Trump Embraces Tucker Carlson’s Crackpot Theory that the FBI Staged the January 6th Insurrection

The deeper Donald Trump sinks into the legal morass of his own making, the more frantically he pushes preposterous conspiracy theories rooted in lies and intended to deceive and deflect. And more evidence of his criminal escapades comes out every day that is triggering his trepidations and tirades. He knows that the smoke that is swirling around him is an indicator of the fire that is soon to engulf him.

Flaming Trump

No wonder Trump is scared witless. Pending civil and criminal investigations are likely to result in Trump’s indictment and prosecution. His flunkies on Fox News were just exposed texting him during the January 6th insurrection that he incited. He just lost another court ruling forcing him to turn over his White House records to congressional investigating committees. And while he insists on Fox News that he doesn’t have anything to hide, he is suing to hide everything.

In light of all of that, Trump is spinning furiously to extinguish the blazing wreckage of his amoral existence. To that end he visited with an old and reliable Trump-fluffing ally, Candace Owens (video below). During their conversation they both endorsed one of the most ludicrous conspiracy theories currently floating around Trump World: The January 6th insurrection was a “false flag” operation orchestrated by the FBI.

This is an asinine and dangerous contrivance that has been peddled by Senior Fox News White Nationalist, Tucker Carlson for months. Carlson produced a crocumentary on the subject that was filled with flagrant falsehoods and slander. Nevertheless, Trump is now openly advancing this blatant bullpucky:

Owens: Everybody talks about January 6th. I actually want to talk about January 5th. […] We’re seeing the Tucker Carlson, Joe Rogan start to show that the FBI had some involvement in January 6. Were urging supporters to go toward the Capitol building. What is your assessment as you’re watching more and more of this information come out?
Trump: Well, I have been watching, and I’ve been watching it very closely. And a lot of people are being treated very unfairly. This should never happen in our country or any country, what happened to them. Especially when you look at the way the so-called other side is treated. But this pipe bomber or bombers – who knows if it was a pipe? Who knows what it was? They never found him? I’ve seen pictures of him and very clear pictures.

For the record, neither Carlson nor Rogan “showed” any evidence of FBI involvement in the Capitol riots. And Trump’s sympathy for those arrested for assaulting police officers, breaking through doors and windows, vandalizing the Capitol, and obstructing the lawful business of Congress, is nothing short of treasonous.

What’s more, Trump is demonstrating once again his unabashed dishonesty by lying about the Capitol pipe bomber (and, yes, they were pipe bombs). Trump says that he saw “very clear pictures” of the suspect. Which is peculiar because no such pictures exist. The FBI circulated photos of a blurry masked man:

Trump has totally bought into Carlson’s baseless contention that because there are still people who have not been apprehended, those people must be FBI agents. It’s just as accurate to surmise that they must be Martians. “Why aren’t they finding this pipe bomber?” Trump asked. “And how come other people haven’t been revealed?” And is JFK really dead? And who framed Roger Rabbit? Trump often tries to invent mysteries when he has nothing coherent to say. He’s still looking for Hillary Clinton’s emails, the DNC’s server, and Hunter Biden’s laptop.

During this “interview” Trump also repeated his claim that the real insurrection was on November 3rd, Election Day. That’s because he has a visceral hatred for democracy and sees fair elections as antithetical to his authoritarian aspirations. And he reprised his delusional belief that Black Lives Matter and Antifa were in the crowd antagonizing and agitating his otherwise peaceful cult disciples. Nearly a year has transpired and not a shred of evidence of that has been produced.

With all of these lies to spread, Trump has decided to hold a press conference on the anniversary of the January 6th insurrection. In reality, he’s just trying to steal attention for himself and away from the solemn observances that were previously scheduled by Congress and the White House.

Of course this gives Trump another opportunity to disseminate his sham version of the domestic terrorism that occurred on that awful day. If he actually does show up, look for him to unleash even more bizarre theories. Creating fictionalized renderings of reality is really all that he has left.

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8 thoughts on “Trump Embraces Tucker Carlson’s Crackpot Theory that the FBI Staged the January 6th Insurrection

  1. After all, this IS what the Lord God Moronikus has been spewing for months. Nothing is ever the fault of the Lord God Moronikus, even when his fingerprints are all over the place and he boasts that he did it in every KKK rally he holds!!! Geez, he’s worse than OJ!

    Seriously, the Lord God has given away every crime he has ever committed! WHEN WILL HE PAY ?!!

  2. Don’t forget, the donald also saw thousands of Muslims dancing in the streets of New Jersey on 9/11 and he saw the largest inauguration crowd for him in history.

    • Trump sees whatever he wants, whether it’s there or not.

  3. Wow! So Roger Rabbit was a trumpist and was framed by the FBI! I did not know that. ;-). But I’ll bet ol’ donnie was hoping Jessica was real, so he could grab her … um, bunny…

    • LMAO! And yep, bet your right on that.

  4. These lies like the election being stolen and the FBI or Antifa being behind the attack on Congress are just setting the stage for voter suppression and another coup attempt.

    • That is the GOP’s game plan.
      I hope & pray that they fail, but if that depends on current Congress – complete with Retrumplican Party of Traitors – then we’re screwed!

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