Lara Trump Flips Charges – that Donald Trump is Running for President to Avoid Prison – to Biden

It has become increasingly clear that the primary campaign strategy of Donald Trump as he seeks to reoccupy the White House is a variation on the elementary school debate response, “I know you are, but what am I?” It shouldn’t surprise anyone that the Trump camp would revert to such a childish tactic considering that it aligns so well with the stunted emotional development of Trump and his MAGA cult followers.

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By falsely accusing President Biden of crimes that Trump himself has actually been committing, the Trump “brain trust” thinks they can flip the script and redirect valid criticisms of Trump to his opponent. Either that or just muddy the waters so that the criticism of Trump isn’t taken seriously. It’s projection on a grand scale that only affirms the maliciousness and dishonesty of Trump. He recently tried to invoke the same ploy to deflect accurate descriptions of Trump as an aspiring dictator…

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On Thursday morning Lara Trump was the messenger of this maneuver on Newsmax, the network that currently employs her as contributor and fill-in host. She was asked about recent remarks by Biden, who when asked about the potential of his facing a rematch with Trump said that “If Trump wasn’t running, I’m not sure I’d be running.” In response to a follow up question about whether any other Democrats could beat Trump, Biden added, “I’m not the only one, But I will defeat him.”

That led daughter-in-law Lara to contrive a crackpot theory that Biden is only running to avoid future investigations conducted by a weaponized Trump Justice Department. It’s a theory that she stole from Democratic legal experts who have plausibly surmised that it is Trump who is hoping to avoid prison by winning a second term. Lara said that…

“Very interesting to hear Joe Biden say that I guess the only reason he’s decided to run is because of Donald Trump. Well, is that because he thinks that Donald Trump might investigate his family even further? You know, you look at this situation with Hunter Biden. I think a lot of people might, might draw some correlation there and say, well, maybe the only reason that Joe Biden is trying to hang on to power is because his family depends on him trying to continue the cover up that we know has happened for the Biden crime family. It’s very interesting. This is nothing new. This is part of of the politics that we see here in the United States of America. But people know very well that Donald Trump is not a dictator, of course.”

First of all, Biden never said that the “only” reason he’s running is avoid being investigated by Trump. He merely said that he wasn’t “sure” if would run. He has long held the position that he is best suited to defeat Trump, and that if Trump were not running, he could sit it out.

More to the point, Lara’s contention that Biden is afraid of any legal scrutiny is wholly manufactured in her head. Unlike Trump, Biden has never tried to evade any legal inquiries or subpoenas. Plus, there are no pending indictments or charges that he would need to worry about. Nor have Republicans been able to come up with any shred of evidence of any wrongdoing on Biden’s part, despite years of trying. Trump, on the other hand, is facing 91 felony counts in four indictments. So it’s Trump, not Biden, who has some realistic fears of future prosecution and incarceration.

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What’s more, Lara’s phony projection is a de facto admission that her father-in-law poses a real threat to Biden. She is conceding the possibility that Trump would abuse his power as president to persecute Biden and his other political enemies.

It’s also notable that Lara closed these comments by declaring that “Donald Trump is not a dictator.” You know you’re not winning an argument If you have to conclude it with a public denial like that. Even so, her denial is contrary to the rhetoric that Trump has been spewing. His hostile references to “retribution,” locking up his critics, building concentration camps, and his adoration of foreign tyrants, are proof, in his own words, of his nefarious intentions.


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