New GOP Subcommittee Chair Openly Admits His Only Purpose is to ‘Make Life Hell’ for Democrats

The Republican Party’s new majority in the House of Representatives has only been in place for about a month, but already it has distinguished itself as embarrassingly inept and priggishly partisan. It took them fifteen votes to even select Kevin McCarthy as Squeaker of the House, for which Donald Trump took all the credit.

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In the few weeks of GOP rule, the Party of Trump Flunkies has utterly abandoned the divisive wedge issues that they campaigned on (i. e. inflation, abortion, immigration), and instead focused on Hunter Biden’s stolen laptop, mandatory reciting of of the Pledge of Allegiance, and arresting Twitter executives for bias against Republicans that doesn’t even exist.

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On Sunday morning GOP Rep. Ben Cline visited with traitorous felon Steve Bannon, who Donald Trump pardoned after he was found guilty of defrauding donors to his phony border wall fund. During this segment Cline revealed a heretofore unknown subcommittee created by Jim Jordan, the new chair of the House Judiciary Committee. Cline described the new subcommittee to Bannon as one that would serve to harass President Biden and members of his administration who didn’t kowtow to Jordan and his fascist comrades. Cline told Bannon that…

“[Jordan] needs a bulldog at the subcommittee level to make their lives hell, quite frankly. And so he’s tasked me with that responsibility, for when the Department of Justice, or when our intelligence agencies, don’t respond, that’s when they bring me in.

“I’m the chair of this little rump subcommittee called “Responsiveness and Accountability Oversight.” And so they want me to haul these people up to the Hill, read them the riot act and try and convince them that cooperating with the Judiciary Committee is better than the alternative, which is being held in contempt.”

Really? The irony here is as thick as the bull manure that it is buried in. Bannon, who gushed that Cline’s Committee was “brilliant,” has himself been convicted of two counts of contempt of Congress after failing to comply with subpoenas. And the House Select Committee investigating the January 6th insurrection issued a criminal referral to the Justice Department for Jordan for refusing to testify. And even Squeaker McCarthy openly ignored congressional subpoenas.

Consequently, it is profoundly audacious for Jordan to impanel a committee whose purpose is to bully people into doing what he refused to do. What’s more, his committee will be pitifully impotent as a mechanism to coerce compliance, because the Biden Justice Department is unlikely to indict the victims of Jordan’s persecution.

What Jordan’s committee will succeed in doing is to waste a lot of time and taxpayer money on blatantly partisan and meritless inquisitions, while simultaneously discrediting the Republicans in Congress and sending their public approval ratings into the gutter. And for that, perhaps we should thank them.

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9 thoughts on “New GOP Subcommittee Chair Openly Admits His Only Purpose is to ‘Make Life Hell’ for Democrats

  1. I propose we make life hell for the Nazi Fascist Party….(The GQP) Arrest all of them and deport them to Siberia and dump them out with the temperatures at 60 below zero weather in only shorts and T-shirts on and nothing else. Let Putin babysit these problem children. It is obvious these despots have failed to grow up yet. Like this post suggested, they may be actually helping us Dems by acting like spoiled brat children and further tear apart their Nazi Fascist regime. I certainly hope so, i am so sick of all of those asshats.

  2. No “perhaps” about it: we should thank the Repugnicans for the shitshow they’re engaged in. Who better to demonstrate day after day that the MAGA GOP is a neo-Fascist traitorous pack of scumbags with nothing but anarchy as a platform? I predict that Gymbag’s committee(s) will get minimal TV time, but never mind, far-right media like FUX will air enough of them and him to thoroughly disgust even the most deluded of Trumpists.

  3. Who gets convicted of a crime then sentenced to jail but remains free as a bird like Bannon?
    Most convicts are remanded to jail during appeal. Why not Bannon?

    • The only thing i can think of is that Steven Bannon’s boyfriend and lover Donald TUMP posted bail for his sorry ass. Steven Bannon is nothing but a filthy skid row bum. He sure looks like one too. He is a slouchy, nasty, and grubby blob of slime and corrupt as they come.

  4. With all the lawsuits coming at Fox, they may be so broke that they’ll have to sell out to one of their suers. I’d like to see Dominon and Smartmatic as new owners. Then maybe we could have a channel that actually shows people the importance of voting and is an actual news channel as well. Hey, I can dream, can’t II?

    • It’s a good dream and i sure would like for it to come true. I want very much to see these crap spewing, lying, fascist, propaganda spewing false news outlets, Spewsmax and Fox Spews go out of business. That would be a big victory for Democracy.

      • It is a good dream and I really do hope it comes true. I think I may add to that dream. Fox is bought out by Dominion and Smartmatic buys Spewsmax. Comments?

        • Even better, i would hope for Dominion and Smartmatic to promptly put these vile sources of lies and disinformation out of business and put all of their employees in the unemployment lines. I honestly do not know how anyone could sit and watch Fox Spews and Spewsmax and can actually believe this crap they spew. I have never ever watched Fox Spews or Spewsmax or that OANN. I would boil over with anger if i did. Those networks are bad for a normal person’s mental health. The only way i know about what is said on those horrible shows is what i read on this site. I feel a sick stomach just writing comments about them…

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