Fox News Publishes Brutal NY Times Story that a GOP House ‘Could Plunge US and World Into Chaos’

In recent weeks Donald Trump has been sinking ever farther into the quicksand of his inbred criminality. The Department of Justice is investigating his theft of highly sensitive national security materials and hoarding them at his Mar-a-Lago bunker. A federal grand jury is probing his phony “Save America” PAC. A Georgia prosecutor is close to indicting him for election interference. And these don’t even include his real estate and tax fraud matters.

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As the shroud of corruption envelopes him, some of Trump’s associates and accomplices may be getting antsy about continuing to stand behind him for fear they won’t see the oncoming bus. They have been testing the waters to see if they can safely distance themselves from what is becoming increasingly obvious is a crumbling foundation of flagrant felonies. And among the nervous nellies are some of the folks at Trump’s Ministry of Propaganda, Fox News.

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On Friday the Fox News website published an article that was mostly a re-post of an in-depth analysis of the Republican Party’s descent into Trumpian madness. The NY Times article profiled a handful of GOP House candidates who have consumed copious quantities of Trump’s Kool-Aid. And the conclusion was that these Ultra-MAGA extremists threatened to “plunge the U.S. and the world into ‘chaos.'” Fox’s re-post of the article said that…

“In his report, published Thursday, [New York Times congressional correspondent Jonathan] Weisman claimed that the potential influx of new GOP lawmakers that have ‘fringe positions’ and who have ‘espoused conspiracy theories’ could hamper the government in its ability to do everyday tasks. The piece went so far as to say that these future right-wing politicians could plunge the country and the world at large into ‘chaos.'”

And that…

“It could also mean that the government will struggle to perform such mundane tasks as keeping itself from defaulting on its debt and plunging the global financial system into chaos.” […] “At the same time, a Republican-led stream of impeachments, as some lawmakers have promised for the attorney general, the homeland security secretary, the education secretary and the president, could serve as an endless string of distractions for the executive branch.”

Indeed, a Republican majority in the House would implement a preposterous agenda that consisted mainly of exacting revenge on the Democrats who they believe offended Dear Leader Trump. And we know this not by speculation, but by the public promises of Republicans hoping to gain majority control, such as Jim Jordan and Marjorie Taylor Greene, who has already filed articles of impeachment against President Biden.

Republicans have also promised committee hearings into long ago debunked non-scandals involving Hillary Clinton, Merrick Garland, Dr. Anthony Fauci, Hunter Biden, and more. Trump has even said that he wants the FBI to search Joe Biden’s house – aka the White House – for evidence of some unidentified, and surely imaginary, crime.

It is on the basis of these promises that Republicans are asking Americans to vote for them in November. Forget about the sort of productive accomplishments that Democrats have achieved in the past two years – Infrastructure bill, American Rescue Act, Gun safety, healthcare, tax reform, climate change, etc. – Republicans are offering pure, unfiltered vengeance.

That’s what the GOP is promising the American people. It’s a platform of political payback on behalf of a wannabe authoritarian tyrant. And it’s what the Republicans swear they will devote their time to if given the opportunity. At least when they aren’t cutting taxes for corporations and the wealthy, and eliminating Social Security and Medicare.

What’s more, that’s what Trump thinks is a winning campaign strategy. However, based on this NY Times article that Fox re-posted, you have to wonder: Does Fox News think so?

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