Glenn Beck Announces Beck University

Now that Glenn Beck has an honorary degree from Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University, he has proceeded to the next plateau of academia by opening his own institution of higher learning: Beck University.

There will be no application process for aspiring students. All that’s needed is a credit card. After all, it would hypocritical for Beck, a college dropout, to impose strict academic standards on others. He’s already crossed the line by railing against school programs that give students awards for doing nothing, after he accepted an honorary degree that he plainly did not earn. According to Beck’s web site, BU’s curriculum will be…

Offered exclusively to Insider Extreme subscribers, Beck University is a unique academic experience bringing together experts in the fields of religion, American history and economics. Through captivating lectures and interactive online discussions, these experts will explore the concepts of Faith, Hope and Charity and show you how they influence America’s past, her present and most importantly her future.

From all appearances, this seems to be little more than a sales pitch for Beck’s premium Internet service. The subjects of study are staples of his TV program that have been rerun more often than episodes of “I Love Lucy.” And the “experts” he has assembled are the same characters he frequently trots out on his show. They are also fellow Mormons, adding to the evangelical agenda of BU.

Beck UniversityI assume that Beck University has been accredited as a remedial institution to cater to his notoriously slow and gullible audience. It’s more likely to be a form of reeducation that replaces actual facts about history and economics with the fabricated conspiracy theories for which Beck is so well known.

Beck is serious enough about this college that he had a school emblem created, presumably for the pockets of his school uniforms. The emblem features the Latin text: “Tyrannis Seditio – Obsequium Deo.” As close as I can figure it has something to do with rebelling against tyranny and obedience to God. It says nothing about education.

It sounds to me more like a slogan for a faith-based militia. And since we know that Beck considers Obama to be a tyrant, it would serve well as the credo for his army of hysterical seditionists. It sort of makes you wonder just what Dr. Beck is planning.

Update: This guy wants to run a university?

Notice the spelling of “Heroes or Villains.” He’s gonna turn out some pretty sorry students. Although to attend BU they would have been pretty sorry to start off with.


13 thoughts on “Glenn Beck Announces Beck University

  1. The first “professor” listed on his BU site is David Barton, an inveterate liar and pseudo-historian who completely mangles the Founders’ views on religion. His sins are too great to list, but if you’d like to see some wonderful debunking try this:

    I suspect that the rest of his panel his just as suspect but I didn’t read past Barton. If nothing else, his “his students” will get the education they deserve.

  2. Now I can finish my post graduate work for my PhD from Klown Kollege! That seal shows the Washingtons that go in his pocket. The buffalo to show racial balance for peole that shuffle. And the feather, of course, goes up your ass.

  3. I don’t know what you guys are complaining about. I think Beck is onto something great! Where else can you get a college education for a mere $6.26 per month? To think the many thousands I wasted on bricks and mortar accredited universities!!!

    Beck is the master of marketing. Him and Barton are radio talking heads. Beck’s “Insider Extreme” package which is pretty much a 6-camera video steam of his radio program that he apparently think is worth $1.68 per month more than a single web cam stream, now is upping the package by offering what you can probably get for ‘free’ listening to Barton’s radio program as if it’s value added. All in the guise of a university.

    In fairness to Barton, making up historical quotes, of say James Madison, is hard work so perhaps he deserves Beck’s bonus check. Olbermann exposes how hard this guy works making up history whole cloth:

    But this profiting off of rehashed hot air you can get for free is nothing new. All theses pundits write books repeating their on air crap and Beck with America’s daddy, O’Reilly, in tow is re-vomiting forth the same stuff on stage for his Bold Bull tours.

  4. Summer is BUSY & Been Away, Though Not on Vacation- NEWS CORPSE is SO, SO REFRESHING! Thank You! STEAM ROLLERING FOX & STICKING It In Their SWEATY LITTLE Faces Makes Life Worth Continuing to LIVE! Thank You, Thank You, Thank YOU!!

  5. Whoa! Where the hell am I?! The redesign looks fantastic! The only thing I’d like to see added is the ability to share a story through twitter or facebook.

    Have a Happy 4th: God Bless America and our troops.

    • I typed too soon! I just saw the little “share” box! Awesomeness!

    • Thanks. It’s still in progress, so you may encounter some anomalies for a little while.

  6. Yeah Mark. Great update to an already fantastic site. Well done,sir. Well done indeed.

  7. Here’s an idea B8ovin,

    You attend Beck U and counter the classes point by point with facts that you will provide research references for.

    That will show him, and everyone you are right!

  8. We spend too much time talking about Beck and other personalities and it ends up sounding petty. offering a competing vision lead with facts and positive energy… this is how the presidency was won and why beck and his movement will be successful in the next election. The commentary here is helping hand the positive high ground to the conservatives. Ask yourself which fox hole you would choose if you are a independent voter listening to voices available.

    Beck is choosing to have rallies with the words “honor” and “restoration” on MLK’s “I have a dream” anniversary and we are in here disparaging his website

    The progressive movement has climbed a mountain in the last couple years and now we are poised to jump off a cliff because the conservatives changed their strategy and we can’t adjust.
    We have the power in Washington and around the country to do whatever we want to do. We have all the tools to create positive momentum but we waste our time trying to slow the momentum of our opponent. We would be better to take the wind from their sales and offer a message that outshines the conservative babble.

    • Beck is hardly an icon positivity. He spends the majority of his airtime castigating Democrats and progressives as Marxists or Fascists or criminals or Raelians. He is an arrogant, sanctimonious, dishonest, bagful of hate.

      Furthermore, he is not our opponent politically. He is a media celebrity, not a politician, and he has no agenda for advancing the nation.

      I applaud you, or anyone else, who wants to put forth a positive message, and there are many already doing so. But that does not mean that someone shouldn’t be countering the lies that Beck, Fox News, and others are spewing on a daily (hourly) basis. It would be unwise to allow their phony allegations to stand unchallenged. We must not leave the stage to them alone.

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