Marjorie Taylor Greene Unleashes Racist Rant Defending Confederate Statues and Lazy Black People

Among the cultural upheavals generated in the era of Donald Trump has been the sanitizing and normalizing of bigotry. From the day he slithered down his golden elevator to announce his candidacy by maligning immigrants as criminals and rapists, he signaled to America’s Klanists that he would be their champion and make the nation safe for hate.

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Marjorie Taylor Greene, QAnon

Trump led a movement that shamelessly professed racial hatred and, consequently, he won the support of the most virulent people and groups who advocated for it. That relationship was recently reinforced when he dined with the flagrant anti-Semite, Ye (aka Kanye West) and the notorious Hitler fanboy, Nick Fuentes, at Mar-a-Lago.

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Trump’s embrace of white supremacy has empowered second string Trumpist hacks like Marjorie Taylor Greene to proudly come forward with their own seething prejudices. Which is precisely what she did this weekend in remarks that she posted online.

Greene began by expressing her repugnant views about the preservation of statues that herald the racist, slave-owing traitors of the Confederacy. She justifies retaining these offensive effigies on the basis that it is preserving history. But statues are not a method of documenting history. That’s what books and classrooms are for. Statues are a tribute intended to honor the subject. That’s why we don’t have statues of Benedict Arnold or Lee Harvey Oswald or Hitler in our public squares as historical recordkeeping.

Nevertheless, in her comments Greene provided her take on how Black Americans should respond to the presence of commemorative monuments to slave masters, because apparently they’ve been doing it wrong:

“If I were Black people today and I walked by one of those statues I would be so proud because I’d say look how far I have come in this country.”

Exactly! And Jews should prostrate themselves before statues of Hitler with pride for how he was defeated in World War II, despite his mission being taken up by Trump’s pal Fuentes, and other neo-Nazis. Japanese Americans should pay homage to concentration camps. And when will Native Americans finally acknowledge the contribution that Andrew Jackson made to their genocide because he’s no longer around?

According to Greene the memorials built to celebrate progress against prejudice should feature the worst of the perpetrators of it. For that reason she would probably support the erection of a statue commemorating James Earl Ray, the assassin of Martin Luther King Jr. Because it’s – you know – history.

However, Greene was just getting started. She also wanted to make sure that everyone understood how accepting she is of people of all races, and how little skin color matters to her. So she spun a tale about how white people are no worse than Black people when it comes to personal responsibility. To make her point, Greene quoted from an editorial published in the New York Times on November 11, 2017. The column titled Can My Children Be Friends With White People? was written by Cardozo law professor, Ekow N. Yankah. It asked some difficult questions and concluded with a measure of hopefulness. Of course, that isn’t how Greene saw it:

Greene (quoting Yankah): Despite centuries of exclusion and robust evidence of continuing racism, minority underemployment is often couched in the language of bad choices and personal responsibility.
Greene: I gotta tell you, anybody’s unemployment has to do with bad choices and personal responsibility. And, again, that does not have a skin color. I know a ton of white people that are as lazy and sorry and probably worse than Black people I know.”

Really? Worse than Black people? Can that even be possible? What a generous depiction Greene is making of Black people who, while in her view are inherently lazy, might sometimes not be quite as lazy as the “ton” of white slackers she happens to know. Which says something about the class of Caucasians she consorts with.

What’s more, Greene utterly dismisses any notion that Black underemployment might be the result of discriminatory hiring. To her it is always due to low moral character. And this is how she “compliments” Black folks in a public video. Just imagine how disparaging her true feelings must be.

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