REAL Fox News Headline: Putin Is The One Who Really Deserves That Nobel Peace Prize

Uh oh. It appears that while we were distracted by all of the world-class stupidity that Fox News disseminates on a daily basis, we missed a stunning transferal of control of the network from Rupert Murdoch’s Patriopathic zealots to some clandestine cabal of communist, Russian subversives. How else would you explain this: “Putin Is The One Who Really Deserves That Nobel Peace Prize.”

Fox News

That is the headline of an op-ed on the Fox News web site by Fox’s military analyst K.T. McFarland (that’s Fox News, not the notoriously lie-riddled Fox Nation, as one might expect). Fox News is now taking the position that Vladimir Putin is a beacon of world harmony and togetherness, and deserving of recognition by a prestigious international organization.

Remember, we are talking about the same Putin who has been the most reliable partner to hostile regimes around the world including Syria, Iran, Venezuela, Somalia, Ukraine, Cuba, Uzbekistan, etc. The same Putin who has reinstated some of the most draconian and repressive policies since the fall of the Soviet Union. That’s the Putin who Fox News thinks deserves a Nobel Peace prize.

The inspiration for this tribute to Putin sprung from the recent proposal that Syria turn over its chemical weapons to an international body for destruction. Fox News has been applauding the Russians for two days, and now their admiration has produced this fawning praise:

“In one of the most deft diplomatic maneuvers of all time, Russia’s President Putin has saved the world from near-certain disaster. He did so without the egoistical but incompetent American president, or his earnest but clueless Secretary of State, even realizing they had been offered a way out of the mess they’d created.”

So Putin has “saved the world” with a feat of historic diplomacy, despite the incompetence of American leadership. How patriotic. We all owe our lives to Putin, even though the idea originated from United States Secretary of State, John Kerry, and was discussed by Putin and President Obama at last week’s G20 summit. And many analysts believe that the proposal would have gone nowhere without a credible threat of military force.

These facts have not dissuaded Fox News from its newly formed love affair with the communist nation that it ordinarily regards as the world’s greatest source of evil. Well, scratch that – the greatest source of evil, as far as Fox News is concerned, is President Obama. That explains how they can cozy up to their once sworn enemy from behind the Red Curtain. Fox hates Obama more than they love bashing commies. So if they can embrace something from the Russians in a way that reflects badly on Obama, they will jump at it.

This psychological defect was also exhibited last month when unnamed and uncredentialed Russian climate change deniers predicted a new mini-ice age. Fox News heralded the phony findings without providing any information as to the source, other than that it was from Russia. Since when did Fox News blindly accept anything that came out of Russia. But since it contradicted Obama’s position on climate change, Fox dove in feet first.

However, today’s big wet kiss for Russia goes much farther. This is not just articulating an agreement with some Russian individuals about a particular issue. This is a full-throated declaration of devotion for Russia’s dictatorial leader. And it isn’t just a single slobbering op-ed. Several of Fox’s stars chimed in, including Martha MacCallum, Tucker Carlson, and Charles Krauthammer, all contributing to the orgy of Russia-lust.

Just imagine the cacophony of outrage that would have ensued from Fox had even the lowliest Obama administration intern uttered a slightly complimentary phrase about Russia. Fox, and the rest of the right-wing media circus, would have trumpeted the shocking revelation as proof that Obama was intent on crushing America and delivering it to her enemies. But no such shock will be expressed over these statements that are overtly adulatory toward Putin, the leader of the Evil Empire. But that’s just typical of how hypocritical and dishonest Fox News is. If Satan rose up from the pits of Hell and criticized Obama, Fox News would hail Satan as a profound political analyst – and probably give him a show in primetime.

Addendum: Right-wingers never thought Obama should have been awarded the Nobel Peace prize in the first place. In fact, they argued at the time that he should refuse to accept it. Glenn Beck went even further to hilariously suggest that it be given to the Tea Party instead. These anti-American extremists are actually offended when the country is honored, and they prefer instead to honor bigots, secessionists, and even Russian dictators.


20 thoughts on “REAL Fox News Headline: Putin Is The One Who Really Deserves That Nobel Peace Prize

  1. Oh, I’ve been expecting this ever since the FoxPods began worshiping at Putin’s feet (while, of course, at the same time, condemning Obama for allegedly doing the same thing). Actually, I am a little surprised it took them this long to pull this crap.

    Can somebody please tell the Shlox Snooze people that it really isn’t a good thing when anyone with a brain can predict their every movement when something like this happens?

  2. And, of course, Satan is kind of busy dictating Emperor Cheney’s next book…

  3. Sounds like a bunch of traitorous moronic bastards to me. What a bunch of pinko communists/socialist they are. Putin and a Nobel Peace Prize? Oh please. (Fox is owned by some foreigner aren’t they?)

    But the mushrooms that believe in everything “fox” are naive enough to believe in the Russian gov’t over their own simply because fox said so. Jesus fucking christ, don’t they understand how silly they look–both fox and their viewers?

    Good god, wouldn’t Ronnie Raygun have a field day with Murdoch and Ailes if he were alive today. He’s probably turning over in his grave as we speak.

  4. Don’t over complicate this – clearly the Fox nation article is about one thing – smearing this president. It can’t be about anything else – certainly not about informing anyone about anything – the title says it all. I’ll agree it has become counter productive. But I think it is ultimately hurting conservatism since no alternative is being presented, just hatred for this president.
    And by the way – there is NO WAY Barack Obama earned/deserved the Nobel Peace prize at the time – that was a joke and it cheapened the award for all time. And if you still don’t think this president isn’t totally incompetent, you’re blind to reality.

    • You realize you just did what you chided fox for doing. Just sayin’.

      • Partly true – maybe, but I didn’t pull that out of thin air – Mark made a special issue of it in his addendum and I was just responding to his comment on the subject.

  5. So Fox is willing to credit Putin as if he came up with this on his own and without any pressure. That’s just disgusting. If Obama did nothing, Putin would have done negative nothing.

    • It’s one of the few areas of agreement I have with Mark – Fox isn’t giving credit to Putin for any other reason than to embarrass the president and/or to convince people something we already know – he is totally in over his head and has been from day one. The president doesn’t deserve much credit on this issue other than messing it up more and being a total dope on how it was handled, but don’t waste your time over-analyzing a response on Fox.

      • Funny because to me Obama played everything right until now and to most everyone else he played everything wrong until now. Now people are starting to question was he right all along? Hell yes he was! Chemical weapons is a world threat. I don’t care what back yard they get used in.

        I think Obama’s only mistake is in asking congress to postpone their vote based on Putin’s offer. Major mistake!!! If you are in the boxing ring and your opponent points to someone in the crowd you don’t pause look unless you want to get sucker punched. Congress needs to give him the OK to strike NOW. Our process shouldn’t stop. Then with his finger on the trigger let Putin and Assad work to dismantle the chemical weapons. But because that didn’t happen, watch how long this drags out now. Then what? Two months from now ask congress to vote? Then face a NO? If this congress ‘acted right’ they would have stood behind him from the beginning. Fu¢k our domestic differences, fu¢k politics, they fumbled the fu¢king ball and made this whole thing entirely too complicated now mainly because we have already undermined our President before the world.

        • so far, congress seems to be more in line with the people – as they should be. “acting right” – i’m not sure what you mean by that – you are suggesting acting right is to get in line with the president. I don’t agree with that, unless he is right. And the president did his own undermining by painting himself into a corner with his red line.

          • Chemical weapons is the red line for 98 UN countries. Well, at least on paper. If we are the only ones willing to address this world threat then I’m proud to be an American. Not all chemical agents are fast acting. Some are slow and some are even contagious by design. Have we not learned anything from Dessert Storm? Again, “Chemical weapons is a world threat. I don’t care what back yard they get used in.” Our President spoke from the right place from the beginning and everything that is now falling into place has done so because Obama was standing for what’s right all along. It’s hard to combat truth. We knew it, Putin knew it and Assad knew it.

            • We are not the world police – or at least should’nt be. Unless our national interests are at risk – I say keep out. Some may feel chemical weapons fall into that category, I don’t. People suffer all over the world every day – it’s not our job to fix it with military intervention. Sounds harsh, but it’s a reality. If the UN wants to actually do something for once – go ahead. But the US alone, give me a break, we should butt out of others affairs unless we really have interests involved.

  6. Obama is always 1 or 2 steps ahead of the republicans. He is playing them like a fiddle, as usual. They are so focused on their hatred of the President and their hope of seeing America fail so they can blame it on him that he is able to dance circles around his opposition, as he has clearly done in this case. The republicans focus on bullshit(or bullshit mountain as Jon Stewart calls it), Obama focuses on the business at hand. Anyone who doesn’t think Obama and Putin discussed this at the G-20 last weak is, well, one of the dim-witted republicans. It’s funny watching them twist themselves into these positions where they have to contradict themselves from one day to the next or, in some cases, the very same day because of the fluidity of the situation. Obama’s intellect is so superior to these republican children it is almost painful to watch.

  7. First of all, Obama didn’t deserve that Nobel peace prize. He had only been in office for 2 months and hadn’t done anything. And I’m curious what the Nobel panel later thought of all those drone strikes that he ordered.

    And let’s face it: Putin is playing Obama like a fiddle. Considering how badly he has bungled this crisis, it’s not that hard to do.

    • You’re right on the nobel prize – but no matter how much I dislike this president and his policies – this is way too hard to watch. I never would want this type of embarrassment for any president, even this one. It’s a very sad situation and we all suffer for it.

      • Agreed. I’m not gloating about this. I’m simply pointing out the syncophantic responses. I just don’t see how this ends well – but then again, I don’t know if any president could have solved this dilemna.

        • You may be right on solving it – but I would think almost anyone with any experience could have at least handled it better than this guy. He’s a disaster.

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