Season’s Bleatings: Republicans Suck The Spirit Out Of Christmas

For a political party that is so fixated on forcing everyone in America to observe the Christian celebration of Christmas, regardless of their beliefs, Republicans sure have a repulsive way of honoring the day their savior was allegedly born.

A visit to the website of the National Republican Congressional Committee reveals a t-shirt in their online store that expresses what they must regard as the joyful tidings of the season. The shirt (priced to gouge at $39.99) proudly proclaims that “All I want for Christmas is to be rid of ObamaCare.”


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What a blessed exhortation of the season’s festive mood. The GOP (Greedy One Percent) is obviously excited to begin the gaiety (perhaps not the best choice of words) by wishing that all the young people who have already benefited by being added to their parents insurance should now be cast off. And of course the same thing should happen to all the seniors who have already saved more than a billion dollars on prescription drugs; all the patients whose lives were saved by early diagnosis from preventative exams; all the folks with preexisting conditions who were unable to get insurance; all the women who received prenatal care, etc.

And Republicans are clearly looking forward to returning to the prohibitively expensive insurance policies that kept health care away from millions of low-income working people. And let’s not forget the rising costs of health care that were rampant prior to the Affordable Care Act. The GOP isn’t interested in the fact that costs have risen at their slowest pace in a decade since ObamaCare went into effect.

But most of all let’s rejoice in politicizing a holiday that Republicans pretend to hold sacred. After all, burdening the poor and enriching corporations is the real spirit of the season. That’s why Republicans revere Black Friday, a day when people literally assault one another in order to acquire new things, the day after they supposedly gave thanks for the things they have. And the days between now and Christmas day will be filled with consumption and anxiety and the creation of needless debt, while the WalMarts and the Macys grow evermore wealthy.

So Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good deal on a PlayStation 4 – but no Insulin or appendectomies, or alcohol rehab.


12 thoughts on “Season’s Bleatings: Republicans Suck The Spirit Out Of Christmas

  1. This all or none approach on both sides is ridiculous. Even I believe some parts of the ACA are good – so just saying repeal all, as suggested on this tee shirt, without keeping the good parts is not right. But your (Mark) SUGGESTION that this law is all good and that it even does what you say in this article is total nonsense. What evidence do you have that the insurance offered is more affordable than what may be available prior to the law being passed. Had true choice been left to the individual – it may be ok and those claims may even become true. But since minimum coverage levels are FORCED upon everyone and people still don’t pay for their own healthcare (well visits without a copay), this lie about affordable insurance will continue to be shown for what it is – a lie. And by the way – no healthcare is being offered – just insurance.

  2. Health insurance is still the domain of private for profit insurance companies. The ACA regulates it a little. Other than that it is the same but under the ACA, it will be better. In other word, it’s a step in the right direction. The republicans want to go back to the old system. That is not politically possible anymore and they know it.

    • This law wasn’t just a step, it was a major change in health insurance that will not change affordability. You’re partly right – the law does SOME things that are a step in the right direction. The insurance industry does abuse people and needs to be watched (such as the pre-existing conditions abuse, lifetime limits, and I’m sure others) – but the choices on what kind of coverage the average person wants should NOT have been taken away by the establishment of minimum standards that go well beyond fixing some of the bad in the industry. And FORCING people to buy insurance is a handout to that industry. It went to far and will not be good.

  3. Wow, poor little Mark is offended by a t-shirt.

    I know given that you’re not a hypocrite, you’ll be
    writing a blog soon on Rev. Wright using the words
    “God Damned America” in a sermon. Everything about
    his faith was politicized, not just the religious
    holidays. And yes that does tie in to your biased
    post on your biased blog. Please stop calling them
    articles. They are nothing more than left-wing
    propaganda and you know it.

    Here’s an article about a girl who was forced to convert
    to Islam at knifepoint. Now that’s really forcing your
    religion down someone throat.

    Tell me Mark, have you ever written a post, just one about the way Muslims treat women? Have you written one article about black democrats not supporting homosexual rights? Have you ever written one negative line about what a joke the mainstream media has become?

    • I love comments that prove there are still racist Tea Party birthers running around who think Obama is a socialist Muslim. The right claims they don’t exist, but obviously they do.

      • You are lying again. Nothing in that comment said anything about racism or what religion President Obama practices. Swiiiing and a miss!

        • Guess you missed that part about Rev. Wright, eh?

          • I’ve gotten under your skin I see given your choice of names – I guess I’ll live in your head rent free for a while. I’m sure there is plenty of space and no competition.

          • As whacked out as Reverend Wright is, he is not a Muslim. So your point is still a waste of time.

  4. It’s become a rite of Christmas at this time of year to wonder what FOX is talking about and what the profit motive is.

  5. Personally, I would have enjoyed seeing a “public option” put in play to create “competition” in the insurance market, but not only did Conservatives(Republican AND Democrat)not like that idea, they didn’t even like there own ideas offered by Heritage Foundation and Mitt Romney. One of the things that “the right” championed during the healthcare negotiations was the “individual mandate.” I’m fairly certain it was just an attempt to drop a poison pill in the ACA since they decried and condemned it soon after it passed without any of them voting for it!
    I think you folks on the right know why they, the Republicans, didn’t do anything about Healthcare costs going through the roof when W Bush was in charge, is because they were OK with Insurance companies robbing folks.

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