Fox Nation vs. Reality: Impeach Obama Rally Causes 10 Mile Yawn

The folks at Fox Nation must be getting pretty desperate for any slime to fling Obama’s way. Clearly the parade of phony scandals has failed to convince the President to resign and join a Muslim monastery, so they are grasping for ever shorter straws in an effort to break Obama’s back.

Today the Fox Nationalists reported that an “Impeach Obama” rally in Southern California organized by confirmed birther had snarled traffic for 10 miles.

Fox Nation
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First of all, anyone who has ever driven in Southern California knows that there are very few 10 mile stretches of highway that are not snarled at almost any time of day. That said, the particular claim in this case was easily disproved by photos supplied by the source for the story. One glance shows that traffic was moving fairly well. It also shows that the rally was a pathetic affair that brought out only six or seven nutcases who were unable to articulate an actual reason to impeach the President. Their signs carried unrelated messages concerning Benghazi, immigration, guns, and something about cults. This also further confirms earlier reports that these Teabaggers have not gained any ground in the wake of recent political melodramas.

The organizer was long-time birther, Roger Ogden. He has been advocating for Obama’s impeachment for years. He continues to believe that the birth certificate the White House posted was a fake. He also defends comparing Obama to Hitler and the Nazis. I’m not sure whether Ogden is a LaRouche follower, but there was at least one LaRouche sign at the rally.

I don’t particularly care what a loser like Ogden does on his spare Saturday mornings, but the fact that Fox News saw fit to feature this non-event on their web site says something about how frantic they are to invent a new controversy. But what made them think that a lame handful of wingnuts on a freeway overpass would have a better chance of stirring up trouble than the pseudo-scandals that have already flopped, I’ll never know.


6 thoughts on “Fox Nation vs. Reality: Impeach Obama Rally Causes 10 Mile Yawn

  1. Most Southern California natives understand that “freeway” is a synonym for “parking lot” in the best of times — which (despite Fox’s fervent wishes) has nothing to do with Obama and (this might actually shock the FoxPods) actually predates his Kenyan birth…

    • It got you to talk about it didn’t it?? Lol

  2. If you don’t care, then why are you talking about it? Obviously you drank the cool aid too! Lol

  3. “Phony” scandals? An American ambassador (and other citizens) at Benghazi is dead. The Internal Revenue Service is being used to target the Chief Executive’s political enemies. $50 million dollars unaccounted for as the IRS spends our tax dollars on extravagant vacations and line-dancing parties. Guantanamo Bay still open. Gitmo still open. Journalists being threatened with espionage charges. Their sources in exile or facing the rest of their lives in prison. Congressmen, the legislative branch of representatives of the people being intimidated by the over-reaching power of a Security Agency capable of monitoring their every keystroke as the Judicial branch is equally incapable of action because any damning evidence is considered a state secret by an agency who intimidates the CEOs of our communications industries into violating the American people’s civil liberties en masse or else face trumped up, complicated white collar crime charges. The head of the Justice Department, Eric Holder, intimidating witnesses and local police in an attempt to stir up racial tensions as part of a Herbert Marcuse-esque, Marxist policy of deliberate repression and unconstitutional attempt at disarmament of the free people of these United States of America. Just off the top of my head. No one needs to sling slime at this administration… Obama and his lackeys EXUDE it.

    • Thank you for so brilliantly illustrating the lunacy of those who scream “scandal” where non exist.

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