MSNBC: Fire Phil Griffin And Rehire The Cheerios Tweeter

Remember way back about four days ago when Reince Priebus, the chairman of the Republican National Committee, wet his britches over a tweet by someone at MSNBC that said that right-wingers would hate a new Cheerios ad that featured a biracial family?

The reaction from Priebus and the rest of the conservative throngs was to lash out at MSNBC and demand satisfaction for what they regarded as an insulting insinuation that there were racists in the ranks of the right. Priebus even threatened to boycott the cable network. Never mind that the tweet was thoroughly justified by the fact that right-wing racists actually did hate the very same biracial family when they appeared in a previous version of the ad. In fact, YouTube had to close off the comments on the video due to the volume of vulgar responses. That didn’t stop Priebus from throwing a tantrum and insisting on an apology.

In a classic demonstration of just how pusillanimous a corporate media weasel can be, the president of MSNBC, Phil Griffin, disgorged a sniveling apology and announced that the person responsible for the tweet had been terminated. It was an embarrassing supplication to conservative bullies whose outrage was transparently fake.

Coke - America

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Today we have additional evidence that Griffin’s knee-bending was uncalled-for. An ad for Coca-Cola aired yesterday during the Superbowl (video below) that featured Americans of various nationalities, races, religions, and cultures, all singing “America the Beautiful” in a rich tapestry of the languages that represent our country’s diversity. The response from conservatives to this heartwarming advertisement was predictably hostile. They lit up Twitter and Facebook with hateful messages vilifying Coke, as well as all Americans who do not fit the European, Caucasian mold favored by these bigots. Some of the more prominent feces-flingers were:

  • Todd Starnes of Fox News, who tweeted “Coca Cola is the official soft drink of illegals crossing the border.”
  • Tea Party ex-congressman Allen West, called the ad “a truly disturbing commercial,” because “the words went from English to languages I didn’t recognize.”
  • Michael Patrick Leahy of Breitbart News, who lamented that the “ad also prominently features a gay couple.” and somehow found a message in it that the U.S. “is no longer a nation ruled by the Constitution.”
  • Eric Bolling of Fox News, who objected to this use of a patriotic song saying “Don’t put it to ‘America the Beautiful.’ You used the wrong song.”
  • Armageddonist Glenn Beck, who inexplicably derived division from this ode to unity, saying “That’s all this is – to divide people.”

If anything exonerates the unjustly fired MSNBC tweeter, it is this parade of conservative xenophobes who validate the original message about right-wingers hating an ad that honors what really makes America beautiful: as the song says, brotherhood. And if anyone should be fired by MSNBC it’s Phil Griffin, the executive who didn’t have the balls to stand up for what’s right.


10 thoughts on “MSNBC: Fire Phil Griffin And Rehire The Cheerios Tweeter

  1. Allen West sez, “the words went from English to languages I didn’t recognize.” We question whether you actually understand English, moron.

    Trust the FoxPods to misinterpret a celebration of America’s heritage into a sinister confirmation of the racist divisiveness they embody.

    Sad that Griffin proves himself a coward yet again. Clearly, he will do anything to claim the respect of an institution that doesn’t deserve any.

  2. The guy who sent out that disgraceful tweet deserved to be fired. The response from conservative bi-racial families utterly destroyed his argument. They flooded Twitter with photos of their families. Great response.

    Oh, and don’t forget about the most famous example of bigotry against bi-racial couples. That would be former USA Today columnist Barbara Reynolds (who is both liberal and African American) when she wrote 2 columns in 1992 demonizing Clarence Thomas because he had the audacity to marry a white woman.

    Mark’s attempt to use some anonymous bigoted comment to condemn conservatives is a disgrace.

    • ….19…92? You are in a different world….I was 5 at the time…

      Utterly destroyed huh? Yea, cause that erases all the things everyone else said at the same time, huh?

      I don’t think you know what anonymous means…

    • My question to all and to your “disgraceful tweet”… How is “Maybe” an offensive word??? maybe conservatives will hate it, maybe conservatives will love it… how in the world is that offensive or disgraceful??? Maybe Maybe Maybe… the new offensive swear word… Maybe someone should send that memo to the FCC that Maybe should be added to the BEEP button… just sayin…

    • Mark’s attempt to use some anonymous bigoted comment to condemn conservatives is a disgrace.

      So Bill O’Reilly can do that with Daily Kos and Huffington Post, pointing out anonymous posts in comments sections to accuse all liberals of what a few people said, but when liberals do the same thing with conservatives, it’s crime of the century.

      By the way, what kind of people do you think were the ones that attacked the Coke commercial this year, and the Cheerios commercial ad last year? They weren’t liberals. What about the winner of Miss USA, Nina Davuluri, who got called a terrorist and told to go to 7-11? Did you think those were liberals who hate her because of her skin color? Please.

  3. All those people are pussies. I didn’t think they were stupid enough to buy their own fear mongering, I always thought it was just to sell more ads by keeping gullible viewers scared shitless. Like that…was it donald duck, or mickey mouse or something? To a glenn beck soundtrack?…wait didn’t I see that here on news corpse?

    People speaking a different language…IN MY COUNTRY?!?!?!?

  4. I assume MSNBC was working on the theory that ” the truth will set you free” when they fired that tweeter. And what’s wrong with calling a kid adorable? I guess if the right wing is angry they must be appeased.

  5. Why do Republicans and conservatives hate Business??? Why don’t they want carbonated Sugar water sold across the world? Why does the Right not want Corporations to succeed? While 7-Up might be the Uncola, Conservatives are Un-American!

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