Trump Literally Pledges to Stage ‘RIGGED’ Trials to Punish Democrats for Upholding the Law

If there is anything that America has learned in the past few years about Donald Trump, it is that he is congenitally disposed to violate the law whenever he deems it to be in his interest to do so. Those who have followed his misconduct in the business world, prior to his political misadventures, have known this all along.

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Donald Trump, Constitution

Some of Trump’s past wrongdoings have come to light only after he entered politics. And in some measure he has been held accountable. For instance, his phony Trump University was shuttered and he was ordered to pay $25 million in restitution. His charitable foundation was also closed, and he and his family were prohibited from operating any such enterprise in New York for five years. More recently, his Trump Organization, the core of his real estate business, was found to have committed financial fraud, and he is currently in court where the penalties will be assessed and imposed.

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On Wednesday Trump made another appearance at the New York courtroom where his former attorney and fixer, Michael Cohen, is testifying. On this occasion, as on others, Trump took to his pitifully failing social media scam, Truth Social, to whine that he is a victim of a massive cabal that is determined to destroy him. He yowled that…

“I have a very partisan and angry Judge, a Corrupt Attorney General, and am not allowed a Jury Trial under the Statute they have chosen to use (for the very first time ever!). The good news, that even the Fake News is seeing, is that the facts are ALL on my side! [and that] This is a RIGGED TRIAL, right out of a Banana Republic, but sadly, it gives the Republicans the right to do the same thing when we assume office.”

Setting aside his tedious babbling about partisan judges and corrupt Attorney Generals, Trump made an explicit promise to any of his cult disciples who might be listening. Referring to the prosecutions that he insists are unconstitutional witch hunts, Trump says that Republicans now have “the right to do the same thing when we assume office.” So he is, in effect, pledging to conduct unconstitutional witch hunts if he gets the opportunity.

That shouldn’t surprise anyone. Trump has spent the past three years trying to unlawfully reverse the outcome of the 2020 presidential election. To that end, he has threatened government officials and filed dozens of frivolous lawsuits, which he lost. He currently has 91 felony charges pending against him. And three of his former lawyers have already pleaded guilty to election interference.

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Trump’s post was also notable for lying that, due to the statute that was “chosen,” he was not “allowed” to have a jury (if he wanted a jury he should have broken a law that permitted one), that the statute was never used before (yeah, it was), and that the media sees that the facts “are ALL on my side” (only if you limit your media to Fox News and Newsmax).

It isn’t unusual for a criminal defendant to complain about a prosecution being unfair or unlawful. But it is profoundly bizarre to then promise to exact revenge by engaging in the very same unlawfulness that was alleged. But that’s how Trump’s mind works. He thinks that if his car were repossessed for non-payment by the dealership, it would be okay for him to steal another car off the lot.

What’ more, Trump made some comments outside of the court that violated the gag order he was already under to refrain from disparaging or intimidating court personnel or witnesses. The Judge fined him $10,000, and warned that any further violations would result in more severe sanctions.

These are all additional reasons why Trump – or any of his MAGA cult – must not be allowed to hold any positions of power. They will abuse it for their own benefit, at the expense of the nation. They have no respect for the law, the Constitution, or democracy. And Trump has provided us with explicit evidence – in his own words – of the mob-like tactics he would impose were he to be reelected.


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2 thoughts on “Trump Literally Pledges to Stage ‘RIGGED’ Trials to Punish Democrats for Upholding the Law

  1. Since the buffoon cannot keep his mouth shut, he deserves to be fined every time he violates the gag order. The next fine should be 100,000 dollars, after that if he cannot shut up, then maybe a few days in a jail cell will shut him up. I hear that Rikers is a lovely place!

  2. The question in the next election is whether the country wants the rule of law or whether we’d rather have what Trump wants. Pretty simple choice, right?

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