Devin Nunes Exalts the Failing Truth Social as ‘The Most Important Creation in Trump’s Career’

Throughout Donald Trump’s career he has embellished his personal and business “achievements” to the point that they bore no resemblance whatsoever to reality. Trump only speaks in hyperbole, claiming that everything he undertakes is the greatest success ever known to mankind. And conversely, any criticism or failure is the worst smear campaign. That’s partly why he was recently indicted for fraud by the Attorney General of New York in a case that documents his crooked business practices.

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Among Trump’s most prominent recent business debacles is his Twitter ripoff, Truth Social. From the day it was launched it was mired in the sort of mayhem that can only be produced by incompetence. It repeatedly crashed. Users couldn’t log in. Fake accounts were rampant. And financially the shell company it partnered with suffered an 80% decline in stock value over the past seven months. Its investors are backing out.

So this seemed like a good time for the CEO, Devin Nunes, to appear on a right-wing podcast to tout how absolutely marvelous this scam operation is:

“Can you imagine where we would be had Donald Trump not went out and created Truth Social? We would be in a very, very dark spot. And it is very possible that, maybe, just maybe the most important creation in Donald Trump’s whole career will be the creation of Truth Social. And I don’t say that lightly. As you know, John and Amanda, I believe that to my core. It’s why I left Congress to go and do this.”

Can you imagine? It requires a pretty twisted imagination to perceive the “very, very dark spot” that Nunes is describing. Likewise, the ability to contrive a fantasy that Truth Social is “important” seems more than bit far fetched.

That said, Truth Social very well could be “the most important creation in Donald Trump’s whole career,” considering the vast landscape of failure that that encompasses. Trump has multiple business bankruptcies. His “university” was shut down, and he was ordered to pay $25 million in restitution. His charitable foundation was also shuttered, and he and his family prohibited from operating a charity in New York for five years. Numerous buildings that he had licensed his name to have removed his any remnant of that association.

In light of that record of wreckage, Truth Social might look good. Although, it hasn’t exactly prospered. Here is a brief summation of the website’s troubles…

Trump’s Twitter Ripoff (TRUTH Social) Has Lost 36% of its Value Since He Began Posting On It
“Apparently Trump’s dimwit-icisms didn’t do much to boost interest in this debacle. Not that it was especially prosperous before. It has declined by more than 80% since its high mark last October. And the reasons are pretty obvious. […] with Trump posting his tedious whines about having lost the 2020 presidential election, and his infantile insults directed at anyone who is less than worshipful, how could anyone stay interested for long?”

Trump’s Truth Social Owes its Web Hosting Service Millions and Hasn’t Made a Payment in Months
“In October, RightForge announced it entered into an agreement to host Truth Social, [but that] Truth Social has made just three payments and ceased making any payments since around March. RightForge claims that Truth Social owes it around $1.6 million and is threatening legal action.”

Trump Posts Hysterical Lie that ‘Everyone is Watching’ His Failing Twitter Ripoff, Truth Social
“…they say that I put my message out on Truth Social, a ‘little-used’ site with ‘few’ people watching. More Fake News. They know it’s now one of the hottest sites in the world.”

Trump’s TRUTH Social Twitter Ripoff Suffers Another Setback Due to His Criminal Corruption
“The ‘federal investigations’ to which this notice refers includes a Grand Jury in New York, for which all of DWAC’s board members have been subpoenaed. At the same time the Securities and Exchange Commission is investigating whether TMTG and DWAC executives improperly coordinated with each other and engaged in insider trading.”

Trump Rants Hysterically as His PRAVDA Social Bans Users Who Post the Truth About January 6th
“Trump’s Twitter copycat claiming it is ‘free from political discrimination,’ has reportedly banned users who posted information from Thursday’s congressional hearing on the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol.”

That’s what Nunes regards “the most important creation in Donald Trump’s whole career”? Unfortunately for Nunes and Trump, it’s only going to get worse. The deal to take it public is falling apart. The financing to capitalize it will be gone when it does. It can never compete with Twitter or other social media sites.

As for Trump, he has sworn that he will never return to Twitter, even if Elon Musk’s teetering bid to buy it happens to go through. Which would be a risky bet. That would leave Trump yelling into the void where only his most devoted cult followers reside. Which would be a great relief to the rest of the nation – and world – that is sick to death of his petulant whining.

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