IMPEACH, IMPEACH: A Frenzy Breaks Out At Fox News

Is it a slow news day, or just another day at Fox News? For some reason Fox is exposing their wacko side (again) over at their community web site Fox Nation (See Fox Nation vs. Reality for an in-depth look at the site’s blatant dishonesty). In two days they have posted two articles about fishy fringe groups proposing phony “Articles of Impeachment” against President Obama.

The first thing to note is that such articles cannot be drafted by citizens. It is a legal process that begins in the House of Representatives. So these charades have no meaning other than as political publicity stunts. Secondly, the allegations must assert criminal wrongdoing that amount to “high crimes and misdemeanors.” Being unsatisfied with explanations about what took place at Benghazi, or opposition to a health insurance law, that was passed by congress and upheld by the Supreme Court, do not rise to that standard.

Nevertheless, Fox News is going all out to promote these absurd spectacles. The first was posted yesterday with a headline that shouted “Black Citizens Group Files ‘Articles of Impeachment’ Against Obama”

Fox Nation NBRA

In fact, the group was actually the National Black Republican Association, a shadowy organization with no visible means of support who exist primarily to advance false claims about the historical relationship of Democrats and Republicans to the black community. For instance, they produced radio ads and billboards declaring that Martin Luther King was a Republican, a claim that is demonstrably untrue.

The Fox Nationalists sourced their story to, a division of the Franklin Center which is financed by the Koch brothers as an “investigative” journalism service. Both Watchdog and the Franklin Center espouse rabidly right-wing/Tea Party propaganda disguised as news reporting – much like Fox News.

The next impeachment article was posted today in the form of a video “trailer” for a new book by noted birther Aaron Klein. The book is titled “Impeachable Offenses: The Case for Removing Barack Oabam from Office.” It suffers from the same deficiencies of law and logic as the NBRA’s article.

Fox Nation WND
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Klein’s book was published by the book division of WorldNetDaily, the far-right home of the wildest conspiracy theories on the net, many of which are manufactured by Klein himself. In addition to a variety of birther myths, WorldNetDaily is the source of such reputable reporting as terrorists building “boob” bombs (seriously, you have to see the graphic), and Obama using the movie “The Butler” to incite race wars. The site features such distinguished contributors as Ted Nugent, Victoria Jackson, and Donald Trump.

So that’s two articles in two days planting the asinine idea of impeachment in the minds of Fox’s gullible and glassy-eyed audience. Both are from sources that represent the dregs of the uber-rightist conspiracy swamps with no credibility whatsoever. I can’t wait to see what the Fox Nationalists post tomorrow. And Fox wants people to regard them as a reputable news organization? Yeah, sure.


11 thoughts on “IMPEACH, IMPEACH: A Frenzy Breaks Out At Fox News

  1. squawk…. Kenyan born he must go
    squawk…. Muslim impeach Obama
    squawk…. Socialist he must go
    squawk…. Communist impeach Obama
    squawk…. Birth Certificate he must go
    squawk…. Obamacare impeach Obama
    squawk…. coming for your guns he must go
    squawk…. buying up all the ammo impeach Obama
    squawk…. fast n furious he must go
    squawk …. Banghazi impeach Obama
    squawk…. Immigration he must go
    squawk.. . I R S impeach Obama’
    squawk….. Egypt Obama must go
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    squawk…. Impeach Obama he must go
    squawk…. he must go
    squawk…. polly wanna tea bag

  2. Bet you meant Victoria Jackson as opposed to Victoria Williams.

    Another great article. Thanks for doing what you do.

  3. In defense of World Net Daily, I wouldn’t say its a far out home of conspiracy theories, more of a far out home of conspiracy theories and made up … never mind. There’s no defense except that such sites exist on both ends of the political spectrum. If the news is slow just make it up. For some reason a lot of people believe this stuff.

    • I can’t think of a left-wing WorldNetDaily. And by that I do not mean merely some random site that spews idiotic nonsense. I mean highly trafficked site that spews idiotic nonsense and is used as a reference by major news organizations who make claims of being reputable journalists.

  4. Technically, Presidentin’ While Black is against the Original Intent of the Constitution. More technically Barack can only be (3/5)x(1/2) impeached or 3/10ths.

    Reactionary Civics is a difficult endeavor.

  5. As I have told the ones going on about impeachment or not a citizen for last few years …

    Bring the evidence you have to the courts and start procedures, or shut the hell up.

    I mean if they really want to keep it up I start with well, “GOP name here” is a child molester. When they say something back, I just tell them, you have the same evidence as I do on the reality of the facts, so you keep up with your chants, I will keep up with mine. Usually shuts them up around me.

    Bottom line – democrats, and such need to step up to the plate and really start calling these people out for things like this. Throw it back at them, saying fine, get your facts and go to the authorities and start procedure be it remove from office for not being a citizen or other character attacks.

    P.S. – Want to really learn something fun, visit Robert Reich’s website. He just posted a hour long lecture from 2005 (How Unequal Can America Get?), paints a lot of what is going on in today’s political arena near the end of it. But whole thing is very informative. I recommend it.

    • There’s no evidence that Rick Santorum ISN’T a child molester!

  6. Fox has no credibility with anyone who follows real news. It is cartoonish Infotainment and a whites-only refuge for people who are afraid of the future. Number one in the ratings, but “The Dukes of Hazzard” was also the number one show in America at one time. A lot of Americans are stupid reactionaries who do not like to think, and therefore prefer a Hollywood-style narrative of current events that is devoid of nuance.

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