Fox News Throws Out Benghazi With Yesterday’s Scandal Trash

Remember way back to those forgone days when spring was nascent and Benghazi was blooming like kudzu on crack? All the way back to the first week of May 2013, a time of carefree apoplexy over impetuous and exploitable tragedies. The old-timers will recall just how vibrant and fulfilling it was for the demagogues and scavengers who feast on scandal, but whose appetite has now moved on to fresher carcasses.

Used Scandals
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Those days are now faint memories. All those week or two ago, when outraged conservatives in the press could think of nothing other than the horror that took place some eight months earlier in a remote Libyan outpost, are like whispers on the lips of ghosts.

It seems incomprehensible that there were once such emphatic calls for Barack Obama’s impeachment due to the Libyan attacks; that pundits envisioned him being driven from office; that Watergate analogies spread like a plague. Because in recent days there has been hardly a mention of any of it. Fox News, who was blanketing their airwaves with Benghazi Fever a week ago, have all but ignored the story this week. Having failed to ignite a fire under Obama’s presidency, the Benghazi affair has been consigned to the garbage heap of history. Along with such other notable pseudo-scandals as Solyndra, Fast & Furious, gun confiscations, the climate change hoax, Sharia Law, death panels, pallin’ around with terrorists, and the Kenyan nativity, Benghazi has been picked clean by the vultures of the Tea-publican prairie, and having concluded that there is no meat left on the bones, they see no reason to stick around.

That is not to say that the rightist mobs have abandoned their mission to destroy Obama. They have just refocused their attention on a younger, prettier scandal peeking out from behind the skirts of the sultry Internal Revenue Service. This is now the new gate-suffixed controversy that demands immediate impeachment hearings and affiliated witch trials.

The ease with which the Wingnut Inquisitionists shift from one hysteria to another reveals something foundational about their character. It is obvious that they couldn’t care less about the patriots who died in Benghazi or their grieving families. They don’t care about the policies that impact the security of Americans in foreign territories. They only care about how tragedies such as these can be exploited politically, and when it becomes apparent that their political punch has petered out, they can’t abandon them quickly enough.

So it’s off with Benghazi and on to the IRS – for now. Rest assured that this too shall pass as soon as the Obama-bashers realize that they can’t hang this one around his neck either. So even the legitimate concerns raised with regard to the abuse of power and politicization of the taxing agency will go unanswered. Without an Obama angle, Fox and their GOP benefactors see no reason to pursue it. They would rather not waste their time cleaning up the IRS – or securing diplomatic embassies, or mandating universal background checks for assault weapons, or stimulating the economy and creating jobs, or performing any of the other functions of governing – unless it could lead to toppling Obama.

One thing you can say for them is that they have a single-minded devotion to purpose. And their purpose has nothing whatsoever to do with serving America or its people. Their purpose is, and has always been, to deep-six a president they never considered legitimate; who was never patriotic enough, Christian enough, smart enough, or white enough.


8 thoughts on “Fox News Throws Out Benghazi With Yesterday’s Scandal Trash

  1. Grifters gotta Grift and if it’s one thing Conservative “Elites” have mastered is getting money from the duped right-wing rubes.

  2. This was obviously an article written by a moron.

  3. Shades of ‘Clueless’… GOP, quit trying to make ‘Benghazi-gate’ happen. It’s never gonna happen.

  4. Angry WHite Man, why you got to be such an angry white….oh, never mind. I get it.

  5. Besides being in need of an edit, this appears to have been written without turning on the channel. They have indeed been discussing Benghazi, but there have been many other topics they’ve been covering the last week as well that gives it the illusion of not being Benghazi 24/7.

    • I don’t know what channel you’ve been watching, but you realize, don’t you, that you just confirmed my point?

      “…there have been many other topics they’ve been covering the last week as well that gives it the illusion of not being Benghazi 24/7.”

      If they have been covering many other issues then they actually have not been covering Benghazi 24/7. That’s not an illusion. And I wouldn’t take editing advice from someone who can’t get even something this simple right.

    • I hope Faux News keeps harping on the IRS targeting of Tea Party because then the IRS will be forced to reopen the case and fine the Tea Party political groups millions for their tax crimes.

  6. Their trifecta of ‘gates’ will whither away and die because as the President said, ‘there is no there, there’.

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