Then how would you know it’s McCain?

  4. “Then how would you know it’s McCain?”

    Well, His head would be stuck up Bush’s ass.

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