Bill O’Reilly, Nazis, and the Klan

“Repulsive” doesn’t begin to describe the latest foul excrement to spew from the dessicated lips of Satan’s own schlockmeister, Bill O’Reilly.

It is just unimaginable how much stored bile must be pressuring the interior of his putrid skull that he would sink to comparing fellow Americans, who passionately embrace Democracy, to the inhumane and murderous cults of Nazism and Klan hatred.

O’Reilly has every right to disagree with any group he cares to, but the Netroots Nation conference, and the DailyKos community from which it sprang, are the sort of caring, involved, and dedicated citizens that make Democratic government possible. For O’Reilly to gush this vomitous slime is so far removed from civil behavior that it speaks only to the severity of his psychosis.

What’s worse is that, at the same time that he is slandering these good people, he is trivializing the horrors wrought by the real terrorists in swastikas and hoods. He is dishonoring the millions of victims of Hitler’s madness, and thousands more right here on American soil who were tortured and killed by people (like O’Reilly) who consider themselves patriots.

There is apparently no bottom to O’Reilly’s demon soul. Listen for yourselves:


2 thoughts on “Bill O’Reilly, Nazis, and the Klan

  1. Are you suggesting Mr. No Spin isn’t telling us the absolutely unbiased truth? Tell me it isn’t so, Bill! 😉

    In a world of massive celebrity egos Bill stands heads and shoulders above the rest. It explains everything.

    Any critic getting public notice sends the thin-skinned hypocrite into detonation mode. DailyKos points out Ted Baxter… errr… O’Reilly is a fool and Bill lights off like a nuke.

    I’ve pretty much ignored his latest temper tantrum because I’m sure it’s like all the rest. My understanding is he’s playing the same hypocritical game where he finds some nasty comment on a liberal blog then accuses the blog itself of hate for not censoring the post (hmmmm…. like Nazis).

    Of course, last time around he got burned because similar hate comments were found on his web site. If I recall, he even lied saying they were deleted before, in fact, they were removed.

    Beating on Bill’s a waste of time. Most Americans realize he’s a noxious demagogue. The rest who watch him for their daily mind meld are so far gone you’ll never phase them because they listen to him for the very reason you find him objectionable. They share his hate of liberals. The more he smears the left the more excited they get.

    It’s no different than Rush’s dittoheads if you’ve ever had a run-in with those mind-numbed drones.

    Actually, I feel sorry for them in a way.

    • I appreciate your sentiment that beating on Bill is a waste of time, but I don’t agree. I don’t do it to change the minds of his drones. I do it because I believe it would be irresponsible not to speak up against such revolting behavior. The alternative, to ignore it it and say nothing is just not appropriate. That’s the course a lot of people took in Nazi Germany before Hitler rose to power.

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