Comic Relief From The Right

Cliff Kincaid is an editor at the rabidly conservative Accuracy in Media and the president of America’s Survival, an anti-United Nations group. He is also the author of one of the most dementedly hilarious articles I’ve read all year.

The article in question is a complaint that Matt Drudge and the Washington Times have refused to publish his advertisements. [Note to Vast Right-wing Conspirators: When Drudge and the WashTimes reject you, it’s time for in-patient care] The ads themselves are complaints that the Rightist Media is ignoring his allegations that Barack Obama was indoctrinated as a Communist while growing up in Hawaii (a fiction that Kincaid has been peddling for five months). But that’s not even the funny part. This is:

“…our $5000.00 ad buy was rejected by Drudge himself. This appears to be part of a leftward drift on the part of Drudge, who has a rather idiosyncratic background and links to the homosexual community and Hollywood.”


“At the same time, we have to draw attention to the continuing leftward drift of Fox News. Fox News sent a camera crew to our May 22 news briefing in Washington, D.C., where we released our two reports. But not one word has appeared on the channel about what we uncovered.”

Perhaps the reason that even neanderthal news nets like Fox won’t touch this stuff is because it doesn’t even rise to their sunken standards for journalism. Nah, that can’t be it. It must be because they’re all Islamo-fascists rooting for Obama.

The wheels are coming off the bus. When uber-conservatives like Kincaid start attacking the cornerstones of their own Rightist Media, you know that a severe psycho-mechanical failure is imminent. Next thing you know they’ll be denouncing Ann Coulter as a radical, pinko, feminist for telling Sean Hannity that she would support Hillary Clinton over John McCain. I hope they have their seat belts fastened.


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  1. Wow! He’s threatening to out Drudge? Yeah, that’s a winning strategy LOL!!!

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