WOAH! Rupert Murdoch’s Right-Wing New York Post Scorches Trump as ‘Unworthy’ to Be President

This has been a bad week for Donald Trump. It began with the Pulitzer Board rejecting his preposterous and impotent demand to rescind awards given to the Washington Post and the New York Times for their reporting on his unsavory connections to Russia. And it ended with the conviction of Steve Bannon, his former campaign boss and White House advisor, on two counts of contempt of Congress.

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Donald Trump, Fox News, Hate Again

In between, the House Select Committee investigating the January 6th insurrection that Trump incited exposed his flagrant and purposeful negligence during the Capitol Hill riots. The Committee presented testimony and damning video documenting how Trump (who is fixated on the hearings) spent 187 minutes deliberately choosing to do nothing while members of Congress were under attack and law enforcement officers were violently assaulted. Well, he wasn’t exactly doing nothing. He was gleefully watching his StormTrumpers assault the seat of American democracy on Fox News.

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On Friday another development took place that is sure to rattle the former reality TV game show host. The New York Post, which is owned by Fox News magnate, Rupert Murdoch, published an editorial titled “Trump’s silence on Jan. 6 is damning.” The article was profoundly critical of Trump and his future electoral prospects. It said in part that…

“As his followers stormed the Capitol, calling on his vice president to be hanged, President Donald Trump sat in his private dining room, watching TV, doing nothing. For three hours, seven minutes.”

And that…

Trump “was the only person who could stop what was happening. He was the only one the crowd was listening to. It was incitement by silence.”

And that…

“To his eternal shame, as appalled aides implored him to publicly call on his followers to go home, he instead further fanned the flames.”

And that…

“His only focus was to find any means — damn the consequences — to block the peaceful transfer of power.”

And finally that…

“It’s up to the Justice Department to decide if this is a crime. But as a matter of principle, as a matter of character, Trump has proven himself unworthy to be this country’s chief executive again.”

Wow! That’s pretty harsh condemnation of the man they’ve been propping up for years. To be clear, this was not merely an op-ed by a guest author with anti-Trump views. This was the official opinion written by the Post’s Editorial Board. And if Trump has lost the New York Post, can Fox News be far behind?

Of course, the Post isn’t altering their hardcore, ultra-rightist political bias. Neither would Fox News be, if/when they adopt this criticism of Trump. It would just be their attempt to cover their asinine worship of Trump for the past seven years as his multitude of crimes become more obvious, his putrid reputation becomes increasingly harder to defend, and his popularity plummets.

Fox News has already begun paving the way for a Trump replacement, even if their audience isn’t quite ready for it. They have been busy elevating Florida’s budding authoritarian governor, Ron DeSantis, as his Herr Apparent. So there seems to be a consensus, that includes Fox News, that the January 6th Committee’s work is having an impact on both the Trump-fluffing media and the public. Hopefully it’s having an impact on Attorney General Merrick Garland as well.

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UPDATE: Murdoch’s Wall Street Journal published a similarly critical article of Trump titled “The President Who Stood Still on Jan. 6.” The Journal wrote that…

“Mr. Trump took an oath to defend the Constitution, and he had a duty as Commander in Chief to protect the Capitol from a mob attacking it in his name. He refused. He didn’t call the military to send help. He didn’t call Mr. Pence to check on the safety of his loyal VP. Instead he fed the mob’s anger and let the riot play out.”

UPDATE II: Liz Cheney drops the truth about Murdoch’s newspapers calling Trump unfit and unworthy to be president again. And she does it on Fox News:

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  1. So cute, all the Trumpf (R) lovers are juggling to toss their favorite piece of fetid ofal to each other, with utter disdain.. Easy to spot, all with feces dripping on their faces, due to holding his “chamber pot” from behind! Stained with ignorance and arrogance, his stink will be with them for life! Yet even still others beg for the chance to be covered with his crap. Rubbing it all over their families and communities, since they need to be Dictated to, by a Fake, Phony, Loser of a never Billionaire! Give him your dollars, suckers, he’s running again………………..

  2. Those TUMP lovers will let their children starve so they can give that orange Dictator their dollars. TUMP lovers are the most gullible, dumb, uneducated, ignorant fools on the face of the Earth. It’s appalling that there are so many people like that in the USA. I wonder how many of his ignorant followers will take to that Fascist Ron DeSantis if TUMP either dies, or somehow is barred from running in the next Presidential election? I suppose time will tell.

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