Jimmy Kimmel Shoots Down MTG, Tucker Carlson, and ‘The Four Gun Whores of the Apocalypse’

In the Era of Trump it has become harder and harder to produce good political satire when the potential subjects are so ludicrous on their own. But the Republican Party has been up to the challenge of providing the source material for searing comedy. With hysterical characters like Marjorie Taylor Greene, George Santos, and of course, Donald Trump himself, America’s humor supply remains well stocked.

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Jimmy Kimmel, Marjorie Taylor Greene

On his Friday night program, Jimmy Kimmel took aim at some of the easy targets that the GOP, and their Propaganda arm, Fox News, have provided (video below). It’s not the first time that Kimmel has featured the inadvertent buffoonery of the Republican Clown Show, and it won’t be the last.

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On this occasion Kimmel began by observing that many of the Fox News regulars are openly supporting Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and rooting for a Russian Victory, which Tucker Carlson said in exactly those words. These cretins are deeply devoted to Russian war criminal, Vladimir Putin, to the extent that they favor him over American leaders. And Kimmel couldn’t help but notice…

“I’m not saying that Marjorie Taylor Greene and Tucker Carlson are indebted to, or are compromised by, or have some sort of secret allegiance to Vladimir Putin in exchange for silence or money or some sort of weird nesting egg sex, but man oh man, they sure do seem to be on team Russia.”

Whereupon Kimmel played a video clip from Putin apologist Carlson’s show with Greene calling her own GOP colleagues who support Ukraine “stupid” and “so disconnected with what the American people want, that they are literally going to lead us into World War III.” She adds that Carlson is “one of the few people that tells the truth like the American people feel and talk and think on television.”

The fear mongering about World War III is a common talking point on the right, including Trump, who posted a comment on his floundering Twitter ripoff, Truth Social, this morning crying frantically that “This is the most dangerous time in the history of our Country. World War III is looming, like never before,” and that “HOPELESS JOE BIDEN IS LEADING US INTO OBLIVION!!!”

Oh no, not oblivion! What’s more, it’s particularly pitiful for Greene to say that Carlson is a teller of the truth (that people “feel”?) so soon after it was revealed that he deliberately lied to his audience about election fraud, while privately admitting that he did not believe it for one second.”

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Immediately following that, Kimmel brought up the preposterous bill that a GOP representative is pushing to make the AR-15 – the preferred weapon of mass murderers – the national gun of the United States. The families of those who were slaughtered by one should appreciate that. Kimmel notes that George Santos is a co-sponsor of bill, and adds that Santos isn’t the only one…

“This dumb bill was sponsored by a congressman from Alabama named Barry Moore, with co-sponsors Santos, Andrew Clyde of Georgia and Mozzarella six-shelled person, Lauren Boebert. These are the heroes working to get us a national gun. And the next time there’s a mass shooting with an AR-15, which will probably be by the end of the week, we’ll know who to thank. The Four Gun Whores of the Apocalypse.”

While so much of what Fox News and the Trumpian Republican Party do and say is dangerous and anti-American, it is important to include comedy and satire in our arsenal of responses. Unfortunately, we may not always have that option available, thanks to Greene. The biggest joke in Congress has already distinguished herself with commentaries about “Gazpacho Police,” “Peach Tree Dishes,” “Jewish Space Lasers,” and “fragrantly” violated rights. But she is also known for having claimed to have reported Kimmel to the police for brandishing humor:

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UPDATE: It was recently reported that Snowflake Trump ordered his White House staff to pressure Disney to stop Kimmel from telling jokes about him.

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