Reefer Madness 2: Bombed In Boston – How Marijuana Marred The Marathon

It didn’t take long for addled-brain conspiracy theories to bubble up from the primordial Tea-publican ooze following the Boston marathon bombing. There were the instantaneous accusations of Al Qaeda influences before the smoke cleared. Then came the allusions to Obama’s secret Islamic cabal to destroy America. That was followed by NRA freaks who were convinced that the whole thing was staged to trick Americans into abandoning their 2nd Amendment rights. And of course Glenn Beck muscled his way into the lunatic choir with hallucinatory ramblings of a third suspect who is being protected by the President.

Now all of these contenders for the Conspiracy Hall of Lame have to step back and pay tribute to the new frontrunner in the race for the deranged. Cliff Kincaid of Accuracy in Media has concocted a scheme that thrusts him to front of the pack. His hypothesis? It was marijuana what dood it, dude.

Reefer Madness

Kincaid unravels a blueprint for destruction that knits together his notion that the Tsarnaev boys were capable of constructing complicated explosive devices, even though they were hobbled by the evil weed’s rotting of their young brain cells. He noted that “The dope aspect of the plot helps explain why they seemed to have no getaway plan.” Nevertheless, Kincaid insists that the doobie brothers were unimpaired when it came to plotting mass murder.

“Left unsaid is the fact that dope’s effect on the brain is what may have led [Dzhokhar] into his brother’s terror activities. He was probably so wasted mentally on drugs that he became easily manipulated by his brother and cannon fodder for the Islamist revolution on American soil.

“What happened in Boston is starting to look like what Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn tried to accomplish with the 1960s generation. Disillusioned young people, brainwashed with illegal mind-altering drugs and armed with weapons, were being taught to hate the American government and the police.”

Wait a minute. I thought hating the American government and fretting about the police state was copyrighted by the Tea Party. Well, anyway…

Perhaps Kincaid did not go far enough into this line of thinking. Who’s to say that the bombing might not have been the result of a weekend of debauchery by a couple of stoners who took one trip too many? They may never have planned an attack at all, but were surprised when the pressure cooker they were using to prepare more munchies suddenly exploded on the way to the 7-11 where they hoped to acquire additional Doritos and salsa. They didn’t plant the devices on the crowded street, they simply forgot where they had left them.

In conclusion, Kincaid spells out how dangerous the happy herb is and how the media conspires to suppress the truth. He specifically cites its power to radicalize weakened blazers both politically and spiritually.

“Marijuana is not the harmless drug the media frequently claim it to be. It is a mind-altering substance that can play a role in creating communist or Islamic terrorists.”

So now marijuana is a tool of both the red menace and the global Caliphate. If I didn’t know better, I’d say Kincaid is nursing a righteous buzz.

The End Of The Romney Campaign, Courtesy Of George Soros

The Tea Party contingent of the right-wing Republican set has long regarded George Soros as the mastermind of every evil they imagine has been perpetrated in America for the last half century. It is full-on fixation that connects Soros to everything from the Holocaust to Global Warming. And, like most psychotic fixations, it has no basis in reality.

Consequently, what could be a more damning allegation against a Republican than that they are allied with Soros? It’s the knockout punch. It’s the death blow. It’s the Newtron bomb. And it’s what Mitt Romney is staring down this morning. In an interview in Davos, Switzerland, Soros finished Romney off with these words:

“Well, look, either you’ll have an extremist conservative, be it Gingrich or Santorum, in which case I think it will make a big difference which of the two comes in. If it’s between Obama and Romney, there isn’t all that much difference except for the crowd that they bring with them.”

That settles it. Romney is toast. How could he possibly survive such a wound?

But there must be more to this than what is observable on the surface. After all, if Soros is the evil genius the right believes him to be, then to what end would he make such a comment? He certainly knows how his opinions are magnified through his web of media minions. There can be only one possible answer. Soros is deliberately sabotaging Romney. He wants Gingrich to be the GOP nominee because he knows that Gingrich will not only lose the race for president, but he will also likely cause the loss of the GOP control of the House and much of their power in the states.

It’s a devious plot that has already taken in Gingrich, who quickly jumped on the story and is excitedly pushing this quote to the press. It will probably become a part of his stump speech, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see it featured in his next TV ad. It’s just too juicy a plum to leave dangling.

The Soros Fixation is so toxic that it causes hallucinations in those infected. For instance, conservatives are convinced that Soros commands a media empire that blankets the planet despite the fact that he has zero interest in any prominent media enterprise. He may have donated large sums of money to Media Matters and NPR, but he has no editorial authority over them, and they are not exactly the equivalent of Time Warner or NBC News. That is starkly distinct from the influence of a mogul like Rupert Murdoch who is directly in charge of a worldwide criminal … I mean media conglomerate.

The depths of the Soros fixation are nearly immeasurable. Cliff Kincaid, the director of the right-wing Accuracy in Media actually argues that Soros is pursuing an acquisition of Fox News and that he is “getting his way.” Kincaid believes that it was Soros who pressured Fox to dump Glenn Beck, and he is now trying to launch an effort to force the network to rehire Beck. Says Kincaid…

“It’s time for Glenn Beck, now on Internet TV, to return to the cable channel so that he can continue his investigative journalism into the rapidly expanding influence of the Soros network of organizations.” […He continues…] “Fox is moving to the left and filling its ranks with the kind of shallow commentators we have come to associate with the little-watched cable channel MSNBC.”

That quixotic fantasy reveals just how severely the fixation has damaged some sufferers. When someone can seriously portray Beck as an “investigative journalist” and Fox as “moving to the left,” you know it’s time to increase the dosage. And the notion that any of the brass at Fox want Beck back is belied by the fact that, in their separation announcement, they said there would be specials and documentaries from Beck, but none have materialized.

The question is: Will the right be fooled by this attempt by Soros to deep-six Romney and, subsequently, Republican hopes for retaking the White House? And the answer is: Of course they will! Once the name Soros has entered their psyche they lose what little cognitive ability they had. For Romney to recover from the devastating impact of this blow will take superhuman strength (which Romney lacks) or buckets of cash (which Romney bathes in).

Either way it affirms the mental and strategic superiority of George Soros who is capable of upending his enemies anytime he wants. Other political players could learn from this example. Nancy Pelosi, for instance, could doom the career of any Republican she chooses by simply endorsing them. And if President Obama were to come out against raising taxes for the rich, there would be a GOP drafted bill to do just that on his desk by the next morning.

Will John McCain Renounce This Ugliness?

I have been predicting that the last few weeks of this election season was bound to get nasty. I had no idea how bad it was going to get. The McCain/Palin ticket is badly wounded and they know that there is little hope for them to prevail. Consequently, they have nothing to lose by going for Barack Obama’s jugular. That sentiment was articulated verbatim today by Sarah Palin who told Rush Limbaugh that…

“Rush, I’ve got nothing to lose in this and I think America’s got everything to gain by understanding the differences – the contrasts here between Obama and McCain.”

That is why we are seeing more disingenuous attempts to associate Obama with “unrepentant domestic terrorists.” That is why racial epithets and chants of “terrorist” are emanating from McCain/Palin rallies without objection by the candidates. It is why they are now, with the help of Fox News, fomenting distrust of the election process by falsely alleging voter fraud. And it is why the National Enquirer is pushing a disgusting story that has no bearing on this campaign, but has salacious appeal to the repugnant right-wingers who will stoop to any means to achieve their ambitions.

The Enquirer’s “Exclusive” (to which I will not link) is topped with this intentionally misleading headline: “Obama Sex Perv Scandal.” The headline suggests that Obama is a sexual pervert, but that is not what the story is about. The column alleges that Frank Marshall Davis, a friend of the Obama family in Hawaii when Obama was ten years old, authored a pornographic autobiography. The Enquirer further states that…

“The appalling catalog of admitted real-life decadence is laced with perverted sexual activity, bisexuality, rape – and the seduction of children.”

The book, “Sex Rebel: Black,” was published in 1968 and the author was listed as Bob Greene. The Enquirer says that Greene was in fact Davis, but they provided no evidence for the claim. Davis died 20 years ago. There is no way of knowing whether the Enquirer’s assertions are true, but their reputation doesn’t elicit much confidence. It wouldn’t matter anyway. Associating Obama with this venal garbage makes absolutely no sense. He was a child and couldn’t possibly have had any connection to the alleged activity. Clearly, in his personal life, he is the model of a committed husband and father.

For this article to appear so close to the election can only be interpreted as an intentional attempt to tarnish Obama and damage his election prospects. Perversity obsessed rightists, like Cliff Kincaid of Accuracy in Media, are already jumping on the story. Expect more of that to come from the conservative media chorus.

The question is, can we expect McCain to renounce this nonsense? A couple of days ago, McCain admonished a supporter for saying that she couldn’t trust Obama because he is “an Arab.” McCain took the microphone from her and said, “No, he is a decent family man and citizen.” Setting aside that McCain just insulted every Arab as not being decent, etc., if McCain really believes what he said about Obama, he will not let a story like this fester and grow with the help of his surrogates.

I hope this story dies an early death, but if it gets a foothold in the press, then reporters need to get a statement from McCain to ascertain if he agrees with the substance of the story or approves of the tactic of retelling it. What’s left of McCain’s honor should make this an easy decision for him, but judging by his behavior so far this election year, it would be folly to presume that he would do the honorable thing. After all, he has nothing to lose.

Comic Relief From The Right

Cliff Kincaid is an editor at the rabidly conservative Accuracy in Media and the president of America’s Survival, an anti-United Nations group. He is also the author of one of the most dementedly hilarious articles I’ve read all year.

The article in question is a complaint that Matt Drudge and the Washington Times have refused to publish his advertisements. [Note to Vast Right-wing Conspirators: When Drudge and the WashTimes reject you, it’s time for in-patient care] The ads themselves are complaints that the Rightist Media is ignoring his allegations that Barack Obama was indoctrinated as a Communist while growing up in Hawaii (a fiction that Kincaid has been peddling for five months). But that’s not even the funny part. This is:

“…our $5000.00 ad buy was rejected by Drudge himself. This appears to be part of a leftward drift on the part of Drudge, who has a rather idiosyncratic background and links to the homosexual community and Hollywood.”


“At the same time, we have to draw attention to the continuing leftward drift of Fox News. Fox News sent a camera crew to our May 22 news briefing in Washington, D.C., where we released our two reports. But not one word has appeared on the channel about what we uncovered.”

Perhaps the reason that even neanderthal news nets like Fox won’t touch this stuff is because it doesn’t even rise to their sunken standards for journalism. Nah, that can’t be it. It must be because they’re all Islamo-fascists rooting for Obama.

The wheels are coming off the bus. When uber-conservatives like Kincaid start attacking the cornerstones of their own Rightist Media, you know that a severe psycho-mechanical failure is imminent. Next thing you know they’ll be denouncing Ann Coulter as a radical, pinko, feminist for telling Sean Hannity that she would support Hillary Clinton over John McCain. I hope they have their seat belts fastened.