Tucker Carlson Exposes His Perverse Obsession with Hillary Clinton and Women’s Sexuality

The list of things that Fox News gasbag Tucker Carlson hates is long and disturbingly sociopathic. It includes immigrants, people of color, the LGBTQ, Democrats, and with aberrant emphasis, women. He is, after all, the network’s senior televangelist for testosterone doping and testicle tanning.

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When Carlson isn’t accusing Democrats and immigrants of plotting a “white replacement” campaign to overturn America’s Christo-Caucasian supremacy, or sucking up to fascists like Viktor Orbán (and Vladimir Putin, and Donald Trump), he’s whimpering about the loss of masculinity among the nation’s male folk.

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On Thursday night’s episode of Carlson’s “60 Minute Hate Fest,” he unleashed a particularly nauseating harangue aimed at Hillary Clinton and her daughter Chelsea (video below). He began his perverse prattle by complaining falsely that Hillary Clinton was “talking about the female pudenda.” He elaborated fantasizing that…

“Hillary Clinton likes to talk about that. We’re not gonna speculate as to why. And so she does. And she did it recently in her brand new TV show called “Gutsy” [Carlson laughs maniacally]. It’s an amazing cliché fest. And she immediately zeroes in on the one thing you really don’t want to hear too much about. Which is some rap queen singing about her genitals. But here’s Hillary Clinton complimenting a rap queen for singing about her genitals. It’s one of the creepiest things ever recorded.”

Gutsy is TV program produced by the Clintons and based on their book of the same name. It features their conversations with inspirational women who had “the courage to stand up to the status quo.” Naturally Carlson was offended. He played a brief video clip of Hillary and Chelsea talking with rapper, Megan Thee Stallion…

Hillary: Chelsea follows rap music ever since she was a little girl. But I kind of came to awareness of you with Cardi B “WAP.”
Megan: Men, they seem so confident in what they’re saying. And they don’t have no problem talking about their sexuality and how they’re gonna have sex with you. So I was like, I can do that. And it’s gonna sound fire coming from a woman.
Chelsea: It’s great to see women be so fierce.

So according to Carlson, that’s “one of the creepiest things ever recorded.” To most other rational, intelligent people it’s an insightful observation about sexuality in popular culture. Carlson reacts to Chelsea’s appreciation of female fierceness by sarcastically grumbling…

“Yeah, it’s great. The concern here, of course, is that Hillary and Chelsea Clinton are complimenting that woman for talking in public about her sexuality. There’s a very short hop from that to Hillary Clinton and Chelsea Clinton talking about their sexuality. And America, frankly, can’t handle that. We’re not strong enough right now.”

To be clear, it’s just Carlson – and his feeble viewers – who can’t handle it. Apparently in Carlson’s deviant mind it is short hop from a successful and respected rapper talking about the influences in her music, to the sexuality of Hillary and Chelsea Clinton. That says so much more about Carlson’s carnal depravity than it does about anything related to the Clintons. But then, that shouldn’t surprise anyone. He recently confessed his sexual fixation on cartoon candy characters. So it’s not exactly a revelation that he’s a twisted, lecherous, perv with a Clinton fetish.

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Fox News Anchor Asks: Did Obama Campaign Threaten To Kill Chelsea Clinton?

This was picked up by Media Matters and represents another incident where Fox News continues to permit their employees to make abhorrent comments with impunity. In this case it was anchor Heather Childers who Tweeted “Thoughts? Did Obama Campaign Threaten Chelsea Clinton’s Life 2 Keep Parents Silent?”

Fox News

Childers question is referencing an article at a far-right blog that is neck-deep in Birtherism and other conspiracy theories. Media Matters has more screen shots of Childers’ Twitter feed where she initially defends her horrific comments. From Media Matters:

The post passes on suggestions from film producer Bettina Viviano about Obama associates threatening individuals to hide secrets about Obama’s eligibility. The post also forwards suggestions that the Obama campaign was involved in the murder of former head of the Arkansas Democratic Party, Bill Gwatney; threatened President Clinton; and “told him that his daughter Chelsea would be next if he opened his mouth.”

Childers insisted that she was only raising the topic for conversation. She repeatedly noted that she welcomes all sides in a debate. What’s offensive about this is that she thinks that an unsupported allegation about the President threatening to murder the child of a political opponent is a legitimate side and worthy of engaging in debate. Perhaps we could ask for “thoughts” on whether Childers is a crack whore who molests children. Hey, I’m just bringing it up as a subject for debate.

An update on the Media Matters page posts a comment from Childers’ boss Michael Clemente, that merely says that Childers “understands this was a mistake.” There was no indication of any punishment or consequences for her actions. And there was nothing that addressed at all a second Tweet by Childers that said “Thoughts: President Obama Channels Joseph Stalin and Attacks Supreme Court Justices.” So after speculating as to whether Obama was a murderer, she ups the ante and speculates that he somehow resembles a mass murderer.

And, as usual, Fox News tolerates this behavior and requires no penalty be paid. Not termination, not suspension, not even a public wrist-slapping. After so many similar incidents without punishment, the only conclusion is that this is behavior that Fox News encourages and very likely rewards.

Rush Limbaugh Attacks Chelsea Clinton – Again

Conservative blowhard, Rush Limbaugh, is blowing harder than ever at the prospect of a politically connected offspring getting hired by a news organization.

NBC announced today that Chelsea Clinton will become a correspondent for their non-political, human interest series, “Making a Difference.” That announcement has Limbaugh’s blood boiling this morning as he rants…

“Chelsea Clinton, starting today will be getting her paychecks from the National Broadcast Company – NBC. I wonder how Luke Russert feels about this? Chelsea Clinton at NBC. She is not a journalist. She is a politician in training. That’s what this means, politician in training. It’s an incestuous business, circuitous route, revolving door, politics in media, on the Democrat side, is one and the same profession.”

Limbaugh is appalled that a news enterprise would hire someone not specifically trained in journalism just because they are related to a Democratic political figure. On that point I’d have to agree with him. Journalists should have professional training and a commitment to codes of ethical conduct. But Limbaugh’s only complaint is that “this is an avenue not open to conservatives.” So he doesn’t really care about the degradation of standards, only that Republicans can’t participate in the degradation. On that score he must have forgotten Michael Reagan, Lynn Cheney, Meghan McCain, and even George W. Bush’s daughter Jenna Bush Hager, who is already working at NBC. But Limbaugh’s obliviousness doesn’t stop there. He continues with a delusional lament that only Democrats waver between media and politics:

“I guess you could say we go to the media after we bomb out in politics, and we go to Fox. But that’s after we bomb out. After we lose our elections, that’s where we get hired by Roger Ailes, and so forth and so on. But seldom do we go from Fox back to politics. I could be wrong about this. I’m trying to think off the top of my head if that happens, but we do know that Chelsea Clinton is going to go from NBC to politics. There’s no question about it whatsoever in my mind.”

Setting aside Limbaugh’s psychic aspirations, he is partially correct in that Republican losers do get swept up by Fox News. Witness Sarah Palin and Mike Huckabee. But if he needs help remembering Republicans who jumped from positions at Fox into electoral politics, he need not look further than the current GOP presidential primaries where both Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum made that leap. He might also recall that current Ohio governor John Kasich left his Fox News program to run for that post.

Going back further in time, I can’t recall a single democratic politician whose career started in the media. However, on the Republican side I can count Ronald Reagan, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Fred Thompson, Sonny Bono, Fred Grandy, and George Murphy. Going from politics to media there are a few from both sides. Bill Moyers and George Stephanopoulos were both presidential aides before landing at PBS and ABC respectively. Tony Snow went from Fox to the Bush White House to CNN. Diane Sawyer was a Nixon press aide who is currently the anchor of ABC’s World News Tonight.

It should be noted also that Limbaugh has a history of gratuitous attacks on Chelsea Clinton. On his failed TV show in 1993 he asked his audience, “Did you know there’s a White House dog?” Then he put up a picture of 13 year old Chelsea. At least the maturity level of the right is consistent.

I think what might be really bugging Limbaugh is not that Democrats have some imaginary entrée into the mediasphere, it’s that Republicans have such an embarrassing field of candidates by comparison. After all, most people would not view Chelsea Clinton, a graduate of Stanford and Oxford who is currently pursuing her doctorate, as unqualified for such a position. On the other hand, Bristol Palin couldn’t even make it through the season of Dancing With the Stars.

[Update] Limbaugh doubled-down this morning with another heaping pile of stupidity:

“Can you imagine Brian Williams, if one of the Bush twins, one of George W. Bush’s duaghters had been hired? [Responding to someone off mic] One of George W. Bush’s daughters is a correspondent on the Today Show? Really? I didn’t know that. That is interesting. And they haven’t undermined her yet?”

And he continues…

“You’ve got to get experience on television. You have learn how to use TV if you’re going to do anything in politics of a substantial nature. […] Chelsea…what’s her degree in? History or make-up?”

For the record, Limbaugh dropped out of Southeast Missouri State University after two semesters and one summer. According to his mother, “he flunked everything.”

Hillary Clinton’s Hypocritical Pimped Out Rage

[Updated with new Clinton response]
First things first. when David Shuster asked, “…doesn’t it seem like Chelsea’s sort of being pimped out in some weird sort of way?” he couldn’t have been more wrong. It was inappropriate, demeaning, and unprofessional. In the wake of those remarks, he has apologized on air twice, expressed his regrets personally to the Clintons, and been suspended from broadcasting for an undetermined period of time.

That said, Hillary Clinton’s latest response to NBC News President Steve Capus is rife with hypocrisy and calculated outrage. From the Clinton letter to Mr. Capus:

“Nothing justifies the kind of debasing language that David Shuster used and no temporary suspension or half-hearted apology is sufficient.”

I’m not sure what criteria she used to assess the apology as “half-hearted,” but the ones I heard from NBC, Shuster, and Keith Olbermann all sounded pretty whole-hearted to me. Yet Clinton seems to be leaving open only one option – to fire Shuster. She may have an ulterior motive for this which I will address later. The letter continues…

“I would urge you to look at the pattern of behavior on your network that seems to repeatedly lead to this sort of degrading language […] Surely, you can do your jobs as journalists and commentators and still keep the discourse civil and appropriate.”

What I’d like to know is, how on Earth can Clinton ask that of MSNBC without holding Fox News to the same standard?”

That said, there needs to be some measure of perspective inserted into this affair. The term “pimp,” like many other rhetorical incivilities, has been been recast by contemporary social applications. Nobody thinks that MTV’s “Pimp My Ride” is pejorative in context. Pimping has assumed a colloquial definition of either enhancing or promoting the subject. That’s not to say that the traditional meaning is moot, and that is why Shuster is deserving of criticism.

However, Clinton’s response is wholly out of proportion. To threaten to cancel debates on MSNBC because of these comments raises an obvious question: Why did she happily agree to debates with Fox, despite the fact that they have said far worse for much longer about her and pretty much everyone in her party? If the Clinton campaign was truly concerned about not patronizing networks that disparage them, she would have canceled both network’s debates. Her selective outrage reeks of political chicanery, rather than maternal protectiveness.

For me this is not about the Shuster comment which is universally reviled. It is about the Clinton response that is inconsistent and not applied equally to her detractors at Fox whom she has embraced. And while Shuster deserves and has accepted the consequences of his verbal blunder, Fox stubbornly stands by every slur they’ve ever uttered.

While inartfully executed, Shuster’s point was not far off the mark. Politicians have been been likened to whores on more than a few occasions in the last thousand or so years. They engage in campaigns that are drenched with money from those seeking favors. They sell their votes and influence for cash, endorsements, appointments, and attention. And they are certainly not above exploiting their families.

Tucker Carlson RatingsFinally, no one should ignore the supreme irony of Shuster being suspended for offensive remarks he made while filling in for Tucker Carlson. Carlson is well known for making offensive remarks repeatedly, never apologizing, and yet he has never faced suspension. This is a particularly egregious oversight in light of the fact that his show has no business being on the air in the first place. It is a perennial ratings loser to his competition and is the worst performing program on the network. Yet his offenses have yielded nothing, but Shuster, a reporter with a long history of journalistic integrity and achievement is suspended.

This isn’t the first time Shuster was compelled to issue an apology. On the prior occasion, however, his bosses at MSNBC forced him to apologize for a mistake that, as it turned out, he didn’t make. It also isn’t the first time Shuster has butted heads with the Clintons. At KATV in Little Rock, Arkansas, and later at Fox News, he was assigned to the Whitewater investigation (h/t Chip Ramsey). Could this have something to do with the ferocity of Clinton’s attack on Shuster? It should be noted that when he left Fox for MSNBC he was unusually candid about his experience working for Murdoch and company:

“…there wasn’t a tradition or track record of honoring journalistic integrity. I found some reporters at Fox would cut corners or steal information from other sources or in some cases, just make things up. Management would either look the other way or just wouldn’t care to take a closer look.”

That rare moment of refreshing honesty will now be overshadowed by the drama that Clinton is stirring up, perhaps motivated by revenge. The right-wing media is already pouncing on this to hammer MSNBC as disreputable. But they should take note that at least this network has taken the responsible steps to repair any damage from the affront. When was the last time that Fox behaved responsibly? Yet Fox is being rewarded by Clinton for their irresponsibility. And speaking of double standards, Will Bunch at Attytood has posted what may be the definitive take on it:

…was it the worst thing ever said about Chelsea Clinton in the public arena? Not even close.

“Why is Chelsea Clinton so ugly? Because her father is Janet Reno.”
Sen. John McCain, speaking to a Republican dinner, June 1998.


Maybe MSNBC should ban John McCain from appearing on the network for a while. And given Hillary Clinton’s strong stance on the matter, I assume she won’t be debating McCain this fall, either?

So one stupid slip by an otherwise outstanding reporter draws threats of a boycott, but years of premeditated character assassination earns a personal appearance on a televised debate that will bring viewers, revenue, and prestige to the offending network. Fox has already started touting the victory of snagging Clinton for the debate, even though there may not be one as Sen. Obama has yet to accept. That didn’t stop Fox’s Chris Wallace from telling A Daily Show’s Jon Stewart that “The dam is broken now that John Edwards is no longer in the contest.” The dam has been broken at Fox for a long time, and here’s a sampling of what has been pouring through:

Note to Hillary: Cancel both debates or SHUT UP!