The O’Reilly Rehash: President Obama’s Superbowl Interview

Today the highly [er, make that barely] anticipated Superbowl interview of President Obama by Bill O’Reilly of Fox News (video below) went off pretty much how you might expect. Hoping to cover matters of importance to the special broadcast’s audience, the irascible O’Reilly jumped right into the discussion with an issue that has been dormant for weeks and went from there to some of the most overwrought pseudo-scandals that Fox has failed miserably to ignite, despite countless hours of effort.

Bill O'Reilly

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O’Reilly led off by asking the President about the website glitches that plagued the Affordable Care Act (aka ObamaCare ) when it launched four months ago. He inquired why Obama hasn’t fired his Secretary of Health and Human Services, as if she had personally written the faulty code. And he asked about Obama’s prior statement that “if you like your plan you can keep it.” Of course, Obama has answered all of these questions numerous times, so O’Reilly’s dredging them up could not possibly have produced any new information.

The next subject was Fox News’ favorite mantra: BENGHAZI! This issue is even older than the website failure. The unique angle O’Reilly sought to mine involved the claims of “some people” who O’Reilly said believe that the White House refused to describe the attack as terrorism in order to help his reelection campaign. There’s just two small problems with that: 1) O’Reilly doesn’t explain how that would help the reelection effort. and 2) The President did describe the attack as terrorism the day after it occurred. Nevertheless, O’Reilly insisted that Obama explain why there are people who believe the false premise. Obama had an excellent explanation saying that “They believe it because folks like you are telling them that.”

Next up for O’Reilly’s inquisition was the infamous allegations that the IRS had targeted Tea Party groups and other conservative organizations who applied for non-profit status. Obama pointed out that, despite extensive hearings in Congress, no evidence has been produced to support the charges. In fact, the evidence increasingly reveals that both liberals and conservatives were given scrutiny by the IRS, as they should be. Obama further noted that, just as with Benghazi, “These kinds of things keep on surfacing in part because you and your TV station will promote them.”

Finally, O’Reilly read a question that had been sent to him by a viewer. The viewer wanted to know “Why do you feel it’s necessary to fundamentally transform the nation that has afforded you such opportunity and success.” Seriously? This idiotic bit of tripe has been swirling around the conspiracy theorist community since the first Obama inauguration when it was posited by Glenn Beck. These brain-damaged twerps can’t seem to grasp that a turn of phrase during an election campaign is not a coded reference to some nefarious plot to unravel the American Dream. The only meaning was that then-candidate Obama intended to repair the damage that the previous eight years of President Bush had caused.

So this was the entirety of O’Reilly’s interview. It was a rehashing of tired rumors and slander. Given this platform to reach an unusually large audience, O’Reilly wasted it with bitterly partisan nonsense. He could have addressed some of the issues that are currently on the minds of the American people, like the economy and jobs, immigration reform, the Keystone XL Pipeline, or the situations in Syria and Iran. He could have dug deeper into the President’s recent State of the Union speech and sought to get him to elaborate on income equality. He might even approached the tribulations of New Jersey governor Chris Christie, or legalizing marijuana.

But no. O’Reilly stuck with the Fox News manufactured scandal mongering related to ObamaCare, the IRS, and as always, Benghazi. As a result, the interview was a pitiful waste of time and more proof that Fox News doesn’t have the first clue about what constitutes journalism. But rest assured they will find some sentence fragment in the segment that they will inflate into humungous proportions that will produce buckets of raw outrage by Monday morning.


12 thoughts on “The O’Reilly Rehash: President Obama’s Superbowl Interview

  1. “…Obama has answered these questions numerous times…”

    Lie. He dodged and weaved – again.

    • So you say, simply because his answers were not the answers you wanted to hear.

      It’s teh same with the ardent birthers. They don’t think Obama has answered their questions about his birthplace because the answers he has given aren’t the ones they want to hear, the truth of the matter be damned.

    • Oh like you’re on the inside looking out. Cause you know. And what you know is cause you’re on the inside of it all. What you know is the truth. None of what you know is other people’s ideas and commentary, it’s what really happened. Evidence? Who the fuck needs evidence, I have preconceptions. Right, Scott? Cause you know all of it. No agenda from whom what I was told, right, Scott? They know. And they told me. Right? Scott’s in the know you guys, and when you’re in the know things are black and white and only what Scott’s been told is really knowing.

      I hope things are comfortable in that ever thickening bubble dude, you already can’t see through it.

      • Excuse me – was there a point hidden in the midst of all that babble?


          • Lies, insults and name-calling. That is all the left-wing scream brigade has left.

        • The point was that you were posting in a biased and evidence free fashion, the way you usually do.

          Sure it’s not an exceptional point, and it really doesn’t seem to have any purpose since you keep doing this over and over, but hey, someone has to highlight that.

  2. “Obama had an excellent explanation saying that ‘They believe it because folks like you are telling them that.'”

    Now watch DumDum O’Reilly raise a major tantrum that Obama is spreading lies and claiming that the Administration is trying to suppress Fox News and making unwarranted criminal accusations. Good thing the Shlox Faithful will always believe whatever Bill-O the Clown spouts…

    I’d look forward to Bill-O’s twisting of the interview, if I actually lost my brains and watched his program once in a lifetime…

  3. Some people on right are going to believe President Obama is a Muslim and he wasn’t born in the United States. They believe he has a secret agenda to destroy the nation. They believe he planned the attack on the Benghazi Consulate or tried to cover it up for political reasons a long with the IRS fake scandal. There are some that basically can’t accept the fact he is an African American that was twice elected as president. The biggest problem I have with the Right is the Right Wing Nuts are the main stream now. It does not matter what President Obama say on any issue or policies. Fox/GOP news are going to twist, spin or just lie about his comments.

    • Yeah, there are a handful of bigoted morons out there. They remind me of the swath of left-wingers who believed that 9/11 was an inside job and that President Bush orchestrated the whole thing.

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