Trump and His MAGA Minions in Media and Congress Go BONKERS Over His Criminal Indictments

It’s been a long time coming, but accountability for Donald Trump and his brazenly unlawful misconduct may finally be upon us. Special counsel Jack Smith has issued indictments against Trump for a variety of criminal acts related to his theft and hoarding of national security documents, hundreds that were classified, at his Mar-a-Lago home/hotel.

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Donald Trump, Wah

Needless to say, Trump isn’t taking this news very well. Trump himself announced his indictments on his floundering Twitter ripoff, Truth Social, Thursday evening. He falsely attributed the charges to “the Biden administration,” rather than to the Grand Jury that is not, in fact, part of the administration. And he immediately pivoted to irrelevancies such as his nonsense complaint that he got more votes in 2020 than he did in 2016, but still 7,000,000 fewer than President Biden. Trump apparently doesn’t know that you don’t win elections by beating yourself four years earlier. Trump also tried to shift attention from his criminality to the repeatedly debunked allegation that Biden has 1,850 boxes of classified materials.

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All of that was followed by Republican politicians and pundits whining about the indictments and attempting to deflect from Trump’s crimes by alleging that Biden has committed similar crimes. But that is a blatant and deliberate lie. Unlike Trump, Biden never withheld any documents. He never lied about having them. He never shared them with others. He never attempted to move and hide them. He never tampered with witnesses. He never defied a subpoena. He always complied with the law. The indictments against Trump are serious and wide-ranging. They include…

  • Willful retention of national defense information
  • Conspiracy to obstruct justice
  • Withholding a document or record
  • Corruptly concealing a document or record
  • Concealing a document in a federal investigation
  • Scheme to conceal
  • False statements and representations

UPDATE: The unsealed indictment reveals that it contains 37 counts against Trump.

In response to those charges, Trump’s apologists launched full-bore into pathetic defenses that centered mainly on their belief that no politician (at least the Republican ones) can ever be prosecuted without it being a ghastly assault on democracy. Never mind that Trump’s 2016 campaign slogan was “Lock Her Up,” a call to prosecute and punish his Democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton, for completely baseless allegations.

Leading the charge on Trump’s behalf was House Squeaker, Kevin McCarthy, who tweeted that “Today is indeed a dark day for the United States of America. It is unconscionable for a President to indict the leading candidate opposing him. Joe Biden kept classified documents for decades.” And McCarthy’s Senate colleague, Josh Hawley, added that “If the people in power can jail their political opponents at will, we don’t have a republic.”

McCarthy knows very well that President Biden did not indict Trump. He was indicted by an independent Grand Jury in Trump’s home state of Florida. The case was presented to the Grand Jury by an independent Special Counsel who was appointed by an Attorney General who had no interactions whatsoever with Biden regarding the case.

This is how justice is administered in America. If McCarthy wants to be mad about something, maybe he should focus on Trump’s serial criminal activities instead. They occurred long before these recent charges. Remember that Trump was found legally liable for running a fraudulent university. He ran a corrupt charity. He sexually abused women and bragged about it. And he was indicted a few weeks ago for falsifying business records. That’s quite a rap sheet.

Sen. Hawley knows that no “people in power” have jailed a political opponent. At this time, Trump has only been indicted. And if Trump is eventually jailed it will not be by a nefarious cabal of powerful people. It will be by a jury of his peers acting in accordance with the law. If Hawley and other Republicans are disturbed that these indictments are historically unprecedented, maybe they should be disturbed instead by Trump’s historically unprecedented crime spree.

What this proves is that Republicans have as little respect for the rule of law as Trump. Many of them are threatening to defund the police, in the form of cutting congressional appropriations to the FBI and the Justice Department.

For his part, Trump unleashed a furious frenzy of fifty (yeah, 50!) posts on Truth Social Thursday night. They began with three of his own rage postings at around 7:30 pm when he announced that he had been indicted, and continued until nearly 2:00 am. The posts consisted mostly of reposts of his GOP accomplices and apologists, along with Fox News clips (15 of them) regurgitating the same utterly baseless talking point that President Biden was responsible for the indictments. And it needs to be repeated often that there is no evidence whatsoever of that.

Let’s not forget that these indictments relate only to Trump’s mishandling of national security documents at Mar-a-Lago. But the special counsel is also investigating Trump’s involvement in the January 6th insurrection against the Congress. So there may be much more to come in the not too distant future. In the meantime, Trump is ratcheting up the outrage and hostility in his attempt to incite further violence on his behalf. And he’s getting help from his pals at Fox News. It’s a deliberate and dangerous tactic that should be prohibited by the court. But as we’ve all seen before, it isn’t easy to shut Trump’s mouth, even when he is inciting violence and hurting his own legal prospects.


Finally, Fox News previously announced a town hall with Trump on June 19. It will be interesting to see if he – or they – still want to proceed with that. And if so, what new lies will Trump tell and how will he incriminate himself further? Stay tuned.

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