Stephen Colbert On The GOP’s Pernicious Scheme To “Fix” ObamaCare (Video)

As 2014 began there was a furious racket emanating from the Republican ranks over the Affordable Care Act and how it would be the all-consuming issue in the midterm election. In fact, Reince Priebus, chairman of the Republican National Committee, was so adamant about keeping focused exclusively on ObamaCare that he told the National Review that…

“I think it’s going to be Obamacare all the time between now and November 5. If you ask me what day it is, I’m going to tell you it’s Obamacare. If you want to know what I want in my coffee, I’m going to tell you Obamacare. I’m going to talk about Obamacare all the time because I think it’s the No. 1 issue.”

He barely mentioned again. And as the year wore on, and the program was embraced by millions of Americans whose lives were profoundly improved, those plans evaporated and were replaced with fear mongering over manufactured crises like Ebola and ISIL.

Now that the election is over, the GOP is making noises about “fixing” ObamaCare, but their intentions are, to say the least, suspect. After trying more than fifty times to kill or cripple the program, they are still only interested in fixing ObamaCare in the same manner a Mafioso hitman is interested in fixing a rival mobster. Stephen Colbert took note of this trend (video below) and made it a feature of his program last night. And, as usual, he turned a complex and contentious issue into a hilarious and insightful comedic romp.

Particularly notable was his response to remarks made by “South Carolina congressman and guy who put his wig on backwards,” Trey Gowdy, to Megyn Kelly of Fox News. Gowdy was joining the pile-on against M.I.T. economics professor Jonathan Gruber, who inartfully explained some of the sausage-making that goes on when crafting legislation. [See The Right-Wing Freakout Over An ObamaCare Advisor Is Just More Bullspit]

Gowdy: I would say this to the professor, put down the cognac and the lost writings of J.D. Salinger. You will see how stupid our fellow citizens are. Take a look at last Tuesday night.
Colbert: Yes. If you want to see how stupid Americans are, just look at who they elected last Tuesday.

Stephen Colbert

Indeed. Colbert could have added Joni Ernst, Gordon Klingenschmitt, Jody Hice, Glenn Grothman, Paul LePage, and more to the list of certifiable fruitcakes who emerged victorious. He might also have noted that the claim that the election results represented America are vastly overblown considering that the turnout was only 36%, the lowest turnout since 1942.

Here is the segment from The Colbert Report for you entertainment pleasure:


3 thoughts on “Stephen Colbert On The GOP’s Pernicious Scheme To “Fix” ObamaCare (Video)

  1. ” who inartfully explained some of the sausage-making that goes on when crafting legislation”
    Regarding this MIT econ professor – Are you incapable of being insulted by these politicians and consultants who operate in the government you so love? One of the comments he did makes suggest the ends always justify the means – which of course is where so many disagreements center. You a poor excuse for a human being – you can’t even see where you really stand in the eyes of government – pathetic. There will be a time when that same excuse will be used to defend something you don’t like, but others do. I’m sure you’ll be as understanding when that happens.

  2. The GOP will no longer have to fix it. The Supreme Court is going to do that for them in the most recent case they decided they will listen to in King vs. Burwell this spring and when they come down with another 5-4 gutting the federal subsidies Obamacare will be destroyed, insurance premiums will skyrocket and the Republicans will blame it all on Democrats and Obama. That will be what they run on in 2016 and Fox News will peddle this nonsense ad nauseum and the rest of the so-called liberal media will report it similarly. The whole thing is a scam but I fear they will get away with it. Premiums in deep red state Mississippi could go up on average over 1000%. This is what the oligarchs want and this is what this corrupt court will deliver. It will be a disaster for the rest of us and a huge blow to all the effort that has taken us this far. Here is a link to a Huffpost article detailing what this could mean for each State.

    • Insurance premiums will skyrocket anyway – there is no mechanism to keep them down long term. yes, more people will be covered, but the insurance companies sill run the health care system – nothing changes except now the people are “forced” to buy insurance guaranteeing an income source for that industry and possibly correcting the cost shifting that occured with uninsured people – maybe. Your concerns are real – but they were baked in from day one.

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