Enough Already! Eric Holder Did Not Lie Under Oath About Leak Investigations

The media is once again demonstrating their bottomless capacity for ignorance and their utter inability to grasp simple concepts.

Fox News

Fox News and other lazy pseudo-reporters are all aflutter over an answer given by Attorney General Eric Holder at a House committee hearing. Holder was asked a question about press freedom raised by a Justice Department investigation into the leaking of classified data. Holder responded saying…

“With regard to the potential prosecution of the press for the disclosure of material, that is not something that I’ve ever been involved in, heard of or would think would be a wise policy. In fact, my view is quite the opposite.”

That’s a pretty straight forward answer with little ambiguity. Nevertheless, the media can’t seem to grasp the meaning. They are journeying far afield to surmise that Holder may have committed perjury because it was later found the he had approved the search warrant for phone records and emails pertaining to alleged State Department leaker, Stephen Jin-Woo Kim. Megyn Kelly on Fox devoted two segments of her program to this overtly slanderous charge, complete with her hallmark smugness and affected outrage. And of course, the prize-winning prevaricators at Fox Nation featured multiple renditions of this non-story.

The search warrant in question included records for Fox reporter James Rosen who, evidence suggests, was Kim’s accomplice. And now the witch hunters in the GOP-mismanaged House of Representatives are setting fires under Holder in an attempt to further smear the administration.

Let’s make this simple. Holder said that he was uninvolved and unaware of any effort to prosecute any member of the press for “disclosure” of classified materials. That is unarguably true according to all of the available facts. No one was being prosecuted, or even investigated, for disclosing information in the press (i.e. publishing or broadcasting). Rosen was not being investigated for any type of disclosure. He was being investigated for soliciting Kim to transmit secret documents to him.

Holder’s involvement was limited to Kim’s conspiring to give Rosen access to classified data that he did not have security clearance to receive. The search warrant specifically addressed that activity and nothing relating to the publication of such material or any other press function.

If Holder had sought to prosecute Rosen for distributing the material to others, or for the story he later published on Fox News containing the classified data, that might be a different matter. But that never occurred and there is no evidence that it was even considered. The crime here is that Kim and Rosen conspired to exchange government secrets, not that any of those secrets were part of Rosen’s reporting.

Consequently, there is nothing in Holder’s actions and testimony that are inconsistent. It would nice if the media were smart enough to figure this out. Perhaps that is expecting too much.


5 thoughts on “Enough Already! Eric Holder Did Not Lie Under Oath About Leak Investigations

  1. Up is down, black is white, Eric Holder was under oath, therefore he committed perjury. So goes the delusion of the paragons of all that is sacred in the republican party. They need to listen to the advice of Bob Dole and stop acting like a bunch of maniacs.

  2. “The media is once again …”

    Media is the plural of medium. Why does the above not read “The media are once again …”?

    • Because in this case, the word “media” is used not as a plural, but as a singular direct object. Thus according to standard rules of English grammar singular verbs, not plural ones are correct.

  3. Yeah they are idiots, but they are not stupid, they are just following rule 4 of the 5 rules to staying out of prison.

    Rule 1) Admit NOTHING
    2) Deny Everything emphatically
    3) Demand proof
    4) Make counter accusations
    5) Assault the other persons character

    That the GOP/Fox “news” M.O., it’s probably taped to the back of every dressing room door.

    • No, actually. that’s the Obama administration and their lackeys in the media. And yes, Eric Holder lied.

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