RAGING HYPOCRITE Marjorie Taylor Greene Whines About Respecting Others With Different Views

In the Era of Donald Trump, the notion of civility has been thrown into the same garbage heap as hospitality, humility, and honesty. And the loss of those qualities is almost entirely due to Republicans modeling themselves after the cretinous example of Trump himself.

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Marjorie Taylor Greene, QAnon

Trump distinguished himself early in his 2016 campaign as barbarian whose behavior heralded back to a savage age when beasts like him could grab women in a manner that was assaultive and crude. Then he carried that demeanor into the White House with daily outbursts against his political foes that were insulting and hostile. So it’s no surprise that the GOPeons following in his footsteps reflect his vulgarity.

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On Tuesday one of the Republican Party’s most prominent Trump-fluffers demonstrated how well she has learned the lessons of Trumpism. Marjorie Taylor Greene tweeted about an incident she said occurred while dining out out with her staff…

“I was attacked in a restaurant tonight by an insane women and screamed at by her adult son. They had no respect for the restaurant or the staff or the other people dining or people like me who simply have different political views. They are self righteous, insane, and completely out of control. I was sitting at my table, working with my staff, and never even noticed these people until they turned into demons. People used to respect others even if they had different views. But not anymore. Our country is gone.”

Can she possibly be serious? Of course, considering the source, it’s possible that none of this ever happened. In the event that it did, it must be noted that this livid lament is coming from the “insane woman” who is notorious for screaming insults at President Biden during the State of the Union Address. And as seen in the video above, she also once harassed David Hogg, a teenage school shooting survivor, on the street.

So Greene actually has the nerve to whine about respecting others with different views? She recently declared here support for what amounts to civil war and the dissolution of the United States. “We need a national divorce,” Greene tweeted. “We need to separate by red states and blue states and shrink the federal government.” she continued saying that…

“Everyone I talk to says this. From the sick and disgusting woke culture issues shoved down our throats to the Democrat’s traitorous America Last policies, we are done.”

You have to wonder what a narrowly defined confederacy of dunces she talks to. And this isn’t even the worst of her raving madness. Greene also recently floated her unabashedly fascist idea to prohibit Democrats from voting. No, really…

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This is the woman who is now complaining about “self righteous, insane, and completely out of control” people not having respect for the political views of others? With a record of such grotesque behavior, Greene ought to keep her filthy mouth shut. But that’s way too much ask. Sadly, this spasm of obscenity is all too typical of Greene.


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Trump Blasts Rupert Murdoch for ‘Throwing His Anchors Under the Table’ in Election Fraud Lawsuit

Donald Trump was up very early on Tuesday morning to cry petulantly about how his former Ministry of Propaganda – aka Fox News – was not living up to his egomaniacal expectations of unflinchingly worshipful adoration. It’s a complaint that Trump unleashes whenever anyone fails to recognize his perceived messianic divinity.

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Rupert Murdoch Donald Trump

The bug up Trump’s butt on this occasion was that new details of the deposition given by Fox News boss, Rupert Murdoch, in the defamation lawsuit filed by Dominion Voting Systems, were made public. And those details affirmed that Murdoch and the hosts of his Fox News network knew very well that they were lying when they told viewers that there was fraud in the 2020 presidential election.

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Of course, Trump cannot restrain himself whenever the facts that his “Big Lie” that the election was “rigged and stolen” from him are exposed. Particularly if those facts are delivered by people that he thinks should be compulsorily beholden to him. Which, in his cartoon brain, is everybody. Consequently he posted on his floundering Twitter clone, Truth Social

“Why is Rupert Murdoch throwing his anchors under the table, which also happens to be killing his case and infuriating his viewers, who will again be leaving in droves – they already are. There is MASSIVE evidence of voter fraud & irregularities in the 2020 Presidential Election. Just look at the documentary ‘2000 MULES’ and you will see large scale ballot stuffing caught on government cameras, or votes cast without Legislatures approval, or just recently, the FBI/Twitter Files Scandal. RIGGED!!!”

There is an abundance of derp in that rant. Beginning with Trump’s mangling of the idiom about being “thrown under the bus.” Being under a table is something else entirely.

More to the point, Trump is aghast that Murdoch would say things during a deposition, under oath, that reflect badly on Fox News, and more importantly, on Trump. Trump takes any suggestion that the 2020 election was legitimate as a personal attack. However, Murdoch had no choice but to tell the truth, or be liable for perjury.

The result was a trove of testimony that does indeed strengthen Dominions case. Such as conceding that Fox News hosts (Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, Laura Ingraham, Maria Bartiromo, Lou Dobbs, etc.) “endorsed” the false claim that the 2020 election was stolen. And allowing Trump lawyers Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell on air to lie about Dominion.

Literally everything else in Trump’s post was untrue. There was no “MASSIVE evidence of voter fraud.” If there were he would have presented it by now. The “2000 MULES” crocumentary has been totally debunked. And the “Twitter Files” were a pathetically contrived nothingburger.

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However, Trump was just getting started. He posted a second comment on this subject a few minutes later that repeated the same false allegations of election fraud, and continued his chastising of Murdoch and Fox News, saying that…

“They look too scared and frightened to reveal the massive amounts of voter fraud & Irregularities already found, and it would actually help them in the lawsuit. Instead FoxNews wants to silence its anchors and reporters.”

Trump is actually right, but not about what he thinks he’s right about. Fox News may not have wanted to silence its anchors when they were lying about election fraud, but they do want to silence them now…

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Trump’s morning caterwauling isn’t going to win him any converts. It is just more of the tedious yammering he’s been putting out since he was evicted from the White House two years ago. In all that time he has failed to produce the “massive amounts of voter fraud” he claims to have found. And he lost 60 court cases in his futile effort to overturn the election and undermine democracy. But he obviously intends to continue down this pitiful path, oblivious to the fact that it’s only going to hurt himself and the Republican Party that kowtows to him.

UPDATE: Trump posted (and deleted) another attack on Murdoch, saying that if he doesn’t believe that the 2020 election was “was not Rigged & Stollen” (sic) he should “get out of the News Business as soon as possible, because they are aiding & abetting the DESTRUCTION OF AMERICA with FAKE NEWS.” When was Fox in the news business? Trump goes on to praise the “BRAVE & PATRIOTIC FoxNews Hosts [who] got it right.” However, those hosts were just revealed to have known that Trump’s election fraud claims were false and that they lied to their viewers. So yeah, they got it right privately, and lied about it in public.

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