Psycho Trump Rips Biden for Stealing ‘Buy American’ From Him

The acute psychoses of Donald Trump are well documented. His egomaniacal self-image as a “very stable genius” who knows more about war than generals, and more about economics than economists, and more about healthcare and epidemics than doctors, and so much more, is way more than sufficient proof of his malignant narcissism and delusions of grandeur.

Donald Trump, Padded Cell

Contributing the mountains of evidence attesting to Trump’s mental infirmities are his recent statements accusing Joe Biden of stealing his totally original “America First” campaign theme. “He plagiarized from me,” Trump whined on his way to a waiting helicopter. “But he could never pull it off. He likes plagiarizing. It’s a plan that is very radical left. But he said the right things because he’s copying what I’ve done. But the difference is he can’t do it.”

There is so much wrong in that brief comment that it requires an in-depth analysis. First of all, Biden has not even mentioned “America First” as any part of his campaign’s policy proposals. He has presented a Build Back Better plan that incorporates components of the classic “Buy American” concept that encourages domestic manufacturing, purchasing, and hiring. But that is in no related to Trump’s call to put “America First,” a slogan that he stole from pre-World War II Nazi appeasers, and which has been more recently adopted by the Ku Klux Klan.

Trump’s false complaint that Biden pinched his ideas is also absurd given that Trump characterizes the ideas as “very radical left.” So Trump is saying, in effect, that his own ideas are the sort of liberal doctrines that he also insists he opposes. And the only problem with Biden’s advocacy of these progressive policies is that he wouldn’t be able to implement them as well as Trump.

Finally, setting aside all of the preposterous political prattle that Trump is proposing, his core criticism that Biden snatched his phraseology is laughably fallacious. As noted above, The “America First” motto goes back at least 80 years. Neither can Trump take credit for “Buy American.” And what makes this all the more ludicrous is that this is not the first time Trump has claimed authorship of phrases that were coined many decades before. For instance, in the video below, Trump says that he personally came up with the phrase “prime the pump.” And even more absurd, he claimed to be the originator of the word “fake” when used to describe the media.

These are more than just conceited attempts to take credit for things he didn’t do (which is a common Trump pursuit). These are symptoms of a deeply malformed personality. He frequently claims that nobody ever heard of common things before he brought them to the world’s attention (executive orders, pandemics, Juneteenth, Abraham Lincoln being a republican, etc). Trump lives in what psychiatrist and author Robert Jay Lifton calls “solipsistic reality” (in this must-read interview with bill Moyers) wherein for Trump there is no reality outside of his own experience of it. And that makes him all the more distant from reality and exponentially more dangerous.

UPDATE: On Sunday morning Trump’s trade advisor, Peter Navarro, went on Fox News to repeat the lie that Biden was “blatantly ripping off the president’s ‘Buy American’ agenda.” He even said that Biden’s plan was to “Buy China.” Which not only has zero basis in fact, it reminds everyone of Trump’s connections to China including everything from buying Chinese steel for his buildings, to sourcing his clothing and hotel furnishings to China.

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