DementiaDon: Trump Volunteers to Lose Cognition Contest to Joe Biden

The reelection campaign of Donald Trump just keeps getting more bizarre and desperate with every passing day. His ludicrous diversions from viable political strategy have caused many Republicans to question whether Trump actually wants to win at all. His own aides are worried that he’s engaging in “self-sabotage” with his “incendiary behavior” in public and on Twitter. Even Fox News has speculated that he might just drop out of the race to avoid the humiliation of a landslide defeat.

Donald Trump, Joe Biden

Trump’s campaign has become a laughable parody of a candidate in distress. There’s no doubt that he is frightened by the universally dreadful polling showing Joe Biden crushing him nationally by double digits, as well as leading in every crucial swing state. So Trump has converted that fear into a raging hostility that is only making things worse for him.

Trump has decided to focus his reelection efforts on a few of the most divisive issues imaginable. He begins with “law & order” rhetoric that condemns the millions of Americans who have taken to the streets to protest police injustice and systemic racism. Then he extends that to include advocating for Confederate traitors and the monuments paying tribute to them. When he bothers to address the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, he continues to dismiss it as a trivial annoyance that will soon disappear by magic. Yet he still lavishes praise on himself for his success in conquering the “invisible enemy” that has taken the lives of nearly 130,000 Americans. Trump also touts the economy, despite the fact that the U.S. is in recession and 30 million people are unemployed.

What’s more, Trump is mired in yet another scandal involving his supplication to Russia and Vladimir Putin. The news that Russia is paying Taliban militants bounties to kill American soldiers has been met by Trump with lies about never having been briefed about it, And even more troubling, assertions that the well-documented story, corroborated by many news organizations and White House insiders, is a hoax.

All of this might seem to the average citizen like an insane strategy going into the 2020 presidential election cycle. And they would be right. Trump’s psychoses are clearly building up into a severely debilitating state of acute anxiety and paranoia. And a former Harvard psychiatrist regards Trump as mentally unwell in the extreme.” So naturally, Trump is responding by accusing Biden of the very thing Trump is suffering from. Projection is his goto defense mechanism.

However, while Biden is subject to making occasional verbal gaffes (he has suffered from stuttering since childhood), there is actual evidence that Trump is psychologically compromised. In fact, there was a conference at Yale University that featured testimony from numerous psychiatric professionals attesting to Trump’s unfitness for office. And an analysis of Trump’s behavior fits the diagnosis of senile dementia. For more confirmation, see The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump: 37 Psychiatrists and Mental Health Experts Assess a President.” And in the midst of all this, Trump tweets this challenge:

First of all, the test that Trump says he “aced” asked him to identify a lion and count to ten. That, along with his demonstrated inability to drink water, walk down a ramp, and read, are among his latest reasons that he deserves your vote. Biden replied to Trump’s challenge by saying that he’s looking forward to the upcoming presidential debates where their cognitive faculties can be compared in real time. That duel of wits should scare Trump even more. It’s painfully obvious that Trump isn’t fit to run a lemonade stand. And if you need some proof of that, here’s a video that not only displays Trump’s mental infirmity, but exposes the biases of Fox News:

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5 thoughts on “DementiaDon: Trump Volunteers to Lose Cognition Contest to Joe Biden

  1. His base will listen to his word-salad non-answers during the debates and claim he totally owned Biden. Those same people will jump on every little slip of Biden’s tongue to claim he’s the one mentally compromised.

  2. And of course, the ReichLiars have to tailor their “proof.” Evidence?

    Well, Dummy Minor retweeted a TyrantLicker with a video of Joe Biden supposedly saying, “I’m Joe Biden’s husband, Joe Biden.” No, Dummy, he DIDN’T. Of course, it would have been clearer if the TyrantLicker had posted a decent audio, but that would have defeated their purpose.

    But THIS is Dummy Minor’s response:

    This is ridiculous already. How can they let this guy possibly be the leader of anything let alone the leader of the free world?

    These daily mistakes are not gaffes they are a serious issue for someone who could have the nuclear football, they show a lapse of basic reasoning.

    TyrantLickers are SO clueless.

    My response to THAT:

    Replying to @DonaldJTrumpJr
    Very good description of your Dummy Daddy, Dummy Minor. So, answer your question.

    Appropriately, Harry Turtledove was more eloquent:

    A. He doesn’t say that.

    B. Go drink some Lysol. Inject some bleach. I promise you, Biden knows Finland is a country and the UK has nukes. Unlike your dumbfuck father.

    C. Still trying to outstupid Eric? Tough competition, but you can do it.

    D. Eat shit just generally.

  3. Remember when Biden debated Palin in 2008? He so outmatched her that he was warned to take it easy on her because if he unloaded and brutalized the idiot Palin it might backfire on him because it would make him look like he was being mean to her. I know Biden isn’t as sharp as he was in 2008 but compared to Trump he will look like a doctorate professor debating a monkey. I would not be surprised to see Trump skip the debates. They will make some ridiculous demands that are impossible to agree to and then they will say Biden by not participating and agreeing to their demands is too weak, stupid and afraid to debate their Dear Leader.

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