Fox News Secedes From America

Fox NationIt was just a matter of time. With all of the white-hot, ultra-hyperbolic invective radiating from Fox News screens across the land, there was really no escaping the obvious end game. The usual suspects in the Fox Confederacy have been so filled with revulsion by the neo-Socialist path that they believe the country is on, that they can no longer abide nor accept it. So now Fox News is preparing to depart from the union with a fanfare, a blast of light, a loud swoosh and gong. And an advertising campaign.

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The Fox Nation Launches A Dud

On first viewing of this ad I thought it may have been a joke akin to the Colbert Nation. It begins by declaring that “It’s time to say ‘NO’ to biased media.” Was Fox News coming clean and denouncing itself? No such luck. It was just that old “fair and balanced” Foxian doublespeak. Instead, Fox was announcing the birth of a nation – The Fox Nation.

This should not come as a surprise. There has been much foreshadowing of this inevitable outcome. Glenn Beck proclaimed his intentions last month when he said:

“…don’t get me wrong. I am against the government, and I think that they have just been horrible, and I do think they are betraying the principles of our founders every day they’re in office.”

Not to be outdone, Bill O’Reilly joins in with his view of a nation that is coming apart:

“We’d love to see America become more unified, but I don’t think that’s going to happen any time soon. There’s a struggle going on to redefine America. And in 2009, that struggle will become even more intense.”

Beck, O’Reilly, and others at Fox News and across the conservative landscape, have been employing their airtime to turn Fox into a rallying point for rightist revolutionaries. They are recruiting “Culture Warriors” who will be dispatched to “Tea Parties” until they can shout victoriously that “We Surround Them.” The battle lines are drawn and the broadcast brigades are deployed and armed for combat.

This is an unprecedented, and frightening, initiative to use a major television network as an organizing tool for political activism. The sort of advocacy work normally done by independent organizations like MoveOn or Freedom’s Watch is now being conducted by a billion dollar media enterprise with a well known partisan agenda. No matter how much the right wallows in their delusions of NBC or the New York Times being mouthpieces for the left, those institutions have never set themselves up as coordinating committees for social movements.

But this goes far beyond conventional interest group pandering. There is a strain of hostility that runs through the conservative ranks that borders on the violent. Just last April, Rush Limbaugh was encouraging riots in Denver at the Democratic Convention. Now the Fox Nation invites viewers to…

“Be a part of the REAL NEWS of America and join in the online community that believes in the right to express your views, your values, your voice.”

Indeed, the Fox Nation will be a “community that believes in the right.” For a taste of what to expect, just take a look at the community that Fox already provides on their Fox Forums:

Tom BB: America’s enemies rejoice now around the world and in the US. Obama the terrorist is in charge.

Steven: Hell No! Obama is of the devil!


Jim: The Antichrist has arrived and is doing well in the White House. Say goodbye to what we all know as a free and God loving America.


Don Brown: Obama needs to be checked to see if he has a 666 somewhere on his body.

It is not presently known exactly what form the Fox Nation will take (We’ll find out on Monday, March 30). As a self-described “online community” it could be modeled on MySpace, which is also owned by Fox News’ parent company, News Corp. But the purpose of the Fox Nation is not hard to surmise. It is just another brick in the great wall dividing Americans from one another. It will likely tap in to existing movements like Beck’s 912 Project and the Tea Partiers. Then these fanatics will be able to accumulate friends and form alliances. One thing is known for sure: There has never been anything like it from a social movement perspective.

Fox News has a large and faithful following. Their daily exhortations to rise up against the Socialist hordes they imagine are occupying Washington could be channeled into an army that is loyal only to the hallucinatory paranoia of the Foxian mindset. Beck, O’Reilly, and Hannity, don’t view themselves as commentators so much as they do as saviors. O’Reilly has confessed that he believes that he was “blessed with talent” and that he is “here for a reason.” Beck beseeches his viewers at the start of every program to “Come on, follow me.” Hannity leads into his All-Star Panel sermonizing with a preachy “Let not your heart be troubled.” An evangelical fervor literally drips from these would-be prophets like a poisonous sap.

So now Fox wants to start a new nation populated with believers and disciples. The nation that the rest of us inhabit is far too corrupt and sinful. It is infested with Secular-Progressives and far-left loons. There is no course left for the righteous, but to secede. The mysterious video that Fox is airing to promote the launch of the Fox Nation ends with this comforting enticement that seems deliberately crafted to appeal to lost souls:“Finally, a place to call home.”


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  1. It will be interesting to see this unfold. But it is also useful to inject some perspective. There are presently about 2 million O’Reilly viewers. That’s less than half of the viewers of the lowest rated network news program (CBS). There are 140 million people on Facebook. But it doesn’t take a majority to produce a lone wolf, or pack of lone wolves. I’m also a little curious as to Fox’s commitment to this project. They purchased the domain name in August of 2008, and it expires in August of 2009.

    • Statements are wrong Marxist Mark or is it Mark the MArxist??—its Rush Limbaugh who has 2 million loyal listeners—On GMA (aka The Robin Roberts SHow) this am she acknowledged O’Reilly has been MUMBER 1 for 100 months straight—trouncing the Liberal Loon media channels ABC–NBC–and CBS news shows—and cable NBC affiliate MSNBC

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  2. Damn, I can’t wait for this to come out–I can’t stand the teases on TV. woot FOX NATION!!!

    It’s going to be great. I’ve seen the preview and Fox News watchers will love it. A place to share ideas and thoughts without trolls telling you that your political ideology is flawed and cursing you out with no justification. Finally!

    Oh, and O’Reilly has close to 3.1 million viewers, which is a lot higher than the 2 million that was published in this article. It doesn’t matter if you are a fan or not, but its good to get the facts straight.

    • “A place to share ideas and thoughts without trolls telling you that your political ideology is flawed…”

      Exactly…An echo chamber, a congregation, a cult. I’m sure you’ll feel safe and comfy amongst those sharing your delusions.

      • Oh yes. Delusions like supporting and believing in the Constitution, individual rights, principals and values of our founding fathers. You know those delusional individuals like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin and the many others that stood up for all the things this great country was built on.

        All those things that are now so under attack as we watch our Constitution being slaughtered in the name of being progressive. Progressively moving toward tyranny and away from individual freedom.

        I’m so happy to be delusional for my country.

  3. No big deal, because no one watches the other networks anyway. If you hope to get two sides of any important news story, you have to watch Fox.

    • Yes…Fox gives you two sides of every story: The right and the far-right.

  4. besides, if it’s such a big deal for fox-haters, why even bring it up here? If fox is not a threat, then why not just live and let live? let fox viewers have fox nation – what is the problem? my kids watch really insignificant shows on tv but I don’t need to blog about shutting up dora or the wiggles. my elderly parents watch soap operas and my father in law likes old, loud, violent cop shows but I’m not trying to silence them. why can’t conservatives have one network? O’reilly is not even conservative!! why are you so worried?

    • I’m worried because the hatred that emanates from Fox is potentially dangerous. They are fomenting a form of radicalism that encourages violence.

      I have no problem with dissent, but I do have a problem with deliberately fabricating a divisive environment that appeals to the worst elements in society. That is what Fox News does on a daily basis. Just scroll up and re-read those quotes from Fox’s Forums.

      And it isn’t just a bunch of anonymous commenters on Fox’s website. When Bill O’Reilly can refer to lynching Michelle Obama, or Liz Trotta can joke about assassinating Obama or Glenn Beck can fantasize about strangling Michael Moore to death, we have a serious situation that demands our attention.

      And, to be clear, I’m have not proposed shutting anything down. I am just suggesting that we need to be aware and ready to respond.

      • Take your exact argument and reframe it to a right-side argument, and you’ll see what the left and liberal media has been spewing for the past 15 years. But most liberals have their bias-blinders on so they just ignore/welcome the hatred or classify as “constructive criticism” or proper dissent. Now that conservatives are providing dissent, regardless of its type, its considered hate speech.

        MSNBC is no different than Fox News. You can find a divisive environment and just as vile comments from users in their forums, especially over the last year regarding Bush.

        As others have said, 60m+ people voted against your beloved messiah. And before you call them conservative sheep, remember liberals have their army of drones too.

        My bias: libertarian, capitalist. And I have a strong dislike for Bill O’Reilly and his left-winger equivalent, Keith Olberman.

        • I agree that there are individuals on both the left and the right that veer off into inappropriate hostility. The difference with Fox News (and Murdoch enterprises in general) is that it isn’t just private citizens mouthing off. It is the TV anchors and pundits, and newspaper reporters and editors.

          It is one thing for some anonymous idiot to post a stupid comment on a network’s blog. It is another thing entirely when Sean Hannity does it.

      • Marxist Mark —where were you during the campaign—all that came out of the Liberal news media was lies, distortion, and outright vicious attacks against Palin—you had Black Panthers manning Voting areas.

        O’Reilly never has referred to lynching Michele Obama–(supply the reference to back up that allegation and the rest the you allege having been said by Trotter and Beck.

        • Get a life MM its a joke—U are just so left wing I thought I could push your buttons —and apparently I did—lol

          —Oreilly is not talking or referring to lynching Michele Obama in that article—as usual you Kool Aid Drinkers take everything out of Context—-Just like you took Limbaughs comments about wanting Obama’s policies to fail—-spinning it into wanting Obama to fail—-which is not what Limbaugh was referring to—but that was how it was reported in the Liberal Loon media.

      • there needs to be more people out there who share your perspective and acknowledge the significance of what you are trying to say. I agree wholeheartedly and personally feel like the spririt of the trus leftists, the spirit of freedom and the founding fathers, is being tainted by fox’s perverse attempt to grab on to some revolutionary idea that is not at all theirs to hold. Institutions such as foxnation will be the ones that collapse under the real people’s revolution. Their “Tea parties” are nothing but poor emulations of the sincerety and reality behind the actual event. They might try but they can’t claim our destiny.

    • “O’reilly is not even conservative!! why are you so worried?”

      lol… not a conservative? have you actually heard bill o’reilly talk? all he does is hate on democrats and liberals and support conservative ideology. just because he says he is an “independent” doesnt mean he is telling the truth. no independent sounds the way he does.

  5. and you can try to dismiss fox and conservative talk, but 60+ million voted against the beloved Obama — there must be a market for conservative and moderate thoughts in a free market society – oh wait, I forgot.. the free market is a BAD BAD thing (I’m still trying to learn the new rules under our leftist president). if Fox is a joke, then relax and enjoy your elitism!!! your blissful smug superiority! have a laugh at traditional folks — you probably are not as open-minded as your “liberal” classification suggests. don’t be surprised when your trendy liberal tools no longer cut as deep as they used to.

    • An historic majority voted FOR Obama. What, you don’t believe in Democracy?

      And please try to refrain from dull Right-wing talking points about the free market and elitism. That is so dishonest.

      • 2008: 69m v 60m = 53% v 46% (rounded for simplicity)

        The people spoke, but that’s HARDLY a historic majority. Go read an American Political Science or History book. Or even easier for you drones, Election Results, wikipedia. ’56, ’64, ’72, ’80, ’84, ’88, ’96 all had larger margins of victory. I believe in Democracy, but apparently you don’t believe in history.

        You might be interested in the history of East Germany or the USSR. It was done for the good of the people and ruled by elites. Ignoring FACTS is dishonest. Facts might be dull, but that doesn’t mean they are wrong.

        • You should check your history. Obama’s percentage margin of victory was the highest in 64 years for a non-incumbent Democrat. Plus, being the first African-American elected to the White House by the most diverse electorate ever is pretty historic.

        • How unfortunate, then, that he concurrently be the record holder for rampant inflation in pursuit of a level of socialism that would make the Norwegians join a virtual state of the vulpine persuasion.

      • Obama —by no means had a mandate during the election—-and you have you left wing radical talking point down pretty good

      • There was no historic majority—-do u even know the numbers who voted against Obama compared to the numbers who voted in favor of??—If so post them—–not a mandate—historical yes—and thank God that milestone is over.

        You have you LEFT wing talking points down pretty good—-Talk about elitism—look at Pelosi’s Congress for example—-hardly any checks and balances—the only checks are the blue dog democrats and democrats up for reelection in 2010—-

    • “oh wait, I forgot.. the free market is a BAD BAD thing (I’m still trying to learn the new rules under our leftist president).”

      Have we forgotten so quickly? Is history being rewritten so soon?

      Just so that we get the facts straight, bailout “BAD BAD free market socialism” season began in September 2008. Who was our president?

      • Isn’t it funny that one of the right’s biggest bogey men is George Soros, whom they accuse of being a Socialist. The truth, of course, is that he is a devout Capitalist and has profited handsomely from it. But they will will label their enemies as evil no matter what the facts are. And when their own heroes do exactly the same thing, they will justify and defend it.

        • Soros is a capitalist in the same vein that the leaders of communists countries are capitalists. He wants the control in the state so he can continue to engorge himself on the profits from the ‘little people’. Interestingly enough, while people are crying out against the wealthy, he is not being attacked as being a capitalistic pig. No, because he supported Obama he must be a good guy, in spite of his billions. Any other billionaire that did not support Obama is stealing milk from babies.

      • Yes, and who was in control of the House and Senate? Everyone was freaking out. And since then, how many more trillions have been added to the mix? Your argument does not fly.

        • “Your argument does not fly.”

          neither does yours.

  6. mark – you are so far left you’ve lost perspective on reality.
    the leftist machine has warped your sense of truth. their is hardly anything far right in popular culture, but popular culture is an illusion — so sorry you’ve been such a sucker all these years, but I’m sure you mother told you not believe everything you see and hear on MTV and you tube. Grow up and accept that there is a growing moderate and conservative movement in this free-for-the-moment nation, even if you don’t approve of it — you will have to grow up and accept it eventually.

    • Right. That “moderate and conservative movement” is growing by leaps and bounds. That’s why Republicans lost the House and Senate in 2006. That’s why they lost even more seats in both chambers, along with the White House in 2008.

      I really need to grow up and accept reality. 🙂

      • The Republicans that lost their seats in the past 2 elections deserved it. They stopped being conservative, so they got trounced out, as it should be. Elected representatives aren’t the face of the movement. At least not yet. The center, center-left ‘moderate’ republicans got voted out, good riddens.

        • Oh c’mon. If the Republicans weren’t conservative enough, that would not have driven people to vote for the more liberal Democrats instead. That doesn’t even make sense.

        • You fail to consider that most people don’t consider voting records. They consider rhetoric delivered in 15 second servings. Most republicans paid lip service to economic conservatism while practicing the contrary. Believing that the very deficit spending and easy money that landed us in this quagmire will also free us from it as long as they multiply it a sufficient number of times is what doesn’t make sense.

        • Everyone in Congress that voted for any bill concerning the stimulus, or any other bill but did not read the bill, should be voted out of office. It doesn’t matter if they are Democrat or Republican or Independent. If they did not read the bill before voting for the bill, they did not perform their duties.

      • I agree with what you’re defending, but I don’t think ANY of us can see Reality from such a small scope of things (2006-2008)…I think we have to go back to 1913 when the FED & IRS (or at least “income tax”) were allowed to go against the Constitution….I’m not favoring the “constitution” party, but dividing us all into two camps of Democrats & Republicans (Left & Right) is soooooooooooooo limiting….I believe they are both extremely corrupt (except of very few like Ron Paul) and only pander to two popular lies that rich people tell the rest of us (1.) Be a good environmentalist and give us your money & (2.) Be a good capitalist and give us your money…Both parties claim they will fix everything with YOUR money—funny how the problems never get fixed, but the money sure goes out of your pocket into theirs….Whatever happened to the idea of leaving the money in MY pocket and let ME fix the things that are important to me….I don’t want forced socialism or forced capitalism…..I don’t want forced ANYTHING–that is the essence of Freedom…..Jesus would NEVER have advocated forced socialism or forced anything…He said: change yourself, not others….I’m not a Christian and neither were most of the Founding Fathers….They actually believed in FREEDOM OF RELIGION for ALL and formed a Constitution separate from Religion….If we’re all “Americans” why can’t we agree on the Constitution and live by it, instead of focusing on petty differences and religious intolerance???….. (We’re the ANTS and there’s ‘way more of us!—WE COULD WIN if we quit believing this phony dichotomy.)

        • Actually the founders were very religious. George Washington said ” of all the dispositions and habits which lead to political prosperity, religion and morality are indispensable supports…” our form of government would fail. (Basic American Documents pp 108-9) That was not to say they believe in forcing religion on anyone, you are correct they believed in freedom of religion. The current concept of separation of religion and state is totally opposite of their intent though.

          You are also very correct in that we need to get back to addressing things constitutionally as Americans and not left and right, democrat and republican.

          Everything we do should be as though using the Constitution as a microscope for examination of our intent.

      • Marxist Mark—watch the beginning of the conservative revolution on April 15th—-you may have to watch Fox to see it as the Lib Loon media probably wont cover the THOUSANDS of Tea PArties —-ALSO wait till 2010—-I predict Dumb DOD and Prince REid—and RINO Specter will be history.

        • “watch the beginning of the conservative revolution on April 15th”

          and how did that astroturf movement work out for you guys? yea, not too good apparently.

          “you may have to watch Fox to see it as the Lib Loon media probably wont cover the THOUSANDS of Tea PArties”

          fox news was the main advertiser for those stupid tea parties… the rest of the media covered it and made fun of the tea baggers and their ridiculous paranoia. its amazing how much fox promoted those tea parties… they were constantly cheering those people on at those rallies and supporting them while still pretending to be “fair and balanced”.

  7. on the lord obama’s coattail – they’ll be riding it out in 2010

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  9. So FOX is feeling physical!

    (Oh my god)
    Welcome to the jungle
    We got fun ‘n’ games
    We got everything you want
    Honey we know the names
    We are the people that can find
    Whatever you may need
    If you got the money honey
    We got your disease…

    We are all Luke Rudkowski NOW

  10. You guys are so cute. I reminds me of forming my own club when I was a young uneducated kid. Fortunately for me, I grew up and went to school. This blog and it’s flagrant lies are shameful. Granted, all reporting is at least slightly biased, it is human nature. Out of all the network and cable news channels, Fox News is the most balanced. You have on MSNBC, Chris Matthews declaring that MSNBC was the network that brought “Change to America” during the presidential inauguration and you have liberal newspapers going under (i.e. NEW YORK TIMES, SEATTLE POST-INTELLIGENCER. Recently, a leftist former CNN reporter won the presidency of El Salvador under the flag of a pro-communism political party and comparing himself to not Hugo Chavez, or Fidel Castro, but of Barrack Obama. America is rejecting the blatantly biased secular-progressive media. Your quotes from Glenn Beck and William O’Reilly are true quotes, but taken out context. I am not a part of anybody’s political machine. I am just an average joe, a veteran who recently came back from war and is disgusted with the lies that America is being told from its biased liberal media and blogs like these.

    • “This blog and it’s flagrant lies are shameful.”

      I challenge you to cite a single “lie” on this blog. I staunchly endeavor to be factual and accurate – and in context. You tell me in what context Glenn Beck meant this.

      Clearly you have had more than your share of Kool-Aid. Independent researchers have documented the bias at Fox News. And MSNBC may have hosts like Olbermann and Maddow, but they also have Scarborough (for three hours) and, in the past, Tucker Carlson, Michael Savage, Laura Ingraham, etc. Fox has never had a single liberal who hosted his own show.

      And by the way, ALL newspapers, regardless of editorial views, are hurting economically. Rupert Murdoch’s New York Post loses $50 million a year, and has for as long as he’s owned it. His deep pockets keep it alive so he can use it to batter his opponents and spread propaganda.

      • Yea, and it is also documented by the news media itself that they promoted Obama and his policies. So give the right one station against 4. Those are pretty fair odds.

        • Fair odds?

          The media is not a casino. If four networks report that Bush invaded Iraq based on false claims of WMDs, and one says the WMDs were really there, that isn’t bias – it’s the truth.

          If you want to believe the one network that is lying, that’s your prerogative.

      • I believe you have been challenged–

  11. The Right and the Left are both corrupt.

    Both sides are shills to lobbyists pedaling Palfrey’s
    whores and soft money and “presents” under the table.

    The country has been sold down the river, and we have
    thieves at the helm, and we HAD thieves at the helm.

    If you look into the past and present administrations
    you will see a bevy of CFR and Trilaterals.

    The financial oligarchs are robbing the ppl of the entire
    world with their “ponzimonium” of derivatives.

    Madoff and Stafford were just the first two shown the
    light of day and were not as thorough in covering their
    shell game.

    Google “marketwatch derivatives” and read the article
    mentioning the new ticking time bomb.

    Good Luck to you all …

    • Yeah, I can’t believe people still buy into the democrat/republican, left/right dialectic.

  12. Left,right,in-between what’s the difference,it’s all a big game.
    One regime takes over from the other,doesn’t matter what party they belong to and they just carry on.Idealism isn’t in the equation any more and hasn’t been for years.
    Most of the media L/R is controlled,most of the Government L/R is controlled,and by the same private people that make your money and charge you interest for it…forever.
    Now,if Obama would say that his,(the American Government)were going to print their own money,and not the FRB,that would change everybodys for the better…i’d even give him a kiss!

  13. Yea, lets all pretend that the government nationalizing companies is a great thing. Oh and lets also prtend that giving Tim Gietner power to decide if a company should be taken over by the government all by himself. Thats a democracy at its best. Lets not forget the most important of all outlawing guns which is coming to your state soon enough. If things are so great and good why are most states reasserting there tenth amendment rights. Please Please get a clue people.

  14. It says as part of the title of this blog,Fox News
    for goodness sake!these are people bringing you the news.
    An anchor newsreader should not be the person making asides like “get this” “would you believe” while reading the news,(Fox News is noted for that)leave that for the in-depth reporters on news chat “shows”in the meantime you have to make up your own mind,but their anchors are trying to make up your mind for you with these’s propaganda and it’s not just Fox News,they are just a bit more blatant than others.
    It’s no use shouting at the TV screen if you agree or disagree about something,hoke about and take nothing for granted,find out for yourself to see if everything gells.

  15. It’s useless. You cannot debate or argue with and expect the slackers on these hatersites to be honest. FOX does give both sides of issues. That’s a fact. I’m sitting here right now watching what I’m watching, FOX giving different sides while MSNBC gives one side. Has American Idol and Obamamania so infected your minds? OReilly debates people everynight, Olberman ONLY HAS “YES-PEOPLE,” NEVER A DEBATE! THIS IS A FACT !! YOU CANNOT DENY THIS!!!!! Whether you agree with one TV person or another, that’s your American business, but stop lying. You hate FOX because you either hate your father, mother, cops, authority figures or whoever, hate your job or that you don’t have a job where you can kick back and get a paycheck. Slackers, haters, liars, on all sides! Just be HONEST!!!
    Pete Reeves Altoona, PA

    • O’Reilly is an idiot. True he “debates” people with different views…but he always pretends to come out like he’s the victor, that’s not how a debate works…get your head out of your ass and wake the fuck up.

      • Why don’t you come to ****************** and make me get my head out of my ass. Ask for Pete Reeves, that’s me. Your own post proves my point. You can’t resist the “f word,” or the hatred. AGAIN. don’t hide behind your “computer name,” that makes you a coward bytch. REMEMBER, this is PETE REEVES. Come find me, I’ll give a free shot, Bytch! Coward!

        [Admin: Feel free to argue, Pete, but do provoke violence.]

      • Fuck Fox—You are he one that is Fucked—you need to watch the show more than 30 seconds to see that O’Reilly is a straight shooter—he allows opposing viewpoints every night—why this week he allowed the leader of the group supporting the COP KILLER in LA to share his reason why he supported the COP KILLER—–figuratively he gave the guy the rope—-and the COP KILLER supporter hung himself with it. Fair and Balanced—–

        • “you need to watch the show more than 30 seconds to see that O’Reilly is a straight shooter”

          HAHAHAH… that is the biggest load of crap ive ever seen. oreilly is a “straight shooter”? youre kidding right? that must be a joke because the day that oreilly is anything like that is the day we see lipstick on a pig. anyone can see from watching oreilly for 30 seconds that he is a far right lunatic with absolutely no regard or respect for liberal ideology. he completely denounces liberals as loons and nuts and all sorts of names… his hatred is clear and so is his wingnut agenda. hell, he doesnt even let the liberals on his show finish a sentence without him yelling them down and screaming over them. bizarro mark is a moron… i like the real mark better. at least he is honest… the bizarro one just blow BS out of his ass.

    • “FOX does give both sides of issues.”

      yep… as mark said, fox news gives the right and the far-right. sometimes they even show the far lunatic redneck side, too. it varies depending on what level of conservative propaganda they want to spew.

      “I’m sitting here right now watching what I’m watching, FOX giving different sides while MSNBC gives one side.”

      yeah, im sure you are. care to be a little more specific?

      “Has American Idol and Obamamania so infected your minds?”

      ironically, american idol is owned by Rupert Murdoch, who owns fox. so blame it on him. obviously, you have been infected by the talking points from hannity, beck and oreilly.

      “OReilly debates people everynight”

      no, he doesnt. republicans and conservatives strongly outnumber democrats and liberals on his program. THAT is a fact. you can see this just from watching his stupid program.


      olbermann’s show is not based on bringing on guests to yell and scream at. he discusses the important topics of the day and does so with backed up research and full context. oreilly is lying almost everyday on his show or he is not being honest to his viewers in some way. being truthful is more important than how much you debate. a moron like you clearly doesnt get that.

      “Whether you agree with one TV person or another, that’s your American business, but stop lying.”

      if you hate lying so much, why are you watching fox news and dealing with their deceitful, bias reporting?

      “You hate FOX because you either hate your father, mother, cops, authority figures or whoever, hate your job or that you don’t have a job where you can kick back and get a paycheck.”

      what the hell are you talking about? go back to the fox nation with all those crazy, conspiracy theory wingnuts where you belong.

  16. Hmmm. So Blogger-Mark must not want to admit that the liberal blogs are loaded with hate speech blather from the Demo-marxists.

    • oh yeah and romney’s the way to go. bullshit!

      • Fuck Fox—once again you are fucked—you got that statement right except the Bullshit part—Romney actually was a Govenor with managerial experience—a businessman if you will–OBAMA was a community organizer agitator—with no experience except how to plan and stage ACORN protests—-WE would be in much better condition had he won than the current Socialist Marxist we got instead

    • “the liberal blogs are loaded with hate speech blather from the Demo-marxists.”

      at least none of those blogs are owned by “news” organizations that are supposedly “fair and balanced”. do you see CNN or MSNBC running opinion blogs like fox nation and spewing propaganda? nope… not only does fox news do that, but fox nation helps that cause.

  17. I’ve listened to Fox News; I’ve read this page. Both are the same. Just different opinions. Some claim to be journalists, others analysts and I see very little difference. It’s all about one’s opinion. It really gets scary when those who hear or read are not capable of thinking for themselves. I’m glad I do. I filter through all the junk and search for truth. It’s hard to find theses days.

    • Good for you.

      The difference between me and Fox News is that I am openly opinionated and ideological. Fox pretends to be fair and balanced. The distinction is that I’m being honest and Fox is not.

      That said, the rest of your comment is quite true.

  18. FOX rocks…! people are tired of being lied to like from the other stations-wake up peeps ((then again people who like obama are being lied to from the start so guess it works out good for them- get it;)

    • “people are tired of being lied to like from the other stations-wake up peeps”

      can you even point out any significant lies the “other stations” have made? for every one that you can think of, i can think of ten more from fox news alone. all fox news is lie and distort… they are a propaganda arm for the republican party. plain and simple.

  19. I am a fan of fox news, but I do watch whatever news channel is on at work. I usually find the liberal media is moving our country in a direction we do not need to be going. Being a veteren, I won’t lie, I did not vote for Obama and know that many in the military did not as well. The liberal media makes the military out to be the bad guys, as well as many Democrats doing the same thing. Therefore we were offended by the Democrats and libreral media, so why would we vote for the person they supported for the presidency? So to you who think it was such a record of a landslide think again, many voted for Obama, true, but there was no shortage for McCain and Palin either. For all of the far left people in here, the military is here for our nation, to serve and protect our freedoms domestic and foreign. Stop making us out to be drones to Bush, we even have to do what Obama tells us.

    • Thanks for your service, and for your comment, however…

      1) You really need to stop using the “liberal media” tag as a substitute for actual analysis.

      2) Neither the media nor the Democrats made the military out to be bad guys. When there was criticism it was always directed at Bush and other civilian leaders who where making bad decisions.

      3) The military supported Obama in huge numbers. Soldiers serving overseas donated six times as much to Obama as to McCain. Of all military contributions (at home and abroad), Obama received 57%. And 44% of the military voted for Obama.

      The myth of a Republican stranglehold on the military is busted. Soldiers, just like other Americans, have concluded that the Democratic agenda is far more representative of their interests.

  20. The Fox Nation wouldn’t post my comments. One was ripping on the death of Tiller calling his death another late term abortion, and another about the tea parties, saying that the media didn’t cover them because they were nothing more than picnics in parks, and saying if the conservatives wanted media coverage, they should take an example from the liberals and have a protest where they burn 1040 forms like people in the 60’s burned draft cards or have the tea parties in the middle of the freeway during rush hour. That they refused to post those comments makes me believe they are full of sh!t

    • I have had the same experience. Fox Nation advertises itself as “your nation, your voice.” But your voice is gagged if you try to post anything contrary to their dogma.

      The site is a total fraud. They have headlines that don’t even convey the content of the articles to which they are linked.

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