Fox Nation Touts Grand Theft As A Fun New Sport

Fox Nation - Smart CarsThere is an item today on Rupert Murdoch’s The Fox Nation that links to an article in Murdoch’s English newspaper, The Sun. The Sun’s report concerns Dutch victims of criminal vandals who are stealing and destroying automobiles. What sets this apart from conventional crimes is that the perpetrators have singled out owners of Smart Cars for their felonious conduct. The Sun dismissively refers to the thieves as “pranksters,” but that is not nearly as bad as Fox Nation who ran with the headline: Fun New Sport? Flipping Smart Cars.

So the right-wing, Republican, law and order, traditional values, pretenders at Fox Nation think that it’s “fun” to steal the property of innocent people and destroy it by, amongst other things, throwing it into canals. This obviously creates a burden for the victim, but it is also impacts the insurance companies, the car dealerships, the municipalities charged with retrieving the vehicle, and the police who must allocate resources to the case.

What amuses the Fox Nation hypocrites is the fact that the targets of the criminals’ animus are people who have elected to purchase environmentally responsible vehicles. Apparently these folks deserve to be victimized. I wonder if Fox would regard it as equally humorous if vandals went around slashing the tires of SUVs? Of course, when Earth Liberation Front activists torched Hummers on dealer lots (not private owners), they were labeled “eco-terrorists.”

The article in The Sun quotes a Smart Car dealer who points out that they do not want to give these incidents too much attention for fear that it will inspire additional criminal activity. So Murdoch’s people promptly publish it in the The Sun and on Fox Nation. They are virtually promoting more crime by describing it as “fun” and a “sport.” They clearly have no regard for the victims or any sense of decency. This fact is affirmed by some of the comments posted at Fox Nation vilifying environmentally conscious consumers. But it gets even worse than that…

This blatantly racist comment should not surprise anyone familiar with Fox Nation, Fox News, or the rest of the Murdoch Korporate Klan. There are many similar examples of such hostility to be found on Fox enterprise assets. But you would think that calling President Obama “Buckwheat” and referring to his “death certificate” would raise the ire of Internet values enforcers like Bill O’Reilly who often castigates sites like Daily Kos or the Huffington Post for what he calls hate speech.

If there is still anyone who has not concluded that Fox is a hate factory disguised as a news channel, they must now be regarded as lost souls who have irretrievable succumbed to the doctrine of loathing and ignorance that is Pastor Murdoch’s domain.


5 thoughts on “Fox Nation Touts Grand Theft As A Fun New Sport

  1. You have got some serious issues with Fox that needs to be checked out. I bet the only fun you have is cooking up these pointless stories. You need to pick up a hobby or something. Go watch a baseball game, maybe do some fishing or hunting. You need to relax. Going through life so miserable isn’t worth it. I have no idea how old you are but all of this pent up anger isn’t good for your heart. Go buy a Hummer and drive it through some mud or just run over a Smart Car and maybe you will recieve some joy in your life. You need it!

    • Yes. I want to happy like you. Going through life speculating about how miserable other people are – who you don’t even know. Running over other people’s cars for fun. I’m sure you are just brimming with joy.

      Don’t worry about me. I have plenty of fun just reading goofy comments like yours. Thanks.

  2. If that’s your fun then your worse off than I thought!

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