Trump is a Coward and a Liar and He’ll Prove it When He Dodges the Proud Boys Subpoena

It has been more than two years since Donald Trump incited the insurrection in Washington, D.C. on January 6, 2021, aimed at undermining democracy. Many of the perpetrators have since been indicted and/or convicted for their crimes against America. And many more are awaiting justice, including the leaders of the violent and deadly riots such as Commander Bone Spurs Trump.

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Donald Trump, Snowflakes

This week lawyers for the Proud Boys, a wannabe militia of anti-American thugs on trial for seditious conspiracy, declared their intention to issue a subpoena for Trump to testify for the defense. That’s a peculiar legal strategy intended to show that the defendants only committed their crimes at Trump’s direction. Which doesn’t make them innocent, but does make Trump guilty.

Trump hasn’t yet responded to this news, but it’s a near certainty that he will will seek to quash the subpoena and, if unsuccessful, will take plead the Fifth Amendment in order to avoid testifying and incriminating himself. Which is something he’s already done more than 400 times:

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However, if Trump declines to testify on behalf of the Proud Boys, he will be exposing himself as the coward and liar that he has always been. After all, he has been complaining for months that the January 6th defendants are “patriots” who have been treated terribly by the “Injustice” Department. He has sworn to “get justice for people that are imprisoned right now, and people that are being tormented.” He has even promised to pardon them if he were to be reelected.

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Considering Trump’s allegedly heartfelt support for those poor souls who he believes are being persecuted by the law enforcement agencies that he has likened to the Gestapo, you would think that he would be anxious to testify on their behalf and secure their liberation from the clutches of evil. Why wouldn’t he want to help to exonerate his most loyal cult followers? Doing so would not only demonstrate his commitment to the cause, it would also stimulate the recruitment of more militant insurrectionists.

The answer, of course, is that Trump is a coward who would never stick his neck out for the benefit of anyone else. And admitting that he motivated their mission would surely place him in legal jeopardy. He is also a liar who couldn’t care less about these pawns who he drove to commit crimes and are now suffering for his recklessness and their own gullibility.

Nevertheless, Trump is still prodding his glassy-eyed devotees to commit similar criminal acts for which he will later deny any knowledge or culpability. He recently posted a link on his floundering Twitter ripoff, Truth Social, that explicitly called for violence in pursuit of his totalitarian aspirations. And sadly, there are still numbskulls dumb enough to succumb to his traitorous whims.

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