Trump’s Derangement Spirals Ever Downward as He Impotently Promises to Prove His Innocence

As Albert Einstein once said, “Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.” Had he been around today he might have added the depths of Donald Trump’s derangement. Researchers are still looking for a bottom, but haven’t seen any sign of it to date.

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The latest indicators of Trump’s measureless mental meltdown come via the postings on his pitifully failing social media scam, Truth Social. While the current news cycle is bursting with domestic and international crises, Trump is characteristically consumed by matters that affect only his own massive yet fragile ego.

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On Friday morning Trump lashed out frantically at what he imagines to be a global cabal of Trump-haters conspiring to destroy him and his divinely inspired MAGA movement. He whined that…

“As I successfully fight these Political Opponent Lawsuits, all created and started by Crooked Joe Biden and his group of Radical Left Thugs […] let them keep suing me over BULLSHIT, in their hope of Election Interference, as our Country becomes disabled and dies.”

It’s curious how Trump thinks that President Biden is the mastermind of all of this thuggery despite his being – in Trump’s view – a senile commie who can’t put two sentences together. And Trump’s morose vision of America as a weak and doomed country that is disabled and dying is a unique strategy for motivating voters in the upcoming election. However, it fits in perfectly with his prior declarations of an “American Carnage,” with “blood soaked streets,” that he has gleefully thrilled his cult with.

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But Trump was just getting started. In another post he asked, “Does anyone notice that the Election Rigging Biden Administration never goes after the Riggers.” It doesn’t take much imagination to know what he really wanted to say there. Then he expressed his confidence that he would be exonerated for all of the 91 felony charges against him because

“Massive information and 100% evidence will be made available during the Corrupt Trials started by our Political Opponent.”

One might wonder why Trump hasn’t produced any of that “massive information” in any of the court proceedings he has already had and lost. He’s had three years to clear his name, but for some unexplained reason has chosen not to do so. And he’s still going to withhold that “100% evidence” for several more months until his trials begin. That’s a position he has taken before…

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Trump does have good reason to be freaking out now. Two of his former attorneys, Sidney Powell and Kenneth Chesebro, just pleaded guilty to conspiracy charges and election interference in Georgia. Ironically, of the 19 defendants in that RICO case, they are the two who requested speedy trials. Now both have opted out of going to trial entirely. And the terms of their plea deals require them to testify against their co-defendants, including Trump.

What’s more, Trump was just admonished in court for violating the order to refrain from intimidating or threatening court officials or witnesses. Sanctions for that violation could range from financial penalties to incarceration. And for someone whose psychological state has already been shaky, it’s not surprising that he is publicly wobbling more than ever. Even (satirical) Fox News has noticed…


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3 thoughts on “Trump’s Derangement Spirals Ever Downward as He Impotently Promises to Prove His Innocence

  1. As we all know, The Donald is the Traitors’ Lord Thy God, King of the Universe, Master of Mar’Lardo, and Tyrant Eternal of the ME-knighted States of Murrika … and Pope Sean Hannity be his Profit.

    There is NOTHING in his entire sickening life that warrants the total worship he receives, which even 20th Century “Republicans” acknowledged. But somehow, the Religion of Donald has taken hold and has become all consuming.

    And he can’t even walk across the Atlantic and hit a hole in one on Scotland.

    I will never understand this. Never!! Nor will historians from the 24th and a half Century! It is totally looney!

  2. A priest in MAGAland preached the Sermon on the Mount. One of his parishioners wanted to know where he got those liberal talking points from.

  3. ‘Prove his innocence’ How can you prove something that doesn’t exist?

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