Fox & Friends Lament “The Wussification Of Popeye”

The competition for most epically stupid program on Fox News is always a thrilling spectacle. With contestants like Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, Elizabeth Hasselbeck, Steve Doocy, and so many more, it’s impossible to predict who will hold the top spot at any given moment in time. However, for this week the prize has to be awarded to the weekend cast of Fox & Friends for their in-depth analysis of “The Wussification Of Popeye” (video below).

Fox News Popeye

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This nearly unbearable babbling by three of the most puerile pundits in television kicked off with a segment on some possible modifications to the Popeye character in an upcoming movie. Here is how the exchange began:

Clayton Morris: According to leaked photos, the new Sony Pictures version of Popeye will look like this – without the iconic anchor tattoo and the smoking pipe. Are they wussifying Popeye?

Tucker Carlson: Of course they’re wuss… Nothing is scarier to a modern liberal than tobacco. If Popeye were driving around giving the morning after pill to fourth graders, that would totally fine. But smoking a pipe – a single (sic) of freedom and masculinity in America itself – the reason this country exists – tobacco – that’s like, oh, that’s outrageous.

There is so much idiocy in that brief observation it needs to be broken down into pieces for examination.

First of all, if liberals are scared of tobacco it may have something to do with the fact that it kills 400,000 Americans every year. That’s more than a hundred 9/11’s, not once thirteen years ago, but every single year. And that’s not counting the thousands of victims who survive with debilitating health problems that devastate families emotionally and financially.

Secondly, while Carlson may not fear the epidemic of cancer, he does seem to be afraid of fourth graders who aren’t pumping out babies. His snarky hyperbole about giving out morning after pills is a deliberate trivialization of a serious problem. Nine year old girls should have options to avoid pregnancy in the event that they have engaged in sex, which at that age is often the result of rape or incest. Apparently Carlson is fine with forcing children to become parents before they enter junior high school.

Thirdly, Carlson’s characterization of pipe smoking as a symbol (?) of freedom is best represented by a man who is a notorious pipe smoker and certainly a hero of Carlson’s – communist dictator Joseph Stalin. The notion that smoking a pipe is uniquely American exists only in his cartoon-fed brain. And by invoking tobacco as “the reason this country exists” Carlson is also reminding us that the tobacco trade was largely successful in our country’s early days because the plantation owners had the benefit of free (i.e. slave) labor. If that’s his idea of an iconic symbol of freedom, there may be several million Americans who disagree. The legacy of tobacco in America is one of bondage and brutality and suffering and death.

The truth is that Carlson and his cranky cohorts are rattling off an old wingnut whine about what they perceive as political correctness. They think it’s the PC police who demand that Popeye quit his filthy habit and stick with spinach. However, it is actually the fact that we have learned a thing or two about the health risks of tobacco and most parents don’t want their children to be exposed to positive images of a product that will kill them. Would Carlson be just as happy if his kids were influenced by an alcoholic superhero guzzling whiskey in between clobbering villains?

The video of this derpitude is proof that the Fox & Friends crew have earned special recognition for ass-holiness this week. And for extra credit, they segued from the Popeye story to one about Wonder Woman wherein they complained that her new costume wasn’t sexy enough. That’s just another example of these pathetic wretches projecting their fetishes on kids by advocating sexualizing cartoon characters.


3 thoughts on “Fox & Friends Lament “The Wussification Of Popeye”

  1. And besides, dummies, in the 80s cartoons, they established that Popeye no longer smokes his pipe but only uses it as a “musikal instrumink”! Toot Toot!

    (and Super Chicken drinks a martini to get his super powers.)

    So have the FoxPods blamed the non-smoking “new Popeye” on Obama yet? After all, Obama is trying to quit smoking – and the FoxPods already condemned him for corrupting the minds of young ones because of it.

  2. I’m a long time fan of News Corpse and this is my first comment ever. To Fox New….really? How petty and stupid can you be? Don’t answer that….. With all you “Fox Blondes” you’re really going to complain about ? I get that Roger Ailes doesn’t want women that are NOT in short skirts. But comic books now?

    Popeye? You wants kids to smoke? Aweomse! Maybe next we can get them a six pack! That’s what I got from Tucker C. (a dick is there ever was one). Spinach is a good thing, I’m a fan of it, but I was half expecting you to blame Popeye on Benghazi………I know, give it time and Hannity will work it in.

    We get it, unless there’s a Republican in the White House you oppose everything from military action in Iraq and Syria (after all, Congress wasn’t consulted….more on that in a minute) to watching re-runs of Buffy The Vampire Slayer (how dare a woman be the hero without a short skirt as seen on Megyn Kelly). It’s amazing how Obama continued so many Bush era policies and suddenly it’s socialist, communist or whatever “ist” your producers thought up for ratings…..never can stop appeasing angry white pseudo conservative voters huh? What happened to not questioning the President during a time of war? I guess we should ask Bill-O the loofah king!

    And as far as the military action in Iraq and Syria…….let’s just be honest. Right no a w he GOP is laying back waiting to see what happens. If everything works out, they’ll be “supportive”, to a point, and if not they’ll blame it on Obama. The fact that they weren’t consulted probably gives them an erection….they have nothing to lose. Either they half assed agree with it, or blame the black guy. But let’s be honest, if the House had to vote on whether or not to take a lunch break, they’d starve to death if the idea came from a Democrat, and the Senate would still need 60 votes just to eat.

  3. Someone named “Tucker” who wears a bow tie should NOT be criticizing anyone, even an animated character, for being a “wuss”.

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