GOP Congressman To ObamaCare Administrator: You Need To Watch More Fox News

In the ongoing campaign by Republicans to sabotage the Affordable Care Act (aka ObamaCare), GOP representative Darrell Issa (R-Tea Party) held another in his series of carnival side shows he passes off for congressional hearings. On this occasion Issa took his show on the road to Texas, the state with the highest number of residents without health insurance.

During the sham hearing Issa browbeat Dr. Randy Farris, regional administrator of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, asking him to answer for allegations raised by a video showing ObamaCare navigators allegedly giving out unlawful advice. The video was the work of serial liar and convicted scammer, James O’Keefe, and bore all the familiar trademarks of his dishonest reputation. It was heavily edited and it conspicuously left out any footage of navigators performing properly. The victims in the O’Keefe video were not even navigators. They were trainees, so it would not be surprising if they got some things wrong.

That didn’t stop Issa and his road company from tarring everyone associated with the navigator program nationwide with assertions of illegality. It’s an absurd extension of guilt that would be equivalent to declaring that all of WalMart’s two million employees were guilty of shortchanging customers after a biased video was shown of three or four of them doing it. If Issa encountered such a scenario would he call for shutting down every WalMart in the country, as he is doing with his call to shut down ObamaCare? Not likely.

There are thousands of people participating in the navigator program, and like any other large scale enterprise, some participants are not going to perform according to standards. Even Fox News is susceptible to this inescapable fact of human nature. After all, they have a notorious record of criminal activity from within their ranks. For instance:

With that list of miscreants employed by Fox News you would think that Issa would be holding hearings to get Fox taken off the air. Obviously they are nothing more than a criminal enterprise and they are using their wealth and influence to break the law, to enrich themselves, and to misinform the American people.

Instead, while questioning Dr. Farris about the navigator program, Issa was not satisfied with his answer as to whether a consumer’s personal information was at risk on the ObamaCare website. Farris said that private information was not stored there. To which Issa replied “You need to watch more Fox, I’m afraid.” Apparently Issa believes that private information is stored on the website, but he offered no proof of that, just his snarky dismissal of the Doctor’s testimony and his endorsement of the criminal enablers at Fox News. Then he went on Sean Hannity’s show to slather more lies about the navigators.

Let’s face it, the only thing Dr. Farris, or anyone else, would gain from watching Fox News is an embarrassing abundance of ignorance and an abiding faith in known liars.


8 thoughts on “GOP Congressman To ObamaCare Administrator: You Need To Watch More Fox News

  1. Why isn’t Darrell Issa in prison, like the criminal he is?

  2. It’s good advice. And you should buy one of those static decals with the MST3K cast to put at the bottom of your screen whenever you watch so that you can be inspired to shout out every lie made by Megyn the Cretin, Rush Dimbulb, Hannity the Manatee, and the other guy whom we refuse to mention by name.

  3. “And while you’re at it, spend a bit of time perusing the articles written by the outstanding investigative reporters at Breitbart and WND. That’s where I do all of my online research for the latest conspiracies being perpetrated upon the American people by the Obama Administration.”

  4. Issa is a self-promoting charlatain who gave us Governator Arnold after his own quixotic quest for the governorship failed and he cried on live tv. Worst CA congressman we have and the residents of north San Diego County must be brain dead to keep re-electing him.

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