War On Women: Sandra Fluke’s Possible Bid For Congress Brings Out Fox Nation Misogynists

When Sandra Fluke testified before congress on behalf women being treated equally by health insurance companies, she was viciously attacked by conservatives, and particularly Rush Limbaugh who called her a slut and a prostitute. Her argument that women should have access to contraceptive coverage, for which they would pay, was distorted into a repulsive characterization of her as a tramp who wanted taxpayers to finance her promiscuity.

Today there is a news story that Fluke is considering a run for the California congressional seat being vacated by Henry Waxman. When this story was posted on the Fox News community website, Fox Nation, it unleashed a torrent of misogynistic comments that reflect the mindset of the Fox News audience. Here are just a few (click to enlarge):

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Fox Nation

Whether or not Fluke decides to enter the race, this demonstration of how the Fox Nationalists regard women who seek to serve their country is revealing. And coming just one day after Fox News and the Republican Party made such a big deal out of a petty tweet that they thought was offensive, you have to wonder where their outrage is over these comments on their own website.


9 thoughts on “War On Women: Sandra Fluke’s Possible Bid For Congress Brings Out Fox Nation Misogynists

  1. “They invented the “C” word for women like Fluke.”

    Sure did, guys: “Congresswoman.” Do it, girl! Shove it in their faces!

    • GOP hate to see a STRONG Woman

  2. It’s easy to say ‘typical right wing’ seeing the responses but I have also seen the same kind of responses from the left when commenting on right wingers.
    Of course more mainstream websites tend to remove them which doesn’t seems to be the case for Fox.

    • Things have been said/posted about Bachman and Palin, and her kids, yes. But A. They came under attack because of the stupid things they said or did, not just due to the mere fact that they’re running for office; and B. Any statements from left-leaning people about a Republican woman, while they may have been sexist, weren’t said whilst supporting a party that stands for actual sexist and misogynistic policies and laws. For example, I don’t believe the “c-word” is per se misogynistic. The REASON it’s said can be sexist, but without it being in a sexist context, it is just a gender-specific insult. Therefore, when said about Sarah Palin because she says, on MLK day, that Obama plays the race card, it doesn’t have anything to do with gender issues other than the fact that the insult is directed at a woman and therefore a female-specific insult is used. However, when used by men (presumably) commenting on an article that a woman whose claim to fame is advocating for women’s issues is merely thinking about running for office, that’s sexist (to say the least). I would think rational conservatives would be just as outraged as liberals about these comments if for no other reason than it is these types of statements that fuel the whole “War on Women” meme and any political strategist will tell you that to live up to the other side’s narrative of you (i.e. “flip-flopping”) is political suicide. That’s why I say, “Keep it up, conservatives/Republicans! Please tell us some more about ‘legitimate rape’ and how our libido needs to be controlled and how we only take the pill because we’re such ‘sluts.’ Seriously, I won’t stop you, but I sure as hell won’t vote for you, either.”

      • SuzeD – I agree that the Right is far worse. I mean just look at some of the comments posted to the Picture. However, I think it is important to call out our own side on sexist and/or racially insensitive commentary as well.

        Like I said, your point is well taken. It is tough to not use gender specific or something racial when you see these Stockholm victims going all over the TV.

  3. RobJ I think it used to be that way. Responses from both sides being equal. But somewhere around January, 2009 the right wing nuts just went over the cliff. I have been watching politics closely for about 50 years and I have never seen anything like this. Never in my history has one side been so nasty, hateful and disrespectful as the right is now.

    • I don’t know. They were pretty bad in the 90’s. They were horrible to Hillary and Bill. It just hadn’t quite seeped into Congress like it has today.

  4. I assume she would be an excellent politician if she chose to run. She probably wouldn’t close the golden gate bridge or attack any Muslim countries or attempt to victomize women or voters.

    • No, she wouldn’t. That is what conservatives are for.

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