Glenn Beck’s Inner Dictator Emerges With Climate Change Denialism And Conspiracy Theories

Anyone who has seen Glenn Beck’s Acute Paranoia Revue is familiar with his Messiah complex and his extremist and delusional worldview. Despite his frequent characterizations of President Obama as a tyrannical despot who seeks to enslave all Americans and, indeed, the world, it turns out that Beck himself is the petty dictator who denies those around him the freedom to live as they chose.

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Glenn Beck

Last week Beck delivered a sermonette (video below) in which he threatened his staff that they would be fired for purchasing compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs). He went even further to forbid the purchase of recyclable spoons, cardboard, or pretty much any product that helps to protect the environment.

Beck: I am dead serious. I fire the person that starts to purchase fluorescent light bulbs unless that is the only light bulb for a specific reasons and I want to be CC’ed on what that reason is.

So if you work for Glenn Beck and you just want to buy CFLs because they last longer than conventional bulbs and save money on energy bills, you’re out of luck. If you disagree with his anti-science stance on global warming, you better keep your mouth shut, and restrict your purchases to only the most polluting products. Beck will not permit you to make your own choices and still allow you to keep your job. You must submit to his will, because as long as you work for him, you have no free will of you own.

The reason Beck has laid down this edict is because he views environmental responsibility as tantamount to treason. It is a typically myopic viewpoint that ignores the benefits of energy conservation, and a clean, healthy environment, apart from any consideration of climate change. He is so opposed to anything that smacks of sustainable living that he would prefer poisoning the air and water to taking measures to reduce pollution.

Beck: If you’re doing anything in this company because of global warming, you’re fired. Global warming is a pile of crap. A load of socialist, communist crap.

You see, all of the science professionals and climatologists, 97% of whom agree that the climate is warming and that humans are the cause, are really just commie subversives bent on world domination. The facts, as succinctly put in that liberal, anti-capitalist rag Forbes Magazine, are irrelevant to Beck. And any attempt to think for yourself is also evidence of your betrayal of loyalty to Master Beck. You have been warned.


9 thoughts on “Glenn Beck’s Inner Dictator Emerges With Climate Change Denialism And Conspiracy Theories

  1. The rwnj, if they are nothing else, are authoritarian to the core. I mean look at them Beck, Limbaugh, Hannity, O’Reilly, Coulter, Malkin, Savage and the list goes on and on.
    It is astonishing how effed up these people are.

    • The current GOP hasn’t figured that out yet – they preach small government conservatism, but then push authoritarian government policies and big military – quite a mess – and they refuse to see it.

  2. Yea!! It’s commie crap! Never mind that Russia denies the shit out of it!

    This is one of those areas that the right believes in on blind faith. Evidence of their view? Data that leads them there? Doesn’t exist. It’s all truthiness. Nothing more.

  3. ” You must submit to his will, because as long as you work for him, you have no free will of you own.”

    Looks like he is becoming progressive – isn’t that exactly how you guys want it – so long as you live in this country, you will have no free will of your own, only the feds will.

    • We ARE the Feds, numb-skull!

      • Shlley Peck – that’s what is supposed to be the case – but the federal government no longer represents us and too often doesn’t protect individual liberty and freedom. So no – we are NOT the feds – it has become a very oppressive overlord taking from us productive types in money and freedom and giving very little in return. You’re clearly blind to your own enslavement – you can’t do what you want – even if you’re not hurting anyone else or are even a threat, the money you’re left with-after a major part is confiscated by our fabulous government-in your paycheck gets devalued daily by both those we vote for and those we don’t (fed reserve), your constitutional rights are under attack all the time (just read the bill of rights if you want to know what freedoms are ours) – you are a sucker and you get what you deserve.

    • Perhaps you’d care to add to that?

      How do you think Progressive policies take away free will ?

      • see above..and not all of those are attacks by progressive democrats to be fair, some comes from the GOP too.

  4. Beck does more to help Democrats get elected than just about any media mouth out there. He’s a complete irresponsible, delusional buffoon. Looking forward to seeing him get knocked off his high horse soon.

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