Fox Nation vs. Reality: Bigfoot’s Epic Battle With ObamaCare And Congress

In takes a monumental heaping of chutzpah for Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell to criticize the approval rating for ObamaCare when he is the lowest ranked political leader in the nation with 22% favorability. He lands well below President Obama (49%), Nancy Pelosi (35%), House Speaker John Boehner (27%), and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid(27%). But even this act of audacity is eclipsed by Fox Nation’s brazenly deceitful presentation of it.

Fox Nation
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The Fox Nationalist’s headline reads “McConnell: More Believe In ‘Bigfoot’ Than Obamacare.” However, that is not what McConnell said. The source article from the Washington Examiner quotes McConnell commenting on ObamaCare’s implementation saying that “just 12 percent of Americans think the rollout has gone well.” So this is not a referendum on the Affordable Care Act itself, just the admittedly glitchy launch of the website. McConnell failed to note, though, that the job approval rating for Congress is only 11%, so the nation regards Congress in even lower esteem than the ObamaCare website’s botched debut.

McConnell went on to note that 14% of Americans believe in the existence of Bigfoot (which is a sorry reflection on America). However, there is no argument that the vast majority of the country believes that ObamaCare exists. So the comparison doesn’t make any sense. If, instead, they had polled on the public’s approval of Bigfoot we might have a more apt (and interesting) comparison. But I still suspect that Bigfoot would have kicked McConnell’s ass off a cliff (figuratively and literally).


3 thoughts on “Fox Nation vs. Reality: Bigfoot’s Epic Battle With ObamaCare And Congress

  1. “…kicked McConnell’s ass off a cliff (LITERALLY and figuratively)…”

    More violence-and-death-wish comments from the radical left.

    • OMG> You’re offended by a threat from a fake beast. You continue to make me laugh. it’s the only reason I let you stick around.

      • Like I said a while ago mark, you need to put in a jk or an lol for some people to know what a joke is. Unless you have a link to a laugh track sound file at your disposal.

        Apparently bigfoot doing the kicking isn’t enough to tell…

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