Aspiring Tyrant Trump Seeks Loyalty Oaths in Pre-Election Purge

The increasingly aberrant behavior of Donald Trump more closely resembles the frantic desperation of a cornered rat with each new revelation seeping from his leaky White House. And despite relentless ranting about alleged traitors in his midst, he still believes that he is besieged by closeted foes lurking in every shadow. That’s a symptom of an acutely paranoid sociopath who represents a profound danger to the public welfare.

Donald Trump Circling the Drain

Now there are new reports that Trump is taking even more radical steps to eradicate the enemies that he perceives as surrounding him on all sides. After expelling dozens of suspected turncoats from his administration, including at least four departmental inspectors general, Trump is escalating the war on his own staff. As reported by Politico

“In the middle of a devastating pandemic and a searing economic crisis, the White House has an urgent question for its colleagues across the administration: Are you loyal enough to President Donald Trump?

The White House’s presidential personnel office is conducting one-on-one interviews with health officials and hundreds of other political appointees across federal agencies, an exercise some of the subjects have called “loyalty tests” to root out threats of leaks and other potentially subversive acts just months before the presidential election, according to interviews with 15 current and former senior administration officials.”

The inquisition deployed by the Trump Brigades is forcing political appointees, as well as career professionals, to swear allegiance to Trump and Trump alone. Never mind that most of them have already pledged oaths to uphold the Constitution, Trump is thrusting his superseding demands down their throats with the threat of termination should they not be sufficiently compliant.

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This focus on insuring blind devotion to Dear Leader obviously interrupts other governmental responsibilities like managing a deadly pandemic, restoring an economy in recession, mitigating climate change, preparing a safe environment for children to return to school, historic unemployment, and diplomatic duties with adversarial nations who are placing bounties on the heads of American troops or hacking efforts to produce a coronavirus vaccine.

And if that weren’t enough, Trump is also preoccupied with his floundering reelection campaign. He just fired his incompetent and corrupt campaign chairman, Brad Parscale, and replaced him with the hack responsible for Chris Christie’s Bridgegate scandal, bill Stepien. Trump seems to think that his abysmal approval ratings and the polls showing him getting crushed by Joe Biden are the fault of someone other than himself. So he’s entertaining bizarre theories to explain to himself why he’s losing so badly.

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Like everything else in Trump World, none of his tribulations can possibly be attributed to him. There must always be a nemesis plotting against him with the aid of “Deep State” conspirators, the “radical” Democrats, or those “enemies of the state,” the free press.

You know things are devolving into chaos when the legions of anti-Trumpists include Dr. Anthony Fauci, America’s foremost expert on infectious diseases, and even Trump’s State TV network, Fox News, which has fallen into disrepute by the mentally crumbling Commander-in-Grief. And the most troubling part of all of this is that it’s likely to get worse as his misfortunes continue to decline.

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