What’s Troubling Trump Today? The Term ‘WOKE’ that He Has Repeatedly Used Himself

If there’s one thing that epitomizes the multitude of mental defects that Donald Trump displays, it’s that he is a perpetual outrage machine. Virtually every time he opens his mouth he is complaining about something or someone that has failed to supply the unflinching adoration that he demands. He is – in his own words – the most fabulous whiner.”

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Trump Fear

It doesn’t take much to set Trump off. Lately he has been obsessed with his rival for the Republican Party’s presidential nomination, Florida Fuhrer Ron DeSantis. More of Trump’s posts on his floundering Twitter ripoff, Truth Social, are attacks on DeSantis than on any other subject. His Fear of DeSantis transcends his feigned interests in immigration, Russia’s war crimes against Ukraine, the debt ceiling default, and even his imminent legal peril that has already produced 34 felony indictments, with more to come.

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On Thursday Trump was campaigning in Iowa where he unleashed yet another assault on “Ron DeSanctimonious,” as Trump calls him. This time it was a catty callout of DeSantis and his tedious rhetoric that certifies a diagnosis of acute “woke mind virus.” That affliction prompted Trump to disavow any association with “wokeism,” a disease that produces severe discombobulation, stupefaction, and dumbfoundery. Trump said that…

“I don’t like the term ‘woke.’ Because I hear the term ‘woke woke woke.’ It’s just a term they use. Half the people can’t define it. They don’t know what it is.”

As absurd as it sounds… Trump is right. Most people (including Trump) can’t define “woke.” And they surely don’t know that it originated in the Black community as a call to be conscious of oppression and discrimination, and to work to overcome the inequities of society. To the Trump/GOP cult it simply means anything that they don’t happen to approve of at a particular moment in time. But Congress will surely get to the bottom of it with their spanking new Anti-Woke Caucus that they claim will stop the “greatest domestic threat to America today.”

However, Trump’s aversion to the term now represents a stark reversal of his prior position. He has frequently used the term when it suited him to do so. Only a week ago his campaign boasted that “When he is re-elected, Pres. Trump will END this woke insanity and restore honest, patriotic education to our classrooms. First, he will FIRE Biden’s woke educrats.” And his adoption of the word goes back nearly two years, when he declared triumphantly that “Everything woke turns to sh*t.” Hmmm… Does that include Fox News?

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What makes this “woke-phobia” all the more preposterous is that the war against woke isn’t even an effective political strategy. A recent poll by USA Today/Ipsos found that a majority of Americans have a positive impression of the term. According to the poll…

“Fifty-six percent of those surveyed say the term means ‘to be informed, educated on, and aware of social injustices.’ That includes not only three-fourths of Democrats but also more than a third of Republicans.”

So DeSantis is barking up the wrong trepidation. And Trump isn’t helping himself by playing both sides of the contrived “woke-roversy.” The whole subject is a farce that serves only to distract from the real problems that face Republicans. Namely that their leading candidate is a twice-impeached, serial sexual abuser, who has civil and criminal cases pending for crimes ranging from financial scams to election fraud to inciting an insurrection to espionage. And America is “woke” to that.

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