How Trump Turned the Presidency Into His Personal Book Club for Dummies

One of the most notable observations that historians will make about Donald Trump’s presidency is how little he engaged in any presidential activities. And this is not just a commentary on his infantile behavior, petty boorishness, and just plain ugly bigotry. He spends more time watching Fox News, golfing, and headlining staged hate festivals to feed his malignant ego and rile up his glassy-eyed cult followers, than he does presidenting.

Donald Trump, Crippled America

In addition to those diversions from the dreary duties of upholding the Constitution and promoting the general welfare, Trump has spent an inordinate amount of time promoting the literary aspirations of his friends. If you didn’t know better you might think he wasn’t the Commander-in-Chief, but the PR flack for a failing, right-wing publishing company.

So in order to have a record of the President’s list of books he almost certainly hasn’t read, but thinks that you ought to, here are the tomes (71 so far) for which he has exploited his White House position in order serve as the huckster for crackpot conservative authors:

And of course there’s this work of dystopian fear mongering that launched Trump’s campaign:

You might notice something that these books have in common. Most of them are either slobbering suck ups to Trump or blithering attacks on his critics. Apparently Trump doesn’t read anything that isn’t about himself. Even so, no thoughtful person will believe that Trump, who can’t be bothered to read a three page national security briefing (unless it’s filled with pictures and positive references to himself), actually read all of these snoozers. And it’s also interesting to note that eight of these books are by people associated with Fox News. That must be part of the contract Trump has with the network. They slavishly advance his candidacy and administration, he sells the cheesy, unreadable books their shills write.

This is just another of the unprecedented variances from the norm that Donald Trump has pioneered. No other president has spent so much time or personal capital hawking self-exalting books written by his friends. That’s because every other president would have considered it unseemly, unethical, and a vulgar abuse of power that dishonors the office. But then again, “vulgar abuse of power that dishonors the office” is pretty much the mission statement of the Trump regime.

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UPDATE: In addition to the books above that Trump is pimping, there are others that he harshly criticizes. But none more so than the book by veteran investigative journalist Bob Woodward: Fear: Trump in the White House. As of mid-September he has posted a record nine tweets warning Trump’s cult followers to avoid this singularly dangerous opus.

Racist Moron Donald Trump Tweets that LeBron James and CNN’s Don Lemon are Dumb

Remember when America had a president who wasn’t an infantile jerkwad who threw around insults at anyone he happened to hate at the moment? When we had a respectable leader who filled you with pride and confidence in the future. It seems like ages ago, but the memory lingers and the hope of returning to that reality persists. But for the time being we’re stuck with Donald Trump.

Donald Trump, LeBron James

In a late night mental breakdown, Trump posted a disgustingly insulting tweet that demonstrates just how loathsome he is. And he’s following in the footsteps of one of his bigoted Fox News idols, Laura Ingraham, who did a whole segment on why LeBron James should “shut up and dribble.” But Trump’s tweet was confirmation that he’s a racist with the emotional maturity of newborn gnat.

First of all, there is no contest as to who is the dumbest man on television. It’s Donald Trump by leaps and bounds. In fact, this tweet is proof of it. For one thing, Lemon did not just interview LeBron James. The interview was four days ago. Is Trump really that slow? What’s more, the interview was a compelling look into the life of James and his selfless efforts to establish a school for at risk kids. Compare that to the phony “university” that Trump founded which ripped off students and broke numerous laws.

Secondly, Trump is repeating his pattern of insulting the intelligence of accomplished African-Americans. He has questioned the academic credentials of President Obama. He frequently refers to Congresswoman Maxine Waters as having a low IQ. And now he calls both Don Lemon of CNN and LeBron James dumb. But how would Trump know with his inability to comprehend the complexities of an Archie comic book? These are two of our nation’s most successful African-Americans who have excelled in their fields. Trump has only excelled at inspiring Nazis and Klan members to chant mindlessly at his cult rallies.

Apparently Trump was triggered by some brief and rather tame criticisms James made in the interview. When Lemon asked what he would say if he were sitting across from Trump, James said diplomatically that “I wouldn’t sit across from him.” Imagine the self-control he had to exercise to keep from saying something overtly derogatory, which Trump would have more than deserved. Nevertheless, Trump flew off the handle and fired off his blithering insults. But Trump’s senile dementia prevents him from recalling what he has said in the recent past about James and Lemon:

As for the final few words of this nauseating tweet, Trump added an insincere “I like Mike.” He may think that people will see that as evidence of his appreciation for Michael Jordan, another renowned African-American athlete and citizen. But don’t be fooled. He’s surely talking about Mike Pence. And Jordan had some harsh words for Trump’s divisive attack on sports figures who dare to exercise their right to free speech:

“One of the fundamental rights this country is founded on was freedom of speech, and we have a long tradition of nonviolent, peaceful protest. Those who exercise the right to peacefully express themselves should not be demonized or ostracized.

“At a time of increasing divisiveness and hate in this country, we should be looking for ways to work together and support each other and not create more division.”

And this just in: Jordan is supporting LeBron. Plus, Trump is doing one of his hate rallies in Ohio today (LeBron’s home state). I’m sure everyone who loves and admires LeBron will be waiting for him. Also, Melanie is trolling her imbecile husband by praising Lebron. And if you need to get the bad taste of Trump’s sickening bigotry out of your mouth, below is Don Lemon’s insightful and entertaining interview with LeBron James.

How Fox News Deceives and Controls Their Flock:
Fox Nation vs. Reality: The Fox News Cult of Ignorance.
Available now at Amazon.

And now there’s this from Don Lemon: