Fox Nation’s Racist Attack On McDonalds “Black” Web Site

In response to an announcement from McDonald’s that they are launching a new web site to serve the African American community, Fox Nation members donned their white sheets and expressed how they truly feel. The spark that fueled this barrage of hate was, a site about which McDonalds says:

At McDonald’s, we believe that African-American culture and achievement should be celebrated 365 days a year – not just during Black History Month. That’s the idea behind It’s a place where you can learn more about education, employment, career advancement and entrepreneurship opportunities, and meet real people whose lives have been touched by McDonald’s.

That is the outrageous affront to morality that produced these comments at Fox Nation:

Navy(Retired): What do you expect, that’s all that works there
Annabell: Most of the time..they can’t even count the change. It’s sad too.

Lone Star: Next thing you know Ronald will have a doooo rag on and a large watch around his neck on a big gold blingy chain

Out of the Blue: can you get waffles and a 40 oz with a chicken sandwich now?
You can get a nappy meal to.

Paul: Maybe McDonalds could next open an illegal Mexican branch so they would all feel at home since they act like it’s theirs anyway.

noblinkster: Hey, maybe they will have watermelon on their summer menu!!
Mike S: Crack pipes in Happy meals for the black kids

Kenyan Chronicles: Check out their CEO–(black)—– He gave $30,000 to odumbo’s election —-How much of that came from YOUR wallet?………Enjoy those big-macs!

Captain Obvious: They want separation? Then let them TRY to survive without the “evil” white man!

Nicotinegun: Let McDonalds do what they want. If they want to pander let the ones they pander to pay them for food. Don’t go their. Personally, I would like to see a national boycott on any place that has Spanish on their walls, telephones, products, etc. That would be great.

JPT: Since over 40% of blacks are obese, Micky D’s is trying to capitalize .
teddy69: yeah, and the other 60% are flat worthless!

teddy69: i’m sure our founding fathers never intended our country to get this messed up! you remember the movie “Planet of The Apes”???

FoxNewsAddict: I will be boycotting McD’s until it puts up a WHITE360 website!!!!

SandraR: This is the most racist contrivance I have ever seen in my life. This stupidity needs litigation RASISUM extraordinaire.

kcchiefsfan: I am so pissed off!!! I left them my feedback and ask them when were we going to have a “White McDonalds” website for us white folks too! OMG and leave it to McDonalds!!! I’ve seen everything now! Isn’t that what Popeyes Chicken is for???

Talk about showing your true colors. At least we know where they stand.

Addendum: It just occurred to me that McDonalds is a significant advertiser on Fox News as well as other Murdoch properties. For example: Fox, McDonald’s ink blockbuster deal. Does McDonalds know about the hate speech that their business partner is engaging in against them?

Color of Change, are you listening?


8 thoughts on “Fox Nation’s Racist Attack On McDonalds “Black” Web Site

  1. FOX and the reptards… Keepin’ it KKKlassy…

  2. Like Poe’s Law which states that you can’t parody Fundies since their rhetoric is too outrageous to mimic, the far right has reached inanity Nirvana. My favorite is Teddy69: “I’m sure our founding fathers never intended for our country to get this messed up…” Yeah, back when the slaves worked for free the idea that a web site that would cater to blacks would exist just didn’t occur to them. And those cries for a “white web site”! Like Fox Nation is a haven of multiculturalism.

  3. Argh! It is written into California’s constitution that everything must be in both spanish and english. This was a condition on which the U.S. acquired California!

    • That is incorrect. That provision does not exsist in California’s constitution.

  4. Good post but 365Black is ridiculous. I think this is one of those things that we’re all going to look back on and say “I can’t believe they thought like that!”

    “Like the African Baobab Tree, which nourishes the community with it’s leaves and fruit, McDonald’s has branched out to the African-American community nourishing it with valuable programs and opportunities.”

    Can someone please tell me what a Baobab tree has to do with culture and life in the United States?

    And how many people of African decent have ever eaten Baobab fruit or even know what the hell a Baobab Tree is? I feel bad for the actual Africans being nourished be this tree if it’s fruit is compared to McDonald’s food. Does the Baobab Tree clog arteries and rob the body of essential vitamins and nutrients too?

    Not to mention, the girl in the in the video is easily less than 50% recent African decent anyway. The whole concept is retarded.

    I just wrote something up about it as well.

    • I can’t disagree. I’m a anti-consumerist vegetarian, so my intent here was not to promote McDonalds – which I can’t stand. But I thought it was important to reveal the depth of the racism that is openly displayed by the FoxPods.

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