Who’s Still Advertising on Glenn Beck?

Gawker took the plunge and watched Glenn Beck yesterday to see what advertisers remain after more than twenty …um… thirty …er… forty have abandoned the program due to Beck’s offensive rhetoric. It is a list that says much about him and his disciples. Here it is with my own comments attached:

  • Extenze penis-enhancing pills – To make sure that blood isn’t flowing into his viewers brains.
  • Inogen One portable oxygen concentrator – To make sure they stay conscious while being disinformed.
  • Brez anti-snoring nose inserts – In the event his viewers pass out, like his guests do.
  • Egg Genie microwave egg cooker – So they have something to suck on.
  • The Jewelry Exchange – Because watching Fox Business Network has left them destitute.
  • SmartForLife diet cookies – Just look at what they’ve done for Rush Limbaugh.
  • The Mesothelioma Hotline – Those right-wingers are all over tort reform.
  • Jupiter Jack phone device – Note to Beck viewers: No, this does not let you call Jupiter.
  • Rosetta Stone language training – To learn to bash immigrants in their native tongue.
  • The Speed Channel – What Beck’s viewers watch when they can’t get the Meth Channel.
  • Oreck vacuum cleaners – Apply to frontal cortex and set to maximum.
  • FreeScore.com credit report service – This is the scam that Ben Stein was peddling.

That’s a nice group of low-rent advertisers. Contrary to the claims by Fox News flacks that they have not lost revenue due to the advertiser boycott, it is plain that the companies above are not paying the same fees that Procter & Gamble or GEICO did. And their consolation that the show has increased its ratings is rather hollow when higher ratings doesn’t mean more revenue.

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34 thoughts on “Who’s Still Advertising on Glenn Beck?

  1. Who really cares about Glenn Beck as only FOX News hires idiots like him and Bill O’Reilly.

  2. Great parody site you have here.

    At first I almost thought it was serious, but it’s obviously a joke, given what you say about Beck, who is one of the few people on TV telling the truth.

    People who bash FOX are liars, morons, and socialists, much like Obama voters.

    • The truth? what is the truth? You’re being told what you want to hear, not the truth!!! there is a difference!

      you wouldnt know the truth if it hit you in your fucking face!!

      since day one the right has wanted obama to fail!!!! you really expect anyone to believe the shit you spew?

      you had 8yrs to change this country, you fucked up not us!!

      good luck with your so called revolution, reclaim america bullshit!!!

    • oh, i get it. for a minute i thought your comment was serious, but i realized now you really meant it as a joke. saying fox news and beck tell the truth. good one.

    • When you say “much like Obama voters” do you realize you are talking about more than half of OUR country?

  3. Thanks for giving me this list. I will be boycotting any company that doesn’t believe in free speech and folds to hate-filled leftists that depend on the truth not getting out.

    • You’re welcome. I’m sure that you will enjoy the pro-boner, anti-snoring, diet cookies while going over your credit report.

      Glad to be of service to the impotent, honking, fat, deadbeats that watch Beck.

  4. i love it. i’m on your web site to see what idiots would boycott one of the most popular shows on cable and i see your own sponsor, Amazon.com, is advertising one of the most popular books in the country, Glenn Beck’s Common Sense. Maybe this site needs to boycott it’s own advertisers!

    • Boycott Amazon? Whatever for? I’m making money off of people like you who come here to insult me. Ain’t life grand?

      • See, that’s your problem. We’re disagreeing with you and you think it’s insulting. I’d give my life to ensure you have the right to say whatever you want to say, regardless of whether I agree with it or not. I’d never boycott you or try to shut you up.

        But you? You’d lock me up or have me put into a siberian death camp to keep me from disagreeing with you… You know that’s true, but how do I know it? Because you’re of the same ideology as people who have been doing it for centuries. I think you failed to mature, mentally, and are deeply flawed.

        As to the boycotting sponsors: Since they no longer support speech I agree with, perhaps I’ll support their competitors until I have to fight to the death to protect them from the Chinese.

        • Referring to people as “idiots” is an insult, in case you didn’t notice. What’s more, your hypocrisy is blinding. You complain about insults, then turn around and insult me as mentally immature and flawed. Even you’re assumption (without any foundation) that I would lock you up in a Siberian death camp (I wouldn’t) is insulting. And you further your hypocrisy by stating that you wouldn’t boycott me, then two paragraphs down announce that you’re boycotting the companies that pulled out of Beck’s show.

          I am a fierce advocate of free speech. Beck (and you) have the right to free speech, but there is no right to corporate subsidies of speech, and no right to TV programs. If there is, where’s my TV show?

          Networks and corporations are governed by the markets they serve. I thought you rightists supported free markets. Boycotts and other consumer actions are a part of the process. That isn’t suppression of speech, it is exercising it.

        • So networks are governed by the markets they serve? Have you noticed that Fox News’ O’Reilly, Beck, and Hannity are more than doubling those who watch the offshoots of NBC, CBS, and ABC? People want the TRUTH and the networks give them Obama’s talking points. The man now in the White House is not a trustworty person.

        • Yes, I have noticed Fox News. And Fox is governed by the market it serves, just as I said.

          But no, it isn’t because Fox viewers want the truth. It’s because they want their prejudices validated. Fox does that fot them and so they flock there (Flocks News?)

  5. I was gonna send you a contribution, but Momma made me flush.

    • Very funny. Now do as your momma says and then get back into your crib.

      Here’s some real humor…
      Conan O’Brien: Fox News host Glenn Beck has lost over 30 sponsors since he called President Obama a racist. And the latest sponsor that he just lost is Clorox bleach. That’s amazing. Even a company whose sole purpose is to make things whiter thinks Glenn Beck has gone too far.


    • 1) Beck has already called Obama a communist.
      2) You’ve got 36 companies to boycott now, I hope you have a list.
      3) Even though you typed that in all caps, no one cares.

      • Typing all in caps is the best comeback you have for me? Its the only way i can get retards like you and the obama followers to respond. As far as the boycotts YES WE CAN! Oh and the word “retard” correct me if im wrong but isn’t the word that was used in the new health care bill? How about obama’s comment on him bowling was like watching the Special Olympics. the one thing I do agree with you on is that OBAMA is a communist. This country will not tolerate any more! Sooner or later it will all come to a head! And it will turn western. And we will see who is the last one standing ME OR YOU!

        • Yes, and calling us retards REALLY gets us to listen.

          And your threats of violence just further confirm my belief that you, and the Fox world in which you reside, are dangerous to patriotic, peaceful, Americans, and to the country as a whole.

          Can’t you see how desperately wrong things have gone when you overtly threaten a fellow American citizen?

        • one more thing mark

          who’s violent me, or Bill Ayres, bombed a police station William Wright peaches hate Von Jones,
          black panthers. shall i keep going.

          im not the violent one

    • oh I bet those companies are shaking !!! not!!

      big bad hillbilly is all pissed. we’re all so scared…

  7. Oh Marky poo! Tell me something how did I threaten you! I simply stated what is going too happen if you and I and our belief’s keep clashing. No way am a violent or dangerous. I just believe in our country, and the freedom of speech.
    Our disagreement is a small scale of whats wrong with the country. you see Marky poo I have a job i pay taxes and I like my ATV’s hunting and my right to bear arms! You like hugging trees, green cars,and free gifts from the government– “BULLY’S”. Face it Mark you don’t know how to stand up for whats right. I simply called you a retard because Obama thinks its ok to make fun of somebody like my little brother. Like I said before you are being overly sensitive if you think I threatened you. There is a huge division in this country and it is going to end in a violent fashion, I hope and pray it don’t go that way!!! But when you keep spending, creating huge debt BUSH included! taxing and ignoring the taxpayer it will always end in a bad way! I fear for this country! Mark the only one that you should be afraid of is our president and his communist buddy’s

    • Well, I’m glad to hear that you’re not a violent person, but you nonetheless made a threat by stating that it will “turn western” and that only one of us would be left standing.

      I understand if you were using hyperbole, but it represents a serious breakdown of civility and national unity when people make arguments that invoke violence. Even if you think there are serious problems facing this country, don’t you believe that the country is strong enough to endure challenges and find a path to stability?

      For eight long years I lamented Bush’s misleadership – through economic downturns, mishandled natural disasters, and painful wars that I believed never should have been fought. Yet I NEVER sunk to the levels of today’s right-wingers who think the country is on the brink of oblivion. I always believed that we would endure and, eventually, prosper. That’s what having faith in your country, and your people, means.

      I don’t see anything that could be called faith from the right today. I see a lot of panic and doomsayers. And even as you walk back your previous rhetoric, you still throw in childish taunts (seriously, Marky poo?). Have I reciprocated? This is emblematic of the country at large. You can’t seem to hold a civil discussion with someone you don’t even know just because we disagree. And town halls have been turned into brawls by rightist ideologues who don’t realize who their brothers are.

      You even predicted that it is going to end in a violent fashion. I hope you’re wrong, but if you’re right, I’m sure that the violence will come from the so-called conservatives who pretend to be patriots. And I’m also sure that that sort of barbarism will fail, albeit not until after many of our families, friends and neighbors are needlessly hurt.

  8. Libs are the little kids who hit you on the playground and ran crying to the teacher before you could do anything back.

  9. Darren,
    Why is it that you right-wingers look at a set of facts and interpret them exactly backwards? See above. Note who is threatening violence and bullying others. Yup, the right-wingers. All that talk of “rising up” and “who will be left standing”, calling others “retards” and “commies”.

    Who is going to health care meetings just so they can shout-down others who wish to speak? Who is strutting around outside those meetings with rifles over their shoulders in order to intimidate those who come to participate in discussion?

    Now ask yourself who is living up to the reputation, goals and ideals of this great country, and who is not.

    Most Americans do not agree with the way you see this country or the world, and yet you try to bully the rest of us. It isn’t going to work anymore.

  10. READ THE CONSTITUTION!!! The US Government has no right to take over private corporations, fire CEO’s, make health care decisions for our families, silence free speech, etc., etc., etc.

    AND…Our children and granchildren will be paying off the country’s debt for years and years because the government wants to give everything away and those of us who work our butts off for our families have no choice but to pay for it all. The government is NOT our charity of choice! America has always been strong because we ALL work for what we have!

    • Thank you, Glenn.

      You know, I’ve always thought that it was a little ridiculous when these right-wingers complain about violations of the Constitution when they never said a word (in fact they applauded) when Bush invaded a country that had done nothing to us, tapped our phones, read our email, tortured people who were not proven guilty of anything, engaged in propaganda and suppression of speech, etc. And it was Bush who put us in the position we’re in today with regard to the economy and corporations.

      Did y’all just start reading the Constitution last November 5, 2008?

  11. Ever notice how even the Beckheads are rarely willing to actually double down on what Glenn said about Obama having a deep-seated hatred for “white culture”? On some level, most of them know that what Glenn said was indefensible race-baiting, so they fall back on bogus arguments about free speech as if Obama’s personally sending out brownshirts to firebomb Glenn’s studio and ship him to a gulag.

    Glenn Beck is not Rosa Parks. Get over it.

  12. I see the Roboticons are out in force. Why? Because they are trying desperately to counter the public’s awareness of the scamming war profiteering operation which is FOX and it’s other fascist media.

    SOVIET CORRESPONDENT BASED FIVE YEARS IN THE U.S. SAID: “I have the greatest admiration for your propaganda. Propaganda in the West is carried out by experts who have the best training in the world-in the field of advertising and have mastered the techniques with exceptional proficiency… Yours are suble and persuasive; ours are crude and obvious… I think that the fundamental difference between our worlds, with respect to propaganda, is quite simple. You tend to believe yours.. and we tend to disbelieve ours.”

    JOHN STOCKWELL, FORMER C.I.A. OFFICIAL AND AUTHOR SAID: “It is the function of the CIA to keep the world unstable, and to propagandize and teach the American people to hate, so we will let the Establishment spend any amount of money on arms.”

    FORMER C.I.A. DIRECTOR, WILLIAM COLBY SAID: “The central intelligenc agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media.”

    B.B.C. WORLD NEWS COMMENTATOR: “One of the Iraq war’s major casualties is the credibility of the American media. Nobody takes it seriously.”

    A G.W.BUSH WHITE HOUSE AIDE DAVID WESSEL, WALL STREET JOURNAL SAID: “Why would I lie? Because that’s what I’m supposed to do. Lying to the press doesn’t prick anyone’s conscience.”

    THE COMMITTEE TO PROTECT JOUNALISTS INCLUDED THE ASSESSMENT IN ITS “ATTACKS ON THE PRESS” ANNUAL REPORT SAID: “The actions taken by the Bush Administration seemed to embolden repressive governments around the world to crack down on their own domestic media. In Russia, a presidential adviser said President Vladimir Putin planned to study US limitations on reporting about terrorists in order to develop rules to the Russian media.”

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