Bigots On Fox: Capitalist Pig On Fox News Lives Up To His Name

Jonathan Hoenig is the manager of the Capitalistpig Hedge Fund and a Fox News contributor who appears weekly on “Cashin’ In.” He routinely blurts out ignorant rants such as declaring that access to health care makes everyone a slave, or that kids would do better on the streets than in public school, or that Social Security should be scrapped.

On this week’s edition of the program (video below) Hoenig demonstrated that he is not above religious bigotry to make a dubious point and to slander a Democratic congressman.

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During a discussion about the Inclusive Prosperity Act (aka the Robin Hood tax), a bill that would impose a fee of a fraction of a percent on certain financial transactions, Hoenig abandoned any pretense of debating the merits of the bill and instead decided to attack the bill’s sponsor, Keith Ellison, for his religious beliefs.

Hoenig: I don’t know if Rep. Ellison has read the Constitution. I know he is a practicing Muslim and in Sharia law, there is a prohibition against trading of derivatives, against speculation of any type. And so in my opinion you could make the argument this is even a little bit of Sharia creep here with the cracking down on trade, cracking down on the derivative trade, cracking down on wealth production.

The only “creep” here is Hoenig. His repulsive attack on Ellison’s faith is not only evidence of his ingrained hatred, but he makes no sense whatsoever on a financial basis. Nothing in the bill prohibits derivative trading or any other stock transaction. And in addition to generating billions of dollars, the nominal fee would produce a more stable trading environment that in recent years has become dangerously volatile.

The fact that Ellison is Muslim has nothing to do with the bill. It is co-sponsored in the House by 17 representatives who are mostly Christians (and at least on Jew). Hoenig is obviously not an expert in Islamic practices. Millions of Muslims invest in equities markets in the United States and around the world. That includes one Muslim named Al-Waleed bin Talal, a Saudi prince whose share of stock in the network Hoenig is broadcasting on is exceeded only by Rupert Murdoch and his family.

Furthermore, Hoenig’s snide curiosity about whether Ellison has read the Constitution only reveals his own constitutional illiteracy. Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution explicitly grants authority for the government to assess taxes and fees such as the one in Ellison’s bill.

This segment is the perfect capsulization of Fox’s abhorrent philosophy and mission. It illustrates both their overt contempt for anyone who is not a member of their preferred fraternity (in this case Muslims), and their kneejerk opposition to any tax measure that benefits the nation if it imposes even a tiny burden on the wealthy and greedy corporations whose rights they regard as superior to the people.

Hoening is just another ignorant and insulting cretin to whom Fox News provides a platform to disseminate hatred and disinformation. And that includes the program’s host, Eric Bolling, who was quick to agree with Hoenig’s dumbshit commentary.


7 thoughts on “Bigots On Fox: Capitalist Pig On Fox News Lives Up To His Name

  1. There are so many good arguments for fighting any tax increase or new tax that this sounds even dumber than it really is. And that Eric Bolling is the worst representative for conservatism there ever was – he’s hard to take. If it’s really called a “Robin Hood” tax, that’s the biggest lie ever – it won’t go to the poor, that is such a joke. Typical legislative misrepresentation to make something sound sooooo nice you just can’t oppose it.

  2. Do ANY of these jackasses have a clue what “sharia law” is? is there any reason to believe that sharia law conflicts in any way with the laws of the United States?

    • That’s a good question, I think it’s used as a fear tactic. I do believe Islam as it appears to be practiced by the radical elements in the middle east is incredibly dangerous to our freedom and to peace in the world, but it gets used by political propaganda pushers to gin up fear to convince people to vote a certain way. I can think of any number of reasons to not support a tax increase – and sharia law isn’t one of them. And by the way – sharia law appears to be religious in nature – so US law shouldn’t impact practice as it is protected by the 1st amendment – with the exception of violence toward others (my thinking). And Sharia law shouldn’t impact or influence US law if religion and the state are separate under the same amendment.

  3. Ha. Someone with the last name “Hoenig”, who obviously doesn’t realize that he is promoting the stereotype of the Money-Grubbing Jew.

      • I think it’s hilarious. Either he is too dumb to realize the irony, or he just doesn’t care.

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