Tucker Carlson is APPALLED By All the Black Women Biden Appointed to Federal Courts – Illegally?

America is undergoing some of the most tumultuous times in its history. It is being spied on by giant Chinese party favors. It is fighting demonic pop music stars. And Hunter Biden’s laptop is still at large threatening to cast the nation into an abyss of communistic oppression.

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In the midst of that avalanche of apocalyptic horror, Fox News Senior White Nationalist, Tucker Carlson, is committed to reminding his vulgarian viewers that President Biden and the Democratic Party are on a mission to darken America demographically. It’s all part of the “Great Replacement” theory that Carlson has been pushing for several years.

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On Monday Carlson lashed out at Biden for having the audacity to bring some equity to the federal court system after a couple of centuries of flagrant bigotry. Fox News has already redefined “equity” as evil (literally), and Carlson is anxious to add his warped perspective on the subject. So he complained bitterly about Biden’s judicial nominees being too Black…

“Out of 97 federal judges confirmed under Joe Biden, total number of white men: five. Twenty-two are Black women. So this is race-based hiring. It’s illegal. But it’s also not about looking like America. It’s about punishing people.”

Exactly! Biden is dead set on punishing the historically discriminated population of white males in America. It’s about time. Carlson elaborated saying that “no administration has ever looked less like America … than the Biden administration,” and that they were “discriminating against certain classes of people who don’t vote for them.” Because everyone knows that no white person has ever voted for Biden or any Democrat. That would be illegal, wouldn’t it?

Contrast that with Donald Trump and his record of having appointed the smallest share of nonwhite judges in more than 25 years. For the record, according to the American Bar Association

  • There are 59 Black women among the 1,409 sitting Article III federal judges across the country. That’s 4% of all federal judges. All but 11 are in the trial courts. Fifty-two were appointed by Democratic presidents.
  • The federal bench is still largely white and male. Seventy percent of all sitting Article III federal judges are male; 78% are white.

So you can see why Carlson is so upset. The federal judiciary is still far from being 100% white male. And Carlson, Fox News, and the Republican Party, will not rest until that goal is reached.

Racial equity in the courts is an atrocity to these “patriots.” In fact, Carlson actually went into a rage when Biden promised to nominate more Black women. And he described the nomination of Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson as Biden’s effort to “destroy” the Supreme Court and to “humiliate and degrade” the country. So it’s no secret where he and his confederates stand.

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