Twitter Lets Trump Get Away with Dangerous Lies About the Coronavirus

Last week Donald Trump announced that he would be reviving his Coronavirus Task force Briefings (aka Trump reelection campaign photo-ops). In the few public session he’s held since then he has struggled to stick to the script prepared for him on his Teleprompter. But the effort has earned him some praise from sycophantic, right-wing, media shills as evidence of his “pivoting” to a more “presidential” demeanor.

Donald Trump Virus

Seasoned Trump watchers knew that any such pivot would be incidental and temporary. And that has proven to be the case. In the past week Trump has demonstrated his pitiful lack of self-control or disciple by ranting about everything from wearing face masks to campaigning for suburban “housewives” to maligning peaceful protesters as violent “anarchists” and more.

On Monday Trump fell completely off the fence by posting 13 deranged and dangerous late-night tweets promoting hydroxychloroquine as a coronavirus cure, despite abundant evidence that it is both ineffective and potentially harmful according to his own FDA.

A couple of the videos in those tweets have since been removed by Twitter (and Facebook and YouTube) because they were sharing false information. Don Trump Jr’s Twitter account was temporarily suspended for sharing the same videos. Which begs the question: Why wasn’t Trump’s account suspended? After all, Trump actually shared the same false information at least six times.

For the record, here are the now removed/edited links to those tweets:

All of those tweets have now been either deleted or had the video removed. The degree of the misinformation they disseminated was so severe that the three biggest platforms for social media all agreed that it was too dangerous to share. It was so potentially harmful that Don Jr was punished by Twitter for passing it on to his followers.

Yet somehow, the Disinformer-in-Chief was let off the hook. For some reason Twitter doesn’t see fit to hold Trump accountable, or to protect their users from his irresponsible ravings. Trump’s tweets contained the same scientifically discredited video. Plus, he posted seven other tweets making the same hazardous claims about hydroxychloroquine without the offending video.

Trump is recklessly endangering the lives of his dimwit cult followers who cling blindly to every asinine idiocy that he utters. Twitter ought not to be helping him spread these lies but, ultimately, the fault and the harm lie with Trump.

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