GUILTY! Republican Huckster Admits To Election Fraud

For several years now, Republicans have been engaged in a prolonged and determined campaign to suppress the votes of citizens whom they believe are inclined to vote for Democrats. They pretend that their mission is to prevent election fraud, even though they can’t document more than a handful of cases. So why is it that almost every time actual election fraud is uncovered, it happens to be by Republicans?

Today a bona fide example of criminal election activity has emerged in the form of a guilty plea by Republican author and filmmaker, Dinesh D’Souza. D’Souza admitted in court that he unlawfully reimbursed friends who made donations to a New York senatorial candidate saying that he “knew that causing a campaign contribution to be made in the name of another was wrong and something the law forbids.”

Fox News - D'Souza

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In the harsh glare of the courtroom light, D’Souza is singing a very different tune. Earlier this year, when the charges were brought against him, he complained that he was being singled out for his anti-Obama writing and films. The news of his indictment stirred an outpouring of support from conservative media who alleged that President Obama was behind this political plot to silence his critics. D’Souza appeared several times on Fox News to assert his victimhood but, curiously, came short of asserting his innocence. He did, however, tell Sean Hannity that the prosecution may be “payback” by Obama for his aggressively negative, although thinly researched and easily debunked, screeds against the President. And Hannity was not alone in his defense of D’Souza. The lie-riddled Fox Nation website featured a commentary by Charles Hurt of Breitbart News that literally excused D’Souza’s crimes, even if it turned out that he were guilty – which we now know that he is.

Federal law includes sentencing guidelines that could result in a prison term of ten to sixteen months. D’Souza’s attorney, however, plans to ask the judge to waive any jail time because he says that his client is a “fundamentally honorable man” who had committed an “isolated instance of wrongdoing.” That’s if you consider someone whose books and films have been proven to be filled with lies, and who was forced to resign as the dean of a Catholic university because of marital infidelity, to be fundamentally honorable. It’s also difficult to regard paying off four different people to be an isolated instance of wrongdoing. But that’s the Republican perspective on law and order. It’s only really a crime if a Democrat does it.


3 thoughts on “GUILTY! Republican Huckster Admits To Election Fraud

  1. Then, after the trial, Dummy D’Souza goes on Shlox Snooze to argue that, of course, it’s all Obama’s fault because he MADE me plead guilty (but then this never happened and that actor who played me on those evil liberal TV networks didn’t look a bit like me). No one will ever ask what wizard hypnotic power Obama may possess to make someone plead guilty in a New York courtroom all the way from the White House, but this will do its job to panic the even more self-centered Tea Party Rethuglicans into convincing them that Obama does have this wizard hypnotic power which he of course will use to become president eternal. Ignoring, of course, that the Lord Emperor Cheney had the same desire years ago.

    Have I missed anything here?

  2. He is such a repulsive personality but then he is a right-wing nut by all reasonable definitions of the word so, I guess, that goes without saying. After pleading guilty to the charges he is now running around and saying he is being persecuted for things he said, that no one other than right-wingers read, about the President. This guy is beyond creepy.

    • Creepy isn’t the word I would use. Pathetic, maybe. Any other appropriate word would not be appropriate for this website (but would be used several times on the Evil Fox Nation(tm) site for less reason if the malfeasance was committed by a Democrat).

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