Trump Viciously Attacks Fox News, the Network He Says is ‘Dead, Totally Fake, Unwatchable’

Being the subject of multiple civil and criminal investigations can lead to some bizarre behavior. And when those investigations turn to indictments, that behavior becomes even more frenzied and downright deviant. It can lead to frantic outbursts that serve only to reveal one’s festering fears and result in further incriminating statements.

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Case in point: Donald Trump, who is exhibiting extreme anxiety as he anticipates the imminent issuance of criminal indictments by Grand Juries in Washington, D.C., Florida, and Georgia. The special counsel, Jack Smith, just met with what’s left of Trump’s legal team in order to beg the Justice Department to refrain from charging Trump. But if Trump’s reaction after the meeting is any indication, that didn’t go very well for him.

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Another example of Trump’s gnawing nervousness is his desperate decision to accept an invitation to be interviewed on Fox News by Bret Baier. It will air on June 19, and will be a pre-taped conversation, presumably to edit out any potentially defamatory comments and embarrassingly idiotic Trumpisms. What makes this peculiar is that Trump has spent much of the last few years mercilessly thrashing Fox News for being less than unwaveringly supportive and adoring. Among the aspersions he has cast are that…

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Nevertheless, Trump has agreed to grace Fox with his presence. But only because he needs all the unflinching fluffing he find. So he’s condescended to sit down with Bret Baier for a free, hour long infomercial for his 2024 campaign. Apparently his nauseating tongue bath with Sean Hannity a few weeks ago – wherein Hannity made sure that every question he asked had the answer embedded in it so that Trump wouldn’t have to strain himself coming up with a plausible excuse or a believable lie – wasn’t sufficient.

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However, if anyone thinks that Baier is going to be any less obsequious than Hannity, you can disabuse yourself of that fallacy right now. Baier’s biases were discovered in the defamation lawsuit against Fox News by Dominion Voting Systems. Internal communications revealed Baier was worried about losing viewers after Trump lost the 2020 election. In one message he “noted the audience’s anger and suggested rescinding the [Arizona] call, even awarding the state to Trump.” In another he complained that “It’s hurting us. The sooner we pull it — even if it gives us major egg. And we put it back in his column. The better we are. In my opinion.”

But don’t kid yourself that Baier is genuinely interested in being fair to Trump. Just as Trump needs Fox News, Fox News needs Trump. Baier knows that Trump lost and has been lying about alleged election fraud. In a subsequent message, Baier admitted that “There is NO evidence of Fraud. None. [and] We have to prevent this stuff … We need to fact check.” So, do you think that Baier will ask Trump about that? Don’t hold your breath.

And there’s more where that came from. Many other Fox News regulars were found to be dismissive of Trump’s “Big Lie.” Including Tucker Carlson, who said that “I hate [Trump] passionately [and he is] a demonic force.” and Rupert Murdoch, who said that it’s “Really crazy stuff. […] We don’t want to antagonize Trump further.” Let’s see if Baier bothers to mentions any of that, along with the standard GOP propaganda that will surely dominate this farce.

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2 thoughts on “Trump Viciously Attacks Fox News, the Network He Says is ‘Dead, Totally Fake, Unwatchable’

  1. And remember how the Traitors abandoned Fux Spews when it fired FuKKKer Retardson and embraced CNN when it gave Their God the town hall of his dreams….

    So, now time for the fulcrum to swing back. The Traitors will love Fux Spews again, and find a reason why they need to hate CNN again.

    And not one Traitor will recognize the dichotomy….

  2. I’ll refrain from posting what I would support done to those networks than continue give these pseudo-American whitewing criminal conservatives, capitalist and christians (little “c” intended) air time to spew their fables and fairy tales to the political and historical illiterates amongst us that support them and if and when delivery of what is deserved has been accomplished, a smile on my face will be that of patriot as I read of it in the morning paper.
    …by any means necessary!

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