Tucker Carlson Exposes His Perverse Obsession with Hillary Clinton and Women’s Sexuality

The list of things that Fox News gasbag Tucker Carlson hates is long and disturbingly sociopathic. It includes immigrants, people of color, the LGBTQ, Democrats, and with aberrant emphasis, women. He is, after all, the network’s senior televangelist for testosterone doping and testicle tanning.

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When Carlson isn’t accusing Democrats and immigrants of plotting a “white replacement” campaign to overturn America’s Christo-Caucasian supremacy, or sucking up to fascists like Viktor Orbán (and Vladimir Putin, and Donald Trump), he’s whimpering about the loss of masculinity among the nation’s male folk.

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On Thursday night’s episode of Carlson’s “60 Minute Hate Fest,” he unleashed a particularly nauseating harangue aimed at Hillary Clinton and her daughter Chelsea (video below). He began his perverse prattle by complaining falsely that Hillary Clinton was “talking about the female pudenda.” He elaborated fantasizing that…

“Hillary Clinton likes to talk about that. We’re not gonna speculate as to why. And so she does. And she did it recently in her brand new TV show called “Gutsy” [Carlson laughs maniacally]. It’s an amazing cliché fest. And she immediately zeroes in on the one thing you really don’t want to hear too much about. Which is some rap queen singing about her genitals. But here’s Hillary Clinton complimenting a rap queen for singing about her genitals. It’s one of the creepiest things ever recorded.”

Gutsy is TV program produced by the Clintons and based on their book of the same name. It features their conversations with inspirational women who had “the courage to stand up to the status quo.” Naturally Carlson was offended. He played a brief video clip of Hillary and Chelsea talking with rapper, Megan Thee Stallion…

Hillary: Chelsea follows rap music ever since she was a little girl. But I kind of came to awareness of you with Cardi B “WAP.”
Megan: Men, they seem so confident in what they’re saying. And they don’t have no problem talking about their sexuality and how they’re gonna have sex with you. So I was like, I can do that. And it’s gonna sound fire coming from a woman.
Chelsea: It’s great to see women be so fierce.

So according to Carlson, that’s “one of the creepiest things ever recorded.” To most other rational, intelligent people it’s an insightful observation about sexuality in popular culture. Carlson reacts to Chelsea’s appreciation of female fierceness by sarcastically grumbling…

“Yeah, it’s great. The concern here, of course, is that Hillary and Chelsea Clinton are complimenting that woman for talking in public about her sexuality. There’s a very short hop from that to Hillary Clinton and Chelsea Clinton talking about their sexuality. And America, frankly, can’t handle that. We’re not strong enough right now.”

To be clear, it’s just Carlson – and his feeble viewers – who can’t handle it. Apparently in Carlson’s deviant mind it is short hop from a successful and respected rapper talking about the influences in her music, to the sexuality of Hillary and Chelsea Clinton. That says so much more about Carlson’s carnal depravity than it does about anything related to the Clintons. But then, that shouldn’t surprise anyone. He recently confessed his sexual fixation on cartoon candy characters. So it’s not exactly a revelation that he’s a twisted, lecherous, perv with a Clinton fetish.

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